Acne Scarred Skin using Micro Needling & Acids Progress Photos 

August 2017



It’s time to check-in on my acne scars progress with pictures. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but thankfully I had a comment a couple of days ago prompting me so I thought, what better time than now.

It’s been a year since I started this blog with the intention of documenting and sharing my progress of trying to diminish my indented acne scars with products that can be purchased by anyone. I know it would be a slow process but going to a professional is expensive and I want to save that as my last resort, if ever.

My original pictures from last year can be read here.

Let’s start where we left off on my previous post with pictures from 27 May 2017. That post is showing my progress photos from using my Derminator for the first time (click here to view that post).


*** These pictures aren’t edited and are in the raw form ***


22 June 2017

Acne Progress Photos


These two pictures are just over a month after I used my Derminator for the first time. I feel like my skin itself looks healthy and glowy, but you can see a cluster of breakouts on my cheekbone in the above photo.

I believe those breakouts were due to me using my mobile phone, I disinfected it and it seems to have helped.


Acne Progress Photos


When I did my initial treatment I waited a week before adding my glycolic acids, AHAs etc. I began to introduce them again into my routine every other day for another week and then a week later I went back to every day.

I waited 3 weeks after my initial Derminator treatment and then did The Ordinary AHA/BHA treatment, then another two weeks did a PMD session.

11th July 2017


Acne Progress Photos

I did my second Derminator treatment on 11 July 2017 and this is how my skin looked after that session.

Still red but not bleeding, I used the same settings as I did the first time. It wasn’t as painful but I do think I need to go one setting deeper.

Acne Progress Photos

I followed the same routine as mentioned above. The week before I did my second session I stopped using any type of acids to let my skin prepare for my treatment. I did the second Derminator session, and then followed the same steps excluding the PMD session.

24th August 2017


This is what my skin looks like today, it’s not in its best shape because I have been very neglectful over the last few days. I haven’t felt the best and have just been running a micellar water drenched pad over my skin and that is it. Very bad thing to do to my skin, I know, because I have been working so hard at clearing it up and looking after it, but real life changes plans at any moment.


Acne Progress Photos

Acne Progress Photos


Final Thoughts

I feel like my skin has definitely improved over time. The scars don’t seem as indented as they were a year ago. I’m hoping to do my third Derminator treatment this weekend and plan to continue using it. These are the best results I’ve ever had, it is going to be a slow process but I’ll keep chipping away at it.

Also, yes I know I have a very hairy face and I am not as diligent at hair removal process.


What do you think? Can you tell a difference? I’d love to hear what you may think from someone who doesn’t see my skin on the daily.


  1. Skincare Aussie

    There’s a definite improvement. ?
    Micro-needling is great, especially the non-invasive ones. I have one similar to the one you’ve described and works great on acne scars too.

    • Soph

      Thank you! I was so scared about trying micro needling for a long time because I know it’d be very likely I’d stuff something up. I’m so glad I did though! It has become addictive for me now ?

  2. Claudia Maywald

    I see a good improvement. Your scars are looking much smoother. I hate pain especially on my face. Was it as bad as plucking your eyebrows?

    • Soph

      Thanks Claudie! ? The pain is a lot more intense than plucking eyebrows. But it’s only in certain parts, like my lip area and around my temples. All around my jaw and cheeks it’s not too bad. With the electronic device I have it’s pretty quick and the depth can be adjusted. I have a manual version that is shaped like a stamp with 1mm needles and that doesn’t hurt as much. The pain goes away pretty fast and doesn’t linger, even though my skin looks like it’d be painful after

  3. vertebral medical

    I love this post. I read your blog often. I share this on my face
    book and my followers loved it. Keep up the good work

    • Soph

      Oh thank you so much! You have no idea how happy that makes me ?, I appreciate it so much. Anytime anyone takes time out of their day to like, comment or even read a post it makes me so incredibly happy ?. The encouraging words are also exactly what I needed today. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


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