Beaut East Sphere Skincare Haul


Happy New Year! I hope your 2018 is off to a great start.

I have a few hauls coming your way in the next month from some great Christmas deals I came across.

To kick things off in 2018 I made a purchase from Beaut East Sphere
( ). They are a company based in the UK but ship worldwide. Beaut East Sphere carries a variety of Asian natural beauty cosmetics.

Everything arrived to me in Australia in perfect shape. Thank you Chana for your packing perfection skills! A very lovely and patient lady that helped me with my questions about the VAT EU tax, I highly recommend to stop by and see what they have available.


My Purchases

Items listed in order of unpacked:

23.5N Bamboo Hydrating Travel Kit

– Bamboo Ultra Hydrating Facial Cleanser 10ml/0.3 fl.oz
– Bamboo Ultra Hydrating Toner 30ml/ 1 fl.oz
– Bamboo Ultra Hydrating Serum 5ml/ 0.17 fl.oz
– Bamboo Ultra Hydrating Lotion 10ml/ 0.33 fl.oz
– Bamboo Ultra Hydrating Cream 5ml/ 0.17 fl.oz


23.5N Rice Soothing Travel Kit

– Rice Soothing Ultra Feather Mask 28ml
– Rice Soothing Active+ Essence 30ml/1 fl.oz.
– Rice Soothing Active+ Moisturizer 10ml/0.3 fl.oz.


23.5N Red Pearl Barley Whitening Travel Kit
– Red Pearl Barley Whitening Ultra-Feather Mask 28ml
– Red Pearl Barley Whitening Toner 30ml/ 1fl.oz.
– Red Pearl Barley Whitening Serum 5ml/ 0.1fl.oz.
– Red Pearl Barley Whitening Lotion 10ml/ 0.3fl.oz.


Polatam Pure Cream Mask Firming Radiance

(Pink sheet mask)


Polatam Pure Cream Mask Hydro Radiance

(Blue sheet mask)


WHAMISA Organic Flowers Eye Essence


23.5N Gel Masks Travel Kit
– Oriental Beauty Tea
– Balancing Gel
– Mask to balance and purify 20ml/ 0.7 fl.oz.
– Bamboo Ultra Hydrating Gel Mask to hydrate and smooth 20ml/0.7fl.oz.
– Rice Soothing Gel Mask to brighten and soothe 20ml/0.7 fl.oz.
– Red Pearl Barley Whitening Gel Mask to whiten and nourish 20ml/0.7 fl.oz

Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Brightening Sheet Mask
This was a Christmas gift with order, thank you, Chana, for the lovely gift! These sheet masks are incredible, I highly recommend them.


My Blogging Story Series

Part of my blog goals is to add some extra topics on my blog, including posts relating to lifestyle on my blog. In order to implement that I decided to start by sharing My Blogging Story Series starting on 7th January 2018. It would mean the world to me if you would join in to the conversation by signing up here.Each week for the next couple of months I will have a blogging topic go live on my website.



  1. Chana

    Yay thank you Sophia. Just started binging on your blog. Great job. ?

    • Soph

      Yay!! Thank you Chana, I appreciate your support and please binge away!

      It’s so cool to see another Chana supporting my blog that’s not my mom! ?


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