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Cash Rewards – referral link

I recently discovered Cash Rewards a website when used allows you receive a cash percentage back from some online retailers. I highly recommend this site if you are like me and do a lot of online shopping.

I’ve heard lots of my friends and family who live in the US talk about EBATES and made me wish we had something similar in Australia. Now, I’ve got something just as good for me and everyone else in Australia who does online shopping.

Save on your grocery bill

(shopping at Woolworths instore and online)

Due to my injuries I suffered from my car accident a couple of years ago, I purchase my groceries online and get them delivered. I frequently purchase a Woolworths e-gift card for a discounted price, therefore, letting me purchase groceries at a discounted rate.

One of the big things I personally benefit from is purchasing a gift voucher for Woolworths for 5% of a discount, that in itself would save you a decent amount of cash. Majority of the time I’ll buy a $300 gift card, only pay $285 (because of that 5% cash savings) and get $300 worth of groceries.

When actually placing an order online, Woolworths pays $1 for existing customers if ordering online. If you are a new customer you get $20 for placing your first Woolworths Online savings but make sure you keep an eye out because sometimes that becomes double, I’ve seen it get to $40 cash back!

How I use Cash Rewards

I have been using this website very often for purchasing skincare products from some beauty retailers, pet food,eBay and online chemist shops. An extra $5 here or there can always go towards buying or saving something special.

Sometimes they have specials of having bonus rewards for certain stores.

You can purchase airline tickets, accommodation bookings and in return, you can get some of that money back.

Just know you don’t have access go that money straight away, it’s credited to your account and paid sometimes a couple of months away. 

Sign up for Cash Rewards!

This is all I seem to talk about nowadays and spread the word to anyone who will listen. I have been spreading the word to all my friends and family to jump aboard. I mean who doesn’t want to save a few extra dollars? It’s money that can be used towards something special or use as an extra form of savings. Think of it as a virtual loose change type savings.

If you sign up and purchase using my customised link  I receive a $5.00 reward at no extra costs to you. You can then receive your own customised link to share with your friends, co-workers and family to receive the $5.00 ‘Refer a Friend’ reward.

If you prefer not to use the code, that’s totally okay, I just hope you decide to join!


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