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This review I will be sharing my experience with Alpha-H Liquid Laser with Hexapeptide Concentrate. I am a huge fan of Alpha-H products, as you may have noticed from my previous reviews.

I use this as part of my rotation with my Alpha-H Liquid Gold products. You can use this on it’s own if you’d like but you use it on alternating days. Because I use the other products, I only end up using this once a week, twice at tops.

alpha-h liquid laser

The packaging looks beautiful, I initially thought that it came in a glass jar but in fact it’s plastic. It has a really thick plastic outer layer that makes the bottle look a lot bigger and bulkier than I thought. It has a glass dropper to get the product out. I use about 5 drops of the ‘oil’ consistency in my hand, rub my hands together and pat it into my skin.

It doesn’t sting nor was I able to detect a scent. If there is a scent it must be pretty low because I usually have a sensitivity to scents that usually triggers a huge headache.

alpha-h liquid laser

This little gem has a mixture of lots of goodies that are great for your skin. This concentrate seems to be more targeted towards anti aging. It’s not necessarily only be to used that way because it could work for anyone to help your skin. I am not sure how it would react for people with sensitive skin but for me it seems quite gentle compared to the Liquid Gold range. It is an alpha-hydroxy product so it may not appeal for people with sensitive skin.


alpha-h liquid laser


The next morning I don’t notice a huge difference when I use this product , but I think over time it helps me with a combination of the other skincare products I use. Plus I think it works over a time period and not instantly if used on it’s own, or at least for my skin.I could easily just use my Liquid Gold products but I like to have a variety of things to try.


Yes I would but I would purchase the refill bottle instead of a new bottle. You can re-use the original bottle and buy the 50 ml refill to save a few dollars and it’s not so much wastage.

Final Thoughts

If you like the Liquid Gold line then I think you’ll also enjoy this product. If you haven’t tried those before and are interested to start this might be a good introduction to these type of speciality products.

I’d love to hear from you, let me know if you have tried this product and what your experience has been.

I’ve have a few more Alpha-H products that will be put out soon.


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