Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Serum Oil Review

Clear Skies & Fresh Waters & White Sands

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During one of my very late night browsing and researching of skincare products, I came across Coast Sydney Botanicals. I had found an online, skincare, beauty version of paradise! So many beautiful products made with top of the line ingredients.

Coast Sydney Botanicals not only carries skincare they also sell candles, perfumes and under their skincare range, they carry a herbal steam.

Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Serum Oils Review


About Coast Sydney Botanicals

Coast Sydney Botanicals was founded by Wei Tham in 2016 and is an Artisan Perfumer and Botanical Skincare Creator. I’m going to add magical, miracle skincare maker as part of Wei’s description.

All products are hand crafted in her Sydney, Australia studio made from ingredients that are herbal plant extracts, essential oils, cruelty free and vegan. Products are synthetic free and responsibly sourced.

Basically, it’s awesome products made with amazing ingredients! Shipping within Australia is a flat $10 fee AND ships overseas for a flat $17 fee (excluding candles).

Check out Wei’s store by clicking here.

I purchased pretty much one of each of their skincare products and am making my way through it all. I do have a haul video that I will be posting shortly showing everything I purchased and how beautifully packed everything was.


Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Serum Oils Review Clear Skies

Clear Skies

Purify Face Serum Oil

Clear Skies serum oil instantly caught my attention with its gorgeous blue colour. What gives it this colour? The chamazulene derived from Blue Tansy, which gives the blue colour naturally and not dyed.

The serum is formulated with troubled skin in mind. Hello, gorgeous! I’ve been missing you all my life.

Star ingredients:

Blue Tansy – has tissue regenerating abilities is antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory

Juniper Berry – natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties


Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Serum Oils Review Clear Skies

What is in Clear Skies

Jojoba clear oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil Essential Oils: Blue Tansy, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Immortelle, Juniper Berry, Tea Tree

You don’t need to worry about the blue colour staining your skin, as soon as you start to pat the product into your skin it’ll disappear.

The scent to this is very fresh and reminds me of spearmint.


Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Serum Oils Review Clear Skies

How I use

During my nightly routine after I have applied my first treatment essence (and after a sheet mask if using) I apply a dropper full all over my face. I pat and press this into my skin and bring it down under my jaw area. A few years ago I would get very severe and extremely painful cystic breakouts all along my jaw line up to my temples.

More recently I noticed I was getting clusters of breakouts on my right cheek, which I believe may have been caused by holding my phone when talking on it. During the last few weeks of using this, I have not had a breakout and no breakout clusters. Winner!


Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Serum Oils Review Fresh Waters

Fresh Waters

Renew Face Serum Oil

Fresh Waters serum oil brings me so much #skintertainment every time I use it. The rich vibrant sunset orange colour is so gorgeous and goes on to the skin with the same colour. Once it starts to absorb and dry on my face the colour disappears.

Word of caution, make sure you let this oil completely absorb into your skin before lying down or you’ll get some of the colour on your pillowcase. I’ve had this happen a couple of times and it’s washed off easily without permanently staining my pillowcase. If you have light coloured pillowcases you may want to put a towel on your pillowcase just in case. This may happen to me because I go overboard and apply too much but hey I love it and nothing comes between me and my skincare.

The serum is formulated with anti-aging benefits in mind.

Star ingredients:

Rosehip Oil – naturally source of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids

Seabuckthorn – highly moisturising and loaded with vitamins to help with fine lines


Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Serum Oils Review Fresh Waters

What is in Fresh Waters

Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Plum Oil, Organic Camella Oil, Organic Rosehip Virgin, Organic Rosehip CO2, Organic Seabuckthorn CO2 Essential Oils: Rose Geranium, Carrot Seed, Frankincense, Immortelle Oil

It smells incredible! Like natural rose along with something else that I can’t exactly place but it smells so rich and pure.


Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Serum Oils Review Fresh Waters

How I use

I use this at night and usually in conjunction with Clear Skies serum oil. Majority of the time I use this before the Clear Skies but let it dry and really absorb into my skin before moving on to the next step.

I pat and press this oil into my skin and gently rub it in a circular motion on my face. It doesn’t dry sticky or leave a residue, making it perfect to keep loading up on my layer routine.


Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Serum Oils Review White Sands

White Sands

Brighten Face Serum

This serum is over the top incredible! I LOVE this serum, I have never seen or used a product that comes out of a bottle via a dropper like this. It has a floral scent that is very natural and not artificially fragranced.

This serum is formulated with Brightening in mind.

Star Ingredients

Organic Jojoba Oil – creates and seals moisture, helps reduce oily skin and contains vitamins that help skin repair

French Plum Seed Oil – helps heal, moisturise and improves skin’s elasticity

This serum soaks into your skin so quickly and easily.

Due to the benefits from the incredible ingredients used, it’s truly magic in a bottle. Chock full of vitamins that contain natural sources of AHA, Vitamin C, helps with skin pigmentation and the list goes on, it’s perfect to treat a lot of skin concerns while giving your skin a treat.


Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Serum Oils Review White Sands


Organic Rose Floral Water, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Plum Oil, Bearberry Herbal Extract, Licorice Herbal Extract, Hibiscus Herbal Extract, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Leucidal, Vitamin C Liquid


Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Serum Oils Review White Sands

How I use

I usually use the three oil serums all at the same time and use this after I have applied the first two. Then I follow it up with my moisturising part of my routine.

Sometimes I use this during the am routine as well to give myself the extra boost of vitamin C.

I wouldn’t say this would take the place of your full moisturiser, it is a creamy thick serum.

Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Oils Review

What the serum oil look like

The Fresh Waters (Sunset Orange) is slightly thick and easy to spread but very rich in colour.

Clear Skies (Blue) this is very thin and watery and the colour is a light coloured blue almost clear.

White Sands is the thickest of the three and creamy. It’s also very easy to apply to your skin and a little goes a long way.


Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Oils Review


Once applied the serums sink in rather easily. You can see the Fresh Waters keeps that tint once applied. Blue Skies almost disappears into the skin. White Sands is creamy but also absorbs very easily without leaving an overcast effect.


Coast Sydney Botanicals Facial Oils Review


This is what the three serums look like once patted in and dried slightly.

So that I can show you the way it looks like I applied quite a bit more than I would for such a small area. When I use it as part of my routine I let it dry for a little bit before moving on to the rest of my routine.

I usually use that time to apply my eye cream and turn on my Iris to help the eye cream sink in..


Final Thoughts

I have a confession when I first purchased these products I didn’t have a lot of hope for them and wanted them so I could compare this versus the Herbivore Botanicals oil serums. Now after using these serum oils for a good chunk of time I love them so much, the next morning my skin is so clear and healthy looking. I am seriously impressed each time I use it and can’t recommend these enough.

The packaging was so beautifully wrapped individually and makes you feel like it’s your birthday!

Another thing that gives this brand a HUGE tick of my love is that Coast Sydney Botanicals is an Australian business, I love supporting local businesses.

That and the fact that my skin eats this up like me in a cake store just makes it all that more wonderful.


Yes! In fact, I am running a bit low on the White Sands and am starting to freak out because I am on a No Buy. I do have quite a lot of other products I need to use up but these will have a permanent home in my arsenal.

For those who like product packaging, like myself, this is gorgeous. It’s nothing fancy yet the products themselves are what make the packaging elegant.


Each of the serum oils run for $49 for 20ml. Personally, I think it’s worth the price since the quality of products work so well with my skin. Link to Coast Sydney Botanicals can be found by clicking here. If you want to try these before purchasing they have a sample size version for sale for $15 plus shipping.


This may sound like it’s sponsored the way I am gushing about these products but I paid for them myself and Wei generously gifted me the White Sands serum due to the size of my order. Wei if you ever come across this review, Thank you so much!


I have a few more products from this range that I’ll be posting my reviews so please follow along if you are interested to hear more.



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