Liquid Gol Serum

Let me start off by saying, this is in no way sponsored. I just happen to have a good size stash of Alpha-H products that I use. If Alpha-H needs to sponsor someone, have your people call my people.

This product is AMAZING! I wish I could wear this product every night. It’s a serum and you only need a couple of pumps of this miraculous goldness. Whereas the normal Liquid Good is more of a of a liquid. I believe they may have changed the packaging to this one. I saw on one site it had the same name but it was in a white bottle instead of the gold.

When I started using this product I thought the more product the better it would be, but I learnt I really only need 2 maybe 3 pumps.

Liquid Gold Serum

The very first time I used this product and woke up the next morning, I was like whoa what happened to my face?! The skin fairy finally visited me last night, waved her wand and filled in a good chunk of my ice pick my scars!

This has been a total game changer. This along with using the Liquid Gold on alternating nights has helped my skin in ways I can’t even describe. I really wish I had some before photos to now so you have a visual of how much better my skin is. Of course it hasn’t totally filled in all my scars and I use other things as well now (which I will post shortly) but I would give my first born child for this.

Liquid Gold Serum

The nozzle isn’t anything fancy, it’s just a pump. I will say I’m intrigued on how the process of delivery works with this product. The outside packaging is soft and you store it upside down, but you just pump it out. How can that be?

Most products that I’ve came across with a pump are hard-shell and stand right side up; it uses the product from the bottom and pushes up. Maybe once I’m done with this bottle I’ll open it up to dissect it. I’ll be like the Dr Brennan from Bones as a forensic packaging investigator.

Liquid Gold Serum

The product has little beads in it, they aren’t scratchy or anything. It does feel tacky on your face so I’d suggest putting this on and not lie down on your pillow for maybe 30 minutes (or longer if you can) after applying.

As I mentioned in my Liquid Gold review, you can use this as your last step in your skin routine for a more intense treatment. You can alternate the Liquid Gold and this product nightly.

I don’t want to sound like a cranky old granny but please ensure you use SPF during the day when using this product. If you stop using the serum continue using SPF for at least 2 weeks after. You always want to wear SPF because you don’t want to end up battling sun spots, wrinkles and all unhealthy stuff.

I am currently using a Mario Badescu moisturiser with SPF 30, which I hate and can’t wait to finish it up. I have an Alpha-H moisturiser with SPF 50 that I’ll start using as soon as the other one is done.


Final Thoughts

This product is The Real MVP. I hate to quote Kevin Durant on this one since he betrayed us and left for that other team, they that will not ever be mentioned on my blog. That’s a post for another day!

Now this one is pricier that the normal Liquid Gold at around $85. So if you have the option of purchasing one or the other I’d say buy this one. Remember you can only use this every other day if you use it as a stand alone.

The Liquid Gold is a fantastic product and you get more value for money with that if you shop around with online retailers. You can find places that are buy one get one free.

Due to the fact that you only use this product once every 2 days it will last you awhile, as long as you don’t go nuts on how much you put on. I tried that a couple of times and it only made my skin tackier. I woke up the next morning, my face stuck to the pillowcase and a lot of the product on my face, it didn’t absorb into my skin.

I will repurchase this for many years to come, as long as Alpha-H doesn’t stop selling it.

Here is the website in case you would like to read about other products