Maracuja Love & Plum Love Beauty Oil Review | Coast Sydney Botanicals

Maracuja Love & Plum Love Beauty Oil Review | Coast Sydney Botanicals

Maracuja Love & Plum Love

Hello there, welcome back to my blog. If you are new here, welcome! I hope you enjoy this post and consider checking out some of my other skincare reviews.

In this post, I will be reviewing two facial oils that I have really been enjoying.

My skin type is oily, acne scarred and even in my mid 30s I still get breakouts, thank you PCOS.

Both of these oils are from Coast Sydney Botanicals, a skincare line that I absolutely love. You may have seen the raving of my love I have for this brand on some of my social media posts and I have also reviewed a few of their products.

Coastal Sydney Botanicals is an Australian made, vegan and cruelty-free skincare line, Wei, the amazing creator of these beautiful products also carries candles and perfumes.


Maracuja Love

Maracuja Love is made from 100% Organic Passionfruit Seed Oil and comes with an applicator that to this point it has not clogged or any problems getting the product out.

Benefits of this beauty oil? It helps to soften and sooth the skin, making it a great moisturiser on its own or to use alongside with your other skincare products.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love


Never heard of Maracuja? Don’t worry I had never heard about it until I tried this oil and only learnt how to actually pronounce it a couple of weeks ago. Well, at least I hope that is the way it’s pronounced. There were so many different pronunciations I found online so I went with the one that felt most natural for me to say.

Okay getting back to the what Maracuja is. It’s a word that comes from the Amazon and it refers to passionfruit as it’s usually extracted from either the seeds of the fruit or from passion flowers.

Key Ingredient: 

Organic Passionfruit Seed Oil – an excellent moisturiser, helps to reduce inflammation (perfect for my blemish prone skin) and an antioxidant.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

How I use

This oil can be used twice a day but I only use it once, during my nighttime routine.

With both of these oils, Maracuja Love & Plum Love, it took me a little bit of trial and error to work out the best way I could use this.

Initially, I tried to add both beauty oils as the next step after removing my sheet mask but it didn’t absorb into my skin to continue with the rest of my skincare routine. No matter how much patting I did on my skin I couldn’t get it to absorb into my face.

It felt like it created a barrier between applying this and the rest of the products I’d use after this step and nothing else applied would absorb.

In saying that, I want to state I am very heavy handed when it comes to applying products. Sometimes I don’t realise how much I apply until I go through a new jar of moisturiser in a week. As much as I try to not apply as much somehow 5+ pumps always end up being applied.

So I changed the way I use this and apply this as the last step of my routine, after my sleeping mask. I still use plenty of facial oils after my sheet mask step but for this oil, in particular, I found it works best when I apply it after I have completed my routine.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love


It’s a clear coloured oil and it’s very lightweight, a little on the runny side when it’s applied and doesn’t have that sticky feeling, it just stays put.

The scent is a very light earthy smell, almost nonexistent. After using it for some time though I don’t notice any scent.

I’ve read and looked into other reviews about Maracuja Oil by other brands and they have stated the same thing about the colour.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

Final Thoughts

I love this facial oil! When I wake up the following morning my skin is glowing and looks so healthy.

When testing products I try to find multi uses for products to see how they perform trying other methods.

As soon as winter starts I begin to get extremely dry hands, on the back and around my knuckle area. During extreme circumstances, my skin cracks and becomes an ashy mess. I’ve tried using this oil and it really helps to moisturise my skin, I then top it off with some hand cream.

Given the different ways I’ve used this, it’s possible that this oil works best for me on drier parts of my skin, which it states in the description. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t great for oily skin, which is exactly what I have. I just find that on the back of hands where it’s really dry it absorbs a lot easier vs when I apply it to my face it takes awhile to work its way in.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love



Plum Love

Plum Love is made with 100% French Plum Seed Oil and comes with the same applicator as the Maracuja Oil but I have noticed that it’s getting towards the end it doesn’t come out as smoothly. When I press the applicator it spits out the product and I have to press the pump a few times to get a decent amount out. I’ve only started to have that problem now since I started to get towards the end of the bottle. Never had a problem prior throughout the time I’ve used it.

Another great product to use alongside your other skincare products or as a moisturiser on its own is Plum Love.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

Key Ingredient:

French plum seed oil – a natural vitamin E packed with rich fatty acids for deep moisturising, improvement of skin elasticity, loaded with anti-aging benefits.

Again, going back to the multiuse of products, you can also use this to help condition hair and dry scalp. Also, another good one could be to use as lip care to help with cracked lips. Making this oil can be used as a facial oil or other parts of your body.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

How I use

A lot of what I have covered above for Maracuja Oil will be similar between the two except a couple of differences.

As with Maracuja Oil, I use Plum Love as the last step of my skincare routine after I have applied my sleeping mask. Compared to the Maracuja Oil this seems to soak into my skin quicker between the two.

Recently I started to go a step further and began to apply some to my neck/chest area/décolletage, massage it into my skin to help soften the lines that are starting to form. Whether it’s helping with the deepening lines around my neck I don’t know yet but my skin is softer and more even toned.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

What does it look like

Plum Love is a dark golden colour but it applies to the skin clear.

The scent is amazing! At first, I found it a little strong but I look forward to using it every night. Let’s see if I can describe this properly, it’s a sweet almond scent. There is no added perfume to make it smell good, it’s just a naturally nice smelling oil.

Once applied my skin has a silky feeling. No sticky feeling left after applying so you don’t have to worry about waking up stuck to the pillowcase. Yes, that has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

Final Thoughts

Love, Love, Love!! Definitely would recommend this to try this. It’s a beautiful way to end my skincare routine at night.

My skin looks so nourished and plump the morning after Plum Love has worked it’s magic overnight.

In addition to the uses I’ve mentioned, I also like to add this to my knees and elbows where my skin is really rough.

Maracuja Love & Plum Love



Yes! In a heartbeat, as a matter of fact, I have already repurchased both of these oils and will always keep the pair in my stash for future.

Both products come in a thick glass bottle and look great on your vanity.

As I said before I LOVE Coast Syndey Botanicals products, they are fantastic!

If you’d like to read some of my other posts reviewing other CSB products you can find them here:

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Or you can check out my haul video when I first purchased these products.


I would love to hear from you

Have you tried any of these oils? What has been your experience using these or any other facial oils? Please leave me a comment sharing your experience or any recommendations you may have.

As I might’ve mentioned before in some of my previous posts, I wasn’t too keen on using facial oils when I first started getting into skincare due to my oily skin but oils have really been a game changer.

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Skincare Empties April 2018

Hi beauties!

It has been awhile since I shared my skincare empties, a really long time. That is the reason why you are in for a really long video that I split up into 2 parts of products that I am no longer using and empties.

There are tons of products and I’ve also included links to the blog posts of products I have already reviewed on my blog.

If you have some free time I would really love for you to leave me any feedback you may have. It’s something I’d really like to include going forward but I want to make sure it’s something you may enjoy seeing.

Part 1

Skincare products I am no longer using | April 2018 – Part 1

This is the first video I’ve done showing all my skincare trash and would love to know if you would like to see further videos like this going forward.

Do you like seeing ‘Empties’ / ‘Products I am no longer using’ or Both?

Check out Part 2:

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· Sukin: Revitalising Facial Scrub:

· KORA Organics Balancing Rose Mist:

· Biore Charcoal Pore Minimiser

· Lush Helping Hands Hand Cream

· Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask:

· Sukin Cleansing Gel

· Neogen Ocean Feeding Cream:

· Faith In Face AHA Peel So Good Peeling Gel:

· Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

· Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

· Lush Mask Of Magnaminty Face Mask:

Part 2

MEGA skincare empties video! Part 2


Throw on a sheet mask & hit play because this one is a long one!

Part 1:

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· 23.5N Rice Soothing Ultra Feather Mask

· Innisfree It’s real squeeze mask Tea Tree

· Innisfree It’s real squeeze mask Green Tea

·Double & Zero Double Care Solution Black Mask Ghana Cacao

· Aeria Skin Even-tone Brightening Organic Sheet Mask:

· Foreo UFO Sheet Masks:

· Natio Orange Blossom Sea Salt Scrub

· Black Chicken ICU Intensive Care Eye Serum

· Whamisa Organic Flowers Eye Essence:

· Benton – Fermentation Eye Cream

· Dr Roebucks Everyday Hand

· Neogen Real Flower Cleansing Water Calendula:

· Coast Sydney Botanicals Moana – Pineapple Extract & Coconut Water Toner Mist:

· Coast Sydney Botanicals Rose – Organic Rose Water + Witch Hazel Toner Mist

· The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane

· The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

· The Ordinary Buffet

· The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA

· Coast Sydney Botanicals Maracuja Love: Passionfruit Seed Beauty Oil

· Coast Sydney Botanicals Plum Love: French Plum Seed Beauty Oil

· Black Chicken Cleanse My Face

· Black Chicken Love Your Face Serum

· Pantene Ultimate 10 Treatment BB Creme (Hair)

· Simplistic Wonder Essence:

· Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50

· The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

· The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

· The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

· COSRX – Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

· Soap & Glory Heel Genius

· Jergens Foot Cream

· Fernberry Petals & Cream Hand Cream:

· Dr. Bronner Organic Shaving Soap – Lavender

· Alpha H Absolute Eye Cream SPF15

· Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser

· L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detoxifying Charcoal Mask:

· L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purifying Eucalyptus Mask

· Zelens Power A Treatment Drops

· Black Chicken Hydrate My Face

· COSRX – Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Toner

· Fernberry Mochi Lips

· MAKE P:REM Radiance Cleansing Pack:

· Coast Sydney Botanicals Fresh Waters, Renew Fасе Serum Oil

· Devine Oils:

· Coast Sydney Botanicals Clear Skies: Purify Facial Serum:

· Drunk Elephant Intensive Hydration Gel

· Drunk Elephant Glycolic Night Serum

· Whamisa Organic Seeds Hair Shampoo for Oily Scalp

· Whamisa Organic Seeds Hair Treatment

Your Turn!

Thank you SO very much for watching and if you have some time please check out the blog reviews I’ve linked for some of the products in these videos.

I know this is a huge amount of empties but it feels nice getting rid of some of the clutter so I can move on to new products that I have waiting for me.

Please let me know if you would like to see these kinds of videos in future or any other ideas you’d like to see.

Usually, I post the videos on my YouTube channel first and then link it on to my blog, so if you want to see videos as soon as they go live please feel free to subscribe to my channel.

Devine Oils – Oily Skin Type | Australian Made Organic & Vegan Skincare

Devine Oils – Oily Skin Type | Australian Made Organic & Vegan Skincare

Devine Oils – Oily & All Skin Type Review

Hi, beauties! I hope you are having an awesome day and week!

I was so fortunate to be asked by Louise, creator of Devine Oils skincare range, to review some of her skincare products. After looking up her website, watching some of her videos and reading about the amazing skincare she has created I knew I had to try them!

Louise asked me some questions about my skin type and she customised a set for me that included products geared for my oily skin with a few products for all skin types. My skin type is oily, acne prone and due to my PCOS I still get breakouts in my mid-thirties (so fun – not!).

For the ingredient lists, I will be referring to Devine Oils website as these are trail size and they don’t have all the ingredients list.

About Devine Oils

Devine Oils is an Australian based skincare company, is 100% vegan (accredited vegan) and does not test on animals.

In 2016 Louise Devine created Devine Oils, after making it her mission to grow her knowledge of essential oils in skincare since 1998  and replacing her commercially based skincare.
When deciding to start her company, Louise made sure her products were environmentally friendly ensuring all glassware, packaging and ingredients are from Australian suppliers to support the local economy.
What is NOT contained in Devine Oils: Toxins like PEG’s, SLES or Parabens. In short, No Nasties!
All products are made to order.
Please go check out Devine Oils’ website and check out her videos, she is a beautiful lovely woman explaining how to best use the products she’s created.

Devine Oils – Cream Cleanser (oily/teenage skin)

First off I’ll start with the cream cleanser.

Main benefits of this cleanser: helps with reducing congestion and cells regeneration.

The cream cleanser felt really nice on my skin, it’s light and easy to massage into the skin and doesn’t leave behind a layer that some cleansers have left me feeling like my face still needs more cleansing.

Another thing I noticed about this cleanser it doesn’t leave that squeaky clean, tight and dry feeling either.

Devine Oils - Cream Cleanser Oily Skin

Ingredient List:

Organic Aloe Vera Gel*, Organic Sunflower Oil*, Organic French Cypress*, Organic Palmarosa*, Organic Lavender*, Organic Geranium*, Juniperberry

*100% Certified Organic

As listed on Devine Oils website.

Key ingredients:

Juniperberry: is an excellent anti-inflammatory  

Lavender: properties for reducing scar tissue and calming the dermis

Devine Oils - Cream Cleanser Oily Skin

What does it look like?

Once you apply water to the cleanser it doesn’t become runny, it stays pretty solid making it easy to massage onto the skin and also easy to wash off.

Sometimes with cleansers as soon as I start to massage on my damp skin it runs into my eyes and down my neck. Making a bigger mess than I usually make on my own! Not the story with this cleaner AND my Foreo Luna 2 & Clarisonic play nice with this cleanser as well, even though it’s not a foam cleanser.

The smell is natural and relaxing since it contains essential oils. Initially, I thought it smelled like it contained tea tree but it’s actually the lavender that I detected. Which I understand is a huge difference in scent and not sure what I was thinking that made me so confused!

Devine Oils - Cream Cleanser Oily Skin

How I use

I’ve used this during my am and pm routine on the same day and it’s perfect for me.

As of late, I have been using reusable facial cloths to rinse off my skin in the morning instead of using a micellar water and then follow it up with a cleanser (no cleansing brush/device).

During the night time skincare routine I use a micellar water, cleansing water/oil first and then follow it up with this cleanser. Sometimes I like to leave it on my skin for a minute or so as a mini mask session. After having it on for a bit I either wet my hands to massage it a bit more or I’ll go in with a wet cleansing brush/device then wash it off.

Devine Oils - Cream Cleanser Oily Skin

Devine Oils – 100% Organic Rose Toner (all skin types)

Step 2 in this skincare routine is the 100% organic rose toner.

Key ingredient: Rose properties to heal, moisturise and hydrate all skin types including sensitive (source: Devine Oils website).

Rose toner is a watery toner that has the strong natural earthy rose scent.

It absorbs into the skin easily, doesn’t linger on the skin making my skin feel soft and nourished.

Devine Oils - Organic Rose Toner

How I use

I apply this to my skin after my cleansing step and pat it into my skin. In the beginning, I tried to use this by applying it to a cotton round and then swiping it on my skin but I found that it didn’t seem to have the same effect as I do when I pat it into my skin. Therefore making it my preferred method to apply.

Also, since it’s a Rose toner, making it gentle and suitable for all skin types to help hydrate and nourish.

On days when I decide to add a sheet mask step to my routine, I apply the sheet mask after this step.

Devine Oils – Soothing Eye Serum (all skin types)

Eye serums are something that can be a hit or miss with me. You may have read some of my experiences using eye creams or serums and not all have worked out well for me.

Devine Oils eye serum is a winner for me!

In the last year or so I’ve been paying extra attention to my eye area, checking for lines and have noticed some aging spots started to appear. Another thing that has become really noticeable to me during my blogging time, is I tend to have very dry skin around my eye area so I’ve started to add an eye essence to help with additional hydration.

Devine Oils - Eye Serum


Organic Aloe Vera Gel* , Organic Evening Primrose*, Organic Argan Oil*, Organic Castor Oil*, Organic Safflower Oil*, Organic Calendula*, Organic Carrot Seed*, Organic Cucumber Extract*, Organic German Chamomile*, Organic Lavender*
*Certified 100% Organic
As listed on Devine Oils website.
Key ingredient: Vitamin Rich Eye Serum – main benefits: improves skin texture around the eye and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Devine Oils - Eye Serum

What does it look like

It has a thick watery consistency making it very easy to apply on to the eye area and pat it into place. Only a small amount is needed, so it’ll last for ages. I’d say a pump full would be enough, gently pat onto my eye area, going under and then above around my eyebrow area.

As far as scent goes, it does have a strong essential oils smell but it doesn’t linger. One thing that can turn me off really fast from a product is when a product is overscented. With this eye serum, it’s a strong essential oil scent at the beginning but once you start to pat it into the skin it fades quickly.

Devine Oils - Eye Serum

How I Use

My obsession with skincare goes far and wide, with facial devices included!

An eye care routine for me includes an eye essence before applying a sheet mask. Afterwards, I apply my facial serum followed by my eye serum and finish it off by using my Foreo Iris to help pat the eye serum into place, it also adds that little extra relaxation step that I love in my routine.

A highlight for myself is this does not sting or irritate my eyes on the occasion when it runs into my eyes. More often than not I over apply products, I’ve gone through new jars of moisturiser in a week – yeah I’m that type, thankfully I don’t wear makeup I’d hate to imagine what I’d look like with 10 layers of eyeshadow.

During those times when I’ve overapplied, it takes longer to absorb into my skin my eye don’t get irritated or start to tear up. There have been times when I’ve applied an eye cream/serum and had to wash it off so I can actually see.

Devine Oils – Anytime Moisturiser (oily/teenage skin)

Moisturiser is something that I have grown to love over the last couple of years. For years I hated the thought of wearing moisturiser, forget adding SPF it always felt stuffy and thick, little did I know that I just wasn’t using the correct types.

Devine Oils’moistusier is amazing, it feels so nice on the skin and really seals all of my other products into place, creating the closing barrier to my routine.

Devine Oils - Moisturiser


Organic Aloe Vera Gel*,  Organic Jojoba*, Organic Evening Primrose Oil*, Organic Neem Seed*, Organic Tamanu*, Organic Rosewood*, Organic Jasmine*, Organic German Chamomile*, Organic Roman Chamomile*, Organic Lavender*, Violet Leaf*

*100% Certified Organic

As listed on Devine Oils website.

Key ingredient:

Organic Aloe Vera, Evening Primrose and Neem supporting delicate, oily & congested skin to support hormonal influences.

Devine Oils - Moisturiser

What does it look like

Anytime Moisturiser is a thin moisturiser that absorbs easily into the skin. There is no oily, heavy residue left after application making it okay to wear either during the day, the night or using it twice a day during your am and pm routine.

As far as scent goes it’s very pleasant as it contains essential oils making the scent very natural.

Devine Oils - Moisturiser

How do I use

I use this moisturiser both during the am and pm after I have finished my full routine. After I have finished my full routine I apply this moisturiser by firstly patting into my skin and then massage it in, including my neck area at the same time.


After I have applied during my am routine I top it off with an SPF moisturiser for that sun protection. It works perfectly fine with my current SPF moisturiser and does not give a suffocating feeling that sometimes skincare layering can give.


At night I use it the same as I do in the am except instead of topping it off with an SPF moisturiser. Sometimes I’ll add a sleeping mask over it. Again, that also works perfectly fine together. If I decide to do a quick routine I’ll skip the sleeping mask, the following day my skin looks and feels healthy.


Devine Oils – Night Treatment Oil (oily/teenage skin)

In case you are learning more about skincare to help with acne prone skin or researching facial oils, I hope to help you with a decision. Facial oils is something I never would’ve imagined that I’d be so obsessed with as I am now. They are so helpful for all different skin types, even us with very oily skin.


Organic Sunflower Oil*, Organic Evening Primrose Oil*, Organic Rosehip Oil*, Kakadu Plum, Organic Niaouli*, Organic Lavender*, Juniperberry, Organic Rosewood*, Organic Tamanu*, Violet Leaf*
*100% Certified Organic
As listed on Devine Oils website.

Devine Oils - Night Treatment Oil

How I use

On Devine’s website, it states that it can be used during the am or pm but I stick with using during my pm routine. After I have applied my toner (skipping a sheet mask) I apply this oil and tap it into my skin for absorption.

As I stated above I tend to over apply products so sometimes I may overdo this one. When I get it just right, usually about 2 to 3 pumps, it will absorb easily after patting. During times I’ve overapplied it’ll take a lot more patting or sometimes I have to give it a few minutes before adding the next step so it can absorb into the skin.

Devine Oils – Repairing Serum (oily/teenage skin)

Another skin type product that can be a hit or miss for me, is facial serums. Sometimes they can feel like they do nothing for my skin and I don’t see any benefits from using them. Given my experiences of serums, my expectations of serums usually aren’t very high.

With this serum, I lean on it being a hit for me because of the way my skin felt after applying the serum to my skin.

Devine Oils - Serum


Organic Aloe Vera Gel*, Organic Evening Primrose Oil*, Organic French Cypress*, Organic Jasmine*, Organic Niaouli*, Organic Sweet Fennel*, Organic Tamanu*

*100% Certified Organic

How I use

Usually, I apply my serums after the facial oil step and I pat it into my skin followed by massaging the rest into my skin including around my jawline where I sometimes get some of those bigger more painful breakouts. You may be very familiar with those types of breakouts if you suffer from acne or hormonal acne.

Again I use this both during my am and pm routines and it works perfectly fine when I use both times each day.

Devine Oils - Serum

What does it look like

When the serum is dispensed, the consistency to this serum is a thick gel consistency. My skin does not like gel moisturisers or creams. Majority of the time they end up being really sticky making me feel like washing off the whole thing. I’ve been avoiding purchasing any more creams that are a gel like textures but I still have some in my stash.

The scent of this serum is an earthy, natural scent and smells pleasant.

During the application step, I pat the serum on my skin and then massage it in leaving me with a soft and smooth feeling.

Devine Oils - Serum

Final Thoughts

My skin goes through different stages that I will get quite a few breakouts at the same time, then I won’t get a full-blown breakout for a bit. During trailing this line I went through a little of both stages. At the beginning, I had a nasty breakout but didn’t get worse after using this routine. It’s possible that using these products prevented any further breakouts or my skin decided to just give me one big breakout instead of a cluster.

In regards to my breakout, I also have been using a blue-light LED device to help with the breakout as well, so I can’t exactly pinpoint what prevented it from spreading. There are various factors that could’ve prevented my breakout from going haywire, I know this fact may be irrelevant to some but I do want to give you all the facts.


Absolutely! I highly recommend trying these products out for yourself, keep in mind that you can purchase a 2 week supply size if you’d like to try before you buy.

As I stated above these products were kindly sent to me in exchange for a review. As always the information I have provided is my own personal and honest opinions.

With that said I will definitely purchase these products with my own money. Wait, I should correct that, I WILL be purchasing these products plus a few others.

Where to purchase

Check out Devine Oil’s website as Louise has all kinds of products including body care, shaving oils, arthritis relief, mature skin, super sensitive skin and much more.

Also if you aren’t sure which products to try please feel free to contact Louise on her website as she is very lovely and will be able to help guide you choosing some products.

I’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to see me using this skincare routine please check out my latest YouTube video. I am reviewing another product but at the end of the video, I showed my current skincare routine, which happens to be Devine Oils!

Have you tried this skincare line? What do you like to know about skincare? Is it acne related products or Anti-Aging?

I would really appreciate for you to leave me some feedback on what you would like to know for further reviews.

Foreo UFO Sheet Mask Facial Device Video | #UrFutureObsession

Foreo UFO Sheet Mask Facial Device Video | #UrFutureObsession

** Please note this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase by clicking on the links provided I may earn a commission from your purchase at no additional cost to yourself. See my Affiliate and Disclosure**

Foreo UFO Sheet Mask Device Video | #UrFutureObsession


I am sharing with you using the brand new Foreo UFO facial device!

Foreo UFO & specially made sheet masks provide a facial treatment within 90 seconds. In this video I am sharing both of the current sheet masks Foreo currently has released, ‘Make My Day’ and ‘Call It A Night’, as well as showing you around the Foreo app. This is probably my longest video I have done but there was so much I wanted to share with you in case you may be interested in trying the Foreo UFO. Towards the end of the video, I show my current night time skincare routine.

If you have any questions about the device or would like to know more please let me know in the comments section.

UFO items used in the order of this video:

* UFO Device:

* UFO Make My Day sheet masks (7 sheets):

* UFO Call It A Night sheet masks (7 sheets):


Foreo UFO

If you are new to my blog (hi by the way!) you may not know yet I love trying facial devices. Almost all types, I love facial cleansing devices, micro needling device, LED masks and some microcurrent devices that I am testing and will share on my blog soon.

Foreo’s marketing team are genius or maybe I am just a sucker for fancy product videos because as soon as they released news they were releasing a sheet masking device I was ready to hand over my money without fully understanding what it was yet.

I do have most of Foreo’s skincare type of devices and really love them. So when I saw something new was being released I knew they’d be making something pretty cool. Plus combining my love for sheet masks, it was a no brainer. Luckily for me, I was able to get this on the Kickstarter campaign and purchased this device,  2 x 7 sheet masks and international shipping to Australia for 50% off.

Skincare Products (current PM routine)

I am currently testing some new skincare items from Devine Oils and will have a review up on my blog soon.

+Please note that these items were sent to me in exchange for a review. I do not receive anything if you purchase products from Devine Oils.+ Skincare Products Used:

+ Oily Cream Cleanser:

Whamisa Eye Essence – review on my blog

+ Repairing Serum Oily Skin:

+ Soothing Eye Serum:

+ Repairing Night Treatment Oily Skin:

+ Anytime Moisturiser Oily Skin:


** Foreo currently has a 20% off spring sale for the Luna 2, IRIS and Espada. Use code: SPRING18 (valid until 27 April 2018)** Foreo devices used (not UFO):

* Luna 2 (Oily Skin):

* IRIS (eye massager):


Sheet Masks

Currently, Foreo only has 2 sheet masks available, the sheet mask suited to use in the am ‘Make My Day’ and sheet mask suited to use in your pm routine ‘Çall it a Night’.

On Foreo’s app they have listed some coming soon sheet masks that will give UFO users a pretty good variety of treatments to choose from.


How to use

UFO comes preprogrammed for the two treatments that allow you to use the device in manual mode or you can use it via the app. There is one button, universal button, that controls turning it on, off and also the manual mode setting.

My understanding of the how the device will work as they release the new masks you will need to update it through the app and then it sends the treatment cycle to the device giving you the ability to use the manual mode going forward.

My eye care has changed forever | Whamisa Eye Essence Review

My eye care has changed forever | Whamisa Eye Essence Review

 Whamisa Eye Essence Review

Thank you for stopping in for another skincare review. Today’s post is Whamisa eye essence and let me tell you it has changed my eye care routine forever! And I am not being overly dramatic…..for once.

Whamisa Eye Essence

I started to use this eye essence in my daily skincare routine and it has helped my skin more than I ever thought possible. This has dramatically helped with the dehydration and skin decolouration I am beginning to have. Argh, the closer I get to the mid 30’s mark the more discolouration I and fine lines I am getting.

If you are asking yourself what is an eye essence and why do I need it in my life. Well, I hope after you read this review you’ll want to give it a try for yourself.

Coming across Whamisa skincare brand was a brand I instantly wanted one of everything! The products in the Whamisa line look so beautiful, one of their toner mists has an olive oil leaf in it and instantly catches my attention.


About Whamisa

This is a Korean skincare brand that is against testing on animals and is organic.

Key ingredients:

Licorice extract: lightens, brightens, helps with dark under eye circles, discolouration and age spots (made exactly for me!).

Whamisa eye essence’s formulation is water free and in place uses botanical extracts like aloe maculata leaf extract and rice ferment filtrates to smooth out wrinkles.

Aloe Maculata Leaf Extract: helps with anti-aging and healing

Rice Ferment: rich in antioxidants, vitamins to help minimise lines and hydrate


Whamisa Eye Essence

The way I use it

Through my am and pm skincare routine after I have added my First Treatment Essence I add a small portion on to my ring fingertip and gently pat the essence around my eye area.

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Then I follow by applying my sheet mask, after removing the sheet mask I continue on to the rest of my skincare routine.

The next step tends to usually be serums, facial oils etc. Whilst all the oils, serums are sinking into my skin I apply my main eye cream/serum. After I apply the eye cream/serum I finish it off by using my Foreo Iris.

Doing this helps to absorb my eye care into that delicate area so gently and relaxing.

If I am I using eye patches or an eye mask I’ll apply this beforehand. Personally, I love applying layers and layers of skincare so if you only want to use this eye essence on it’s own it’ll work fantastic on its own.


Whamisa Eye Essence


What does it look like

The essence is runny compared to a regular eye cream or eye serum. So you only need a small amount to pat into the skin so it’s lasted me forever. You’ll notice that once you pat it into the skin (pictured above) it’ll be a little bit dewy but it’ll absorb into the skin rather quickly.

In terms of scent, this is very low to none, I actually don’t notice any scent at all. Although I heard from others that they notice a light floral and earthy scent.

Final thoughts

Using an eye essence is something I will forever have in my trillion step skincare routine. I see this as a first treatment essence that’s specially made for the eye area. Think of it as using it for the same benefits that we use First Treatment Essence. Personally, I feel like I need to have this as a ‘prep’ before adding my actually heavy hitting eye cream. I find it to be so incredibly hydrating around my eye area, as I’ve recently noticed the skin around my eye is very dehydrated and discoloured.

Makes a huge, noticeable difference for me when I use this vs not using it. Using the eye essence REALLY helps to keep my eye area hydrated.


Most definitely!! I bought the full size version of this already in my stash, which is a bigger version of the tube (30ml). If I’m in a hurry and am pressed to add only one eye care product then I’d without a doubt use the essence only. It’s a staple for me now.


With only needing a small amount the tube will last ages and the jar I bought will last me probably for another 15 years. Price wise it’s totally worth it, I have purchased the tube as my second Whamisa product (first was a sheet mask). Recently I repurchased the bigger bottle (40ml) from Beaut East Sphere for £25.84.


Other places you can purchase this from:

Whamisa Australia

Glow Recipe

Franki and Seoul

Nudie Glow *referral link. I receive points to use towards a discount for a future discount – see my affiliate & disclosures section




I am very excited to share with you this skincare haul from a brand new skincare company, RAWKANVAS.

RAWKANVAS is an Australian made, vegan and cruelty-free skincare line that has just launched this month. I preordered their entire line and my package arrived today. After unboxing it I was so blown away by how gorgeous the products look and knew I had to share that with you ASAP.

Let’s spread #goodvibes and visit RAWKANVAS on Instagram and congratulate Simona & Shannon on the launch of their new skincare range!

This video is not sponsored nor do I receive anything in return if you purchase the products linked to the RAWKANVAS website. I paid for all these products myself, I love supporting small businesses and have an extra soft spot for Australian businesses.

I ordered the Ultimate Package and then added the rest of the products to my order to complete the entire set. – The Ultimate Package (Dry, Oily, Normal & Combo Skin):

Order of products as I unboxed them:

Miracle: Jade Facial Roller:

Sol: Hydrating Day Moisturiser:

Canvas: Resurfacing AHA & BHA Treatment:

The Foundation: Flawless Retinol & Vitamin C Lotion:

The Limelight: Brightening Probiotic Lotion:

Harmony: Radiance Boosting Toner:

Yester Youth: Regenerating Facial Oil:

Purified: Purifying Cleanser:

Polished: Refining Exfoliant:

Luminosity: Brightening Glow Mask:

Luna Vitality: Restoring Night Cream:

Refined: Clarifying Detox Mask:

Mask brush was part of the kit I purchased



Have you checked out RAWKANVAS skincare yet? I am so excited to try these products and will start using as soon as I finish testing some other beautiful products (future review to come).

RAWKANVAS has a range of absolutely gorgeous skincare products that do not require a filter and will add some beautiful decor to your bathroom vanity. The colours are vibrant and come packaged in a thick glass jar.