Anatomicals Face Masks Review

Anti-Stress Face Mask | Mattifying Face Mask | Deep Cleansing Mud Mask


While I was shopping on ASOS for some of Deciem’s The Ordinary products I came across this little trio of masks. Of course being the mask addict that I am I had to buy them. Plus they have really cute designs and the tongue in cheek wording on the packaging, how could I resist?!

I can totally relate to the ‘before’ cover picture, that is how I look everyday, all day. It’s my permanent after picture!

Anatomicals Masks Review

Anatomicals Masks Review

About Anatomicals

Anatomicals are a British brand that uses bright and humorous packaging for their variety of skincare, body care, hair care and toiletries. It’s a paraben and cruelty-free brand.

Those eye-catching details make me gravitate towards using them on those days where I feel that I can’t be bothered to do anything. It works as double motivation for me on those nights. Just gives me that extra boost to keep my skincare routine on track.

Anatomicals Masks Review

The three single use mask packs come in a little cardboard sleeve that keeps them all in the one place. There is nothing special about the cardboard except I really like the picture on the cover. I think I might keep it hung up near my stash to give me the occasional chuckle.

Anatomicals Masks Review

Look, you’ve got chocolate all over your face

Anti stress face mask

In case you may not know I have very oily, acne prone skin so I was really looking forward to this one. Let me say, it did not disappoint. I loved this mask so much, it left my skin so clear looking after and while I had it on my skin felt really treated and cared for.

Anatomicals Masks Review

This mask reminds me a lot of Lush’s Cupcake fresh mask. That mask is something I want to use everyday, I just wish that there was a Lush shop close to me so I could purchase it more often since they only have a lifespan of a few days.

If you like the Cupcake mask you may also like this one as well.

When I had the mask on it was like spreading chocolate cake frosting all over my face. It was a really rich luxurious feeling mask, the texture was very thick and spread on my face very easily.

When it was time to wash it off it came off lickety-split. I was able to leave this on for about an hour, it didn’t dry out, crack or give me a tightening feeling. The entire time I had it felt like such a treat on my face, it was cooling and made me feel very hydrated.

The mask smells incredible, I would suggest not using this when you’re hungry because I was craving chocolate cake the whole time.

Anatomicals Masks Review

Farewell the scarlet pimplehell 

Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

This mask was another winner in my book, I used it when I was having a few breakouts and it did seem to settle the size of my breakouts. They were growing trifold by the second.

There is a special place in beauty obsession plan for mud mask. Mud masks always feel amazing on my skin, especially during the summer. In the winter I tend to not use them as often because it just makes me feel a bit colder. I know that is a mind over matter case but none the less I prefer to stick to mud mask more during the warmer months. Mud mask detoxifies my blemish prone skin, clears my pores and made my skin look as flawless as it can be with acne scars.  Even if the look is tempory I love it so much.

Anatomicals Masks Review


This texture is really smooth and it’s pretty thick as expected from a mud mask. I would keep this in the fridge to make it a bit cooler to use on those really hot days. You know those days where even the thought of putting eye cream on makes me break into a sweat; much less put a mask on to keep my skin as blemish free as possible.

The smell to this one is a strong perfume like scent. I feel like they add it to make it smell a bit more on the “fresher” side but I’m not a big fan of the smell. It’s not terrible and it’s only just bearable for me but I wish it wasn’t as strong.

I will note that I originally thought and hoped that it would be the same gorgeous coral colour that is on the packaging. It’s not a bad thing that it wasn’t but I will say that I only thought this, it doesn’t mean it changes my opinion or lessens the results I had from this.

Anatomicals Masks Review

Grease isn’t the word. (tell me more, tell me more)

Mattifying Face Mask

Without giving you a chance to guess, I liked this mask as well! I am not very good at not giving spoilers!! Sorry!

One of my first memories of being a teenager and starting to learn about my skin which was always very shiny. I had to pack on the makeup and all types of mattifying products so I could keep my shininess at bay. I always felt people were checking their reflection on my shiny skin.

The point of that little story was how excited I was to try this mask out because my first thought was of me as a youngin’ and how I would’ve jumped at the chance at trying this back in my teens. Proves to show some things you never outgrow.

Anatomicals Masks Review


The consistency to this mask is very runny and not like the other two masks that are thicker and whipped.

I love the gorgeous colour of this mask, I would probably repurchase just for the colour alone! This is another mask that reminds me of Lush’s Fresh Face masks, Don’t Look At Me, but only in the sense of the colour alone.

The smell to this one is my least favourite of the three and I would most likely say it’s the talc in the ingredients list. It also contains fragrance but it’s just a tad too much for my personal preference. For some reason the scent just makes me think of Crayon’s colour blue, which I associate with a chemical scent.

Final Thoughts

I really love these one use pouches so you can test drive the mask without feeling too let down in case it’s a miss for you. On the flip side I also wish I could purchase a bigger sized version.

I didn’t realise that these masks were from the same brand that sells the shampoo and body care line that have the cute bright packaging.

If you get a chance check out their website, it’s cute and has that little bit of humour that I love! Click here to check it out.

Would I repurchase

Yes! I will be repurchasing in the future. I really wish these were available to purchase in a bigger size so I could use more often in my weekly routine. The three pack cost me $7.00 from ASOS. I know it’s not super expensive but I would much prefer to have a bigger jar so I don’t have so much waste getting rid of the packaging.

The pouches are jammed packed full of product and you possibly could stretch it out so you can use each pack twice, but it’d be a long stretch.


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