Cult Beauty Haul Including ZIIP Beauty Device



I placed my first Cult Beauty order in September 2017 as part of my birthday month purchases. Included in my haul is the ZIIP Beauty facial device. I’ve been on the fence about purchasing for some time and decided to go for it.

I also picked up the highly raved about Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.

SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (240ML) –

ZIIP BEAUTY Nano Current Skincare Device –

ZIIP BEAUTY Golden Conductive Gel Treatment (80ML) –


The free samples I received are:

* COOLA – Mineral Cucumber Face SPF 30

* Caudalie -Instant Detox Mask

Cult Beauty

I held off so long on making a purchase from Cult Beauty because the prices listed are in British Pounds (£) and once converted to AUD it was way so expensive. Even though I kept seeing of so many Australian beauties showing their hauls, I couldn’t understand how can they afford the big difference in price.

That is until…..

I saw this on the website:

This price includes UK sales tax. Tax will be deducted at checkout if you’re outside the EU

For example, the BumBum cream is listed as £44.00 (AUD 67.95) turns into £36.67 (AUD $62.29). Not a huge price difference but it adds up when buying items that aren’t easily available in Australia. 

Now that I am aware of how Cult Beauty works, I will be purchasing from them again. They offer free shipping worldwide if a certain amount has been met. Plus if you are a makeup junkie they seem to carry lots of pretty things, I don’t know what they do but they look pretty ?


Let me know if you’ve purchased from Cult Beauty and what you picked up!


  1. Noreen

    I love watching unboxing videos <3 There's just something special about seeing what other people buy hahaha 😀 I have heard of Cult Beauty, but I've actually never made a purchase myself. Maybe I should 🙂

    • Soph

      So do I! I love finding out about new products or stuff that is completely new to me.

      I have a new unboxing video on my YouTube channel but need to blog post it. It’s the Bare & Be Almost Summer sheet mask subscription box. There is a couple more videos I have as well that I need to edit.

      Unfortunately as of late I haven’t been doing my routines like I used to so I’m not getting any empties and making room for the new products I’ve purchased. A lot of the stuff in my recent hauls are going to be on the review list for next year.

      I had heard of Cult Beauty but could never figure out exactly how it worked, everything looked so expensive. It’s not until I realised they take the EU Tax (not sure the exact name) off since it’s coming to me in Australia. I highly recommend signing up for thier newsletter and create a profile, they send out birthday month discount codes. If it wasn’t for the code I don’t think I would’ve ordered the stuff I did just yet.

      I’d love to know if you do order from Cult Beauty what you purchase. Also if you’ve recently bought something I’d love to see! I love the feeling of doing my own unboxing and I’d like to think everyone gets the same feeling!


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