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This review is slightly different than my usual face skincare reviews. We’re going to discuss a full body lotion that’s probably not best for your face. Not too worry, it’s just focusing on a different part of a skincare routine.

I’ll share my experience and opinion with Arbonne RE9 Hydrating Body Lotion

If you haven’t heard of Arbonne, it’s a skincare & wellbeing company originated in Switzerland in 1975. It then was born in the US in 1980 and has expanded out to other countries, including Australia. It’s a company that allows people that enjoy skincare to be independent consultants and host facial parties.



Arbonne RE 9 Lotion

You get 200 ml from this bottle. The bottle is made of a hard plastic and has a pump like dispenser. It’s a pretty slim bottle so it’s easy to slip into tight spaces if you are traveling with it. You can even lock the lid so it doesn’t pump lotion inside your gym bag of whatever you may be doing.

Arbonne RE9 Lotion


Arbonne’s lotion claims to be an extremely moisturizing body lotion delivering antioxidants and vitamins to help nurture skin leaving it soft and hydrating.

Arbonne RE9 Lotion

Arbonne RE9 LotionDirections on how to use:


Use in the morning and evening, after the Reactivating Body Serum. Massage liberally all over the body

Arbonne RE9 Lotion


My review

The biggest problem for me is the pump and the product towards the end of the bottle. It’s a super rich lotion and it works very well on it’s own, without the recommended Reactivating Body Serum. I think I’m going to have to take a knife and cut the bottle in half so I could scoop out product from the bottom of the bottle. Of which, it’ll be a mission to do because of that super thick plastic bottle. I may need to use a chainsaw! Using a product that’s meant to be enjoyable to take care of ourselves shouldn’t be that hard. Especially for the price!


The price if you go online it $65 AUD, which really I don’t think it is worth even a quarter of that price. It’s crazy ridiculous expensive. The reason I had it was because at the time I was trying their full RE9 (targeted to antiaging) facial skincare line. I was able to get this lotion and the serum for free. Otherwise there is no way I would spend so much money on a bottle of lotion alone. They do have programs you can join and you are able to purchase items for a discounted price. I personally became a consultant for personal use that way I could purchase different items for the reduced price. I ended up letting it expire as I didn’t find the routine as beneficial as I did originally.

The scent wasn’t heavy so its not filled with much fragrance, which I like because I am so sensitive to scented products.

I felt that when I used this on my legs the hair growth slowed down. I know it’s not a benefit that is advertised as so and please don’t rush to purchase as form of hair removal maintenance. I did notice I could wear a skirt or shorts for about 3 to 4 days after shaving without having much leg stubble.Usually I could only go about 2 days in a row before I need the razor. I have dark hair so I do have to shave pretty often. I asked some of the other ladies in the group if they noticed a change in hair growth by using this and no one found the same result.

Maybe it’s just something that happens when you frequently moisturise…..?  Or maybe I’m just a weirdo. I’m leaning towards the latter on that one!

Arbonne RE9 Lotion




Nope! It’s too expensive and it’s just too hard to deal with. I purchased a lotion from the chemist and it’s 1 ltr and it cost $20 for 2 bottles. I really like that new lotion, let me know if you would like a mini review on it. I also use the Lush lotions as well when I want a little bit of a boosted scent or having a super pampering session.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this lotion when it would pump out of the bottle and it absorbed into the skin nicely. I sometimes used it with the Serum that’s recommended but sometimes I wouldn’t. Let me know if you would like me to do a review on the Serum as well in a separate post.

Just putting any lotion on in general is a hit and miss for me. I always try to make sure to apply it so I keep my skin hydrated but mostly….not so much. Plus one of my fur babies, Shadow, he just loves to lick my leg after I apply any type of lotion or after I exfoliate. I guess he likes to go in and make sure it’s puppy approved (he’s an almost 3 year old puppy!).


I’d love to hear your thoughts about this – do you love it or hate it? It is worth the price tag? Please let me know!


On another note, here is a link to the website where it contains Ingredient Information in case you are interested.


Until next time, I wish you good skin health and hope this post was beneficial for you.






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