Bioderma Sensibio Lait Cleansing Milk Review

I’ve heard lots of glowing reviews about the Bioderma micellar waters and how great they are to remove makeup. I don’t wear makeup but I do like to double cleanse because my skin is very oily and one cleanse is never enough. On some days I feel as if I could even do a third cleanse but I know that would cause skin havoc (I’m just a little wiser than I was when I was 15 but only by a smidge). I am grateful that a toner can go in and get rid of any stubborn dirt that wants to set up a home on my skin.

I have tried micellar waters in the past but for some reason, the idea of a milk cleanser seems so much more luxurious and I had to get this to try. It’s kind of when you see a fancy spa flyer and there is a picture of a milk bath, doesn’t that look so much more tempting that just a bath filled with water? Or am I the only one?

Bioderma - Cleansing Milk

About Bioderma

Bioderma Sensibio Lait Cleansing Milk cleanses your skin and eye make up without having to rinse off. This can be used on sensitive skin as it works with your skin by strengthen your skin’s resistance.

It contains ingredients that helps to soothe and soften your skin.

How I use

I use this as my first cleanse by adding some of the milk cleanser to a cotton pad and gently swipe it around dry skin. I have noticed that if I add too much to the cotton pad it won’t pick up the dirt, it’ll just swish the cleansing milk around my face.

If I notice that the cotton pad is really dirty I’ll add a little more on a new cotton pad and repeat. On the nights that I really stack on the layers of skincare the next morning I have to do this twice. The way I see it is if I apply my skincare in layers then I should remove it in layers.

After I have done my first cleanse with this I follow it up with my second cleanse. Depending on what second cleanser I am using I’ll either wet my face and apply the cleanser or if it’s an oil I’ll apply on my dry skin.

Bioderma - Cleansing Milk

My Experience

The milk cleanser is very gentle on my skin and it doesn’t irritate my skin nor leave a film behind. It’s a great way to start my cleansing routine getting it ready for either my gentle routine or the heavier hitter routine.

The texture is very thick and creamy, as you’d expect from a milk cleanser, and a scent is nearly non existent. You can see how it turns from the rich milky consistency to a clear gel like consistency once it’s been spread.

Bioderma - Cleansing Milk

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed using this first cleanse to start my routine either in the am or pm, it’s soothing and extremely gentle while still being highly effective.

One thing that I have come to realise is there are first cleansers that I enjoy and don’t require a cotton pad. Now I don’t claim to be a person to say I’m all about saving the world but I feel very guilty about using too many cotton pads. I really try to limit my waste either by not using too many cotton pads or cleansing wipes. It’s just a personal preference and I am in no way trying to say it’s bad to use those products.

Would I repurchase?

If it was on sale or a lot cheaper I’d definitely repurchase. Perhaps because I don’t wear makeup I don’t see much in the form of benefits to justify the price tag. I have tried some other micellar waters that are less expensive and work just as well. In a way I would think the milky part would be a bit too gimmicky for me and my needs.

It’s a great product that I enjoyed using and made my skincare routine that little bit of extra luxurious. It’s just not a 100% fit for me and how I use my skincare products to use on a regular daily basis.

Have you used this cleanser? Is there another milky cleanser? What has been your experience using this or any related products? I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts.

I purchased it from Adore Beauty for $32 (link provided below **affiliate link**)


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