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Mask Diary Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask & Jayjun Gold Snow Black Mask

I LOVE sheet masks, in fact, sheet masks were my gateway into the K-Beauty world.

To give you a little background, prior to the last year and a half I could not stand the idea of a sheet mask on my face. A wet, sticky sheet that sits on my face and doesn’t allow me to move for fear of it falling off – no thank you.

Occasionally I may have picked one up here and there if I saw it on sale. Sometimes I’d use it but for the most part they get stored it in a cabinet taking me years before seeing them again.

I was under the impression I only needed to use a sheet mask once every few months. *in comes the disappointed emjoi here* I have never been happier to admit that I was wrong, so so wrong.

Claz Cosmetics Sheet Masks

When Dristi, from Claz Cosmetics, asked if I would be interested in reviewing a couple of their sheet masks, I was over the moon.

I was sent two sheet masks to review, Mask Diary Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask & Jayjun Gold Snow Black Mask.

Before I go on to my review I just want to take a moment to point out the stamp used to send me my little goodie bag. I don’t know if the stamp is a coincidence but I thought it was so appropriate for a goodie bag containing masks.

Claz Cosmetics Sheet Masks

About Claz Cosmetics

Claz Cosmetics is a newly launched Korean Skincare Mask Bar company based in Australia. Given it’s a new company they currently have about a dozen sheet masks to choose from. The masks they carry are all new to me brands. Leaving me with lot options to give me my regular fix of sheet masking.

Another thing that I like about Claz is they offer Australian shipping for $2!! I hate paying for shipping so much so that when I am online shopping I tend to buy enough of a dollar value to get free shipping. My thought process is, instead of paying $15 for shipping I’d rather spend the $15 shipping fee towards purchasing more items.

If you want to check out Claz Cosmetics you can click here.

Claz Cosmetics Sheet Masks

Jayjun Gold Snow Black Mask

You may have seen JayJun’s Black charcoal sheet mask as it seems to be pretty popular. Personally, I have never tried it so when I was able to try the Gold Snow version I was chomping at the bit to rip this baby open and apply to my face.

Claz Cosmetics Sheet Masks

The sheet material is the thickest sheet I’ve ever used. It’s white on the inside part that sits on your skin and a gorgeous gold colour on the outside.

To start with the mask is a bit on the heavy side since it’s saturated in essence. When I took the mask off it was noticeably lighter since so much of the essence was absorbed by my skin. I did try to claw any excess essence out of the pouch but there was next to none left.

The fit was perfect for my rather large face! Two thumbs up from me for that!!

Star Ingredients of this mask

Gold – known for it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Black Pearl – helps to brighten skin and provide anti-aging benefits

Aloe Vera – contains soothing properties to soften and hydrate skin


Claz Cosmetics Sheet Masks


Final Thoughts on Jayjun Gold Snow Black Mask

I really enjoyed this mask, it felt nice on my skin and considering that it’s two separate pieces it stayed in place and didn’t slip off my face. Other two-piece masks I’ve tried sometimes tend to slip off making it a pampering nightmare when I have to keep sliding it into place.

I left the mask on for 25 minutes and it was still damp. The scent was very mild, nothing overpowering which I appreciate since I am pretty sensitive to scents. My skin had that little extra glow going on when I removed the mask and ready for the rest of my routine. The next morning my skin had that little extra glow going on, which is always a nice treat to wake up too.

Forget breakfast in bed, skincare gimme glow and healthy looking skin all day long!


I would purchase this mask to use during a more luxurious pampering routine. Claz has it on special at the moment for $7.50 regular price $15.50. The regular price is too deep for my pockets but for the sale price, I would keep a couple in my stash for a ‘pick me up’ type of day.

Claz Cosmetics Sheet Masks

Mask Diary Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask

The second sheet mask I was lucky to try is the Mask Diary – Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask. I have never actually seen this brand of masks before but I was so instantly drawn to the stunning packaging.

My birthstone is sapphire and I tend to gravitate towards that colour for knickknacks (thank you Dristi for being a mind reader and choosing this one for me!).

Claz Cosmetics Sheet Masks

The sheet material was thin and translucent and comes with a netted cover that helps it from ripping when you unfold it.

I loved the fit to this mask, perfect for my face and it’s drenched in essence. The pouch had a handful of essence left to pat into my face after I removed it.

Star Ingredients of this mask

Aloe – Hydrates skin, soothes and repairs skin

Punica gratum extract – a powerful antioxidant and helps to repair sun damaged skin

Niacinamide – brighten skin. improve skin elasticity, enhance skin’s barrier function and even out skin’s tone and texture

Claz Cosmetics Sheet Masks

Final Thoughts

I was able to leave this mask on for 45 mins or so and it was still rather damp when I removed it with the exception of my nose where it had dried. I really liked the scent to this mask, considering it’s an Aloe mask I found it to smell very cucumber like, very fresh and not overly perfumed.

This mask left my skin very hydrated and ready for the remainder of my skincare routine. Since it’s winter in Australia my skin does require some extra hydration, even though my skin is very oily and acne prone.


Yes! In fact, I am going to place an order soon for the trio of this line of sheet masks. Claz sells this mask for $6.50 and carries an additional two masks, one is a Collagen (anti-ageing) mask and the other is a Vitamin (brightening) mask. The trio can be purchased for $16.50.



These products were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. That doesn’t affect my opinion of the review, this is my personal experience using these products. Thank you so much Claz Cosmetics for providing me with the opportunity to try these masks out. 

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