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Today’s post will be about the sheet masks I used up this week.

There are a few in this week that I had never used before, so hopefully a few of them get on your radar.

I hope you guys are finding these weekly check ins and mini reviews useful, if not please feel free to leave me some feedback about what you would like to see.

Are there any sheet masks that you’d like a review on?

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I previously reviewed this one on a previous weekly recap. I’ve copied my previous review below. I like this one a lot more after using it a bit more and it’s now on par with the Firming Leaders mask I have.


Leaders Amino

Amino Lifting Mask

My impression

I really liked this mask. Easy to peel off but not a lot of left over essence in the packaging to use. When I took the sheet off though there was a great amount of essence left on my skin from the sheet. I patted my face to help it absorb before heading to my next step.

Since purchasing the 2 Leaders masks packs from (it was a pack of 10) the place I buy my Korean Beauty items, they have now started carrying a truckload more Leaders masks. I will buy some in my next order but the downside for me is they aren’t in a pack form, they sold as individual masks. It sucks because they are like $7 each and I can never chose which to buy so I end up with like 12 of them in my cart. I’m thinking I’ll add 2 new ones every time I do an order to try them out.

I’m going off topic but does anyone else add everything they want in their online shopping cart and then you see it’s like $700 and you start to cull it down so it’s $70 instead? I do that all the time, I add everything and leave it for a few days and then come back and work out what I actually need and that I don’t need 15 different types of moisturisers.

Repurchase? Maybe – I prefer the purple packed one Clearing



Nature Republic


My impression

I continue to think this brand of sheet mask are fantastic value for money. The sheet itself is on the thin side and can be easily torn when unfolding if you are a novice sheet masker. Once you unfold it though, it’s drenched with serum and I can keep this on for about 45 minutes or so, I measure it in terms of watching an episode of my favourite TV show of the week.

There was still plenty of serum left in the pouch to put on.

One of the biggest selling points for me from this brand is the size of the sheets. They are quite big and covers my full face.

This is a great introduction to sheet masks, you can purchase a variety 10 pack for around $20.00.

Repurchase? YES! I already have purchased another variety pack. This is an easy go to pack/ starter pack, I like the size of the sheets and I like the quality




Etude House 

Royal Jelly

My impression

This brand of sheet masks is one of my favorites, it never fails me. The sheet is thick and drenched in serum. I can leave it on for a good chunk of time and not worry about drying out. I usually leave it on for about 45 minutes or so, I measure it in terms of the length watching an episode of Vanderpump Rules.

The size of the mask provides enough coverage for my entire face. There was a mild scent that was comforting but not overpowering.

There was very little serum left in the pouch to apply after. When I removed the mask it left my face damp with the serum to tap into my skin.

Repurchase? YES! I already have purchased another variety pack.






My impression

The standout of this mask for me was the scent. It was incredible, like a freshly made strawberry smoothie. I loved this mask, the size was perfect, really easy to unfold, drenched in serum. I can leave it on for a good chunk of time and not worry about the sheet drying out.

My skin felt really nice and refreshed after this. I was only able to find this mask sold on it’s own and not part of a pack. That’s not a negative thing but if someone has located this mask sold in bulk please let me know.

Repurchase? YES!






Watermelon Girl

My impression

This is the first time I’ve used this brand, I think it came as a free sample when I put an order through a new company. This is a cute mask, the design on the outer side of this mask is the round watermelon design that’s on the cover of the pouch.

The sheet was really thin and ripped easily as I was unfolding it. The scent was very sweet, candy sweet. It had loads of leftover serum to apply after you remove the sheet. I didn’t find that it did a whole lot for my skin. I prefer to use one of the other masks that will actually feel like it’s doing something to my skin.

Repurchase? No, but I got it free so I can’t complain.






My Beauty Diary

Black Rose Brightening Black Mask

My impression

This mask blew my mind on how fabulous it was! I want to just use this mask everyday, on my whole body, even my hair! Okay okay maybe not my hair but you get the idea of how obsessed I am with this. This is the first time I’ve used a 3D mask and it went so above and beyond my expectations. The mask itself is all black, which made me feel like a ninja. I didn’t know what 3D mask really meant, it latches down to your neck as well, truly making it a whole face experience.

When I applied it and worked out how to use it my skin felt the effects from the hyaluronic acid going deep through the layers of skin. When I removed it my skin felt and looked so healthy. There was some extra serum in the pouch as well that I was able to apply after.

As soon as I used it I was ready to order a bulk amount of these to stock up on them and use them as a weekly staple. But they didn’t have more than 2 boxes of it in stock. I was also able to locate 2 other types of mask with the same concept, one being Black Pearl Total Effect and the other being Obsidian Moisturising. I am going to order both of those as well, I thought there was only 1 more but looks like now there are 2.

The box I purchased was a 5 pack for $15.00.

Repurchase? YES!! This is a holy grail product for me now.





My Beauty Diary

Strawberry Yogurt

My impression

This mask has such a nice refreshing smell. It didn’t have that overpowering, I want this off my skin now, scent.  I love the quality of mask and all the different types of benefits that My Beauty Diary make but the sheets are just too small for me. It almost feels like it only covers half of my cheeks. I’ve flirted with the idea of using 2 mask at the same time to ensure all parts of my face are benefiting. I have tons of My Beauty Diary box sets that I have purchased and I know using them that way it’s a waste of money.

My skin looked good after, tons of left over serum. I love their masks but I don’t think I’ll purchase anymore mask (excluding the 3D versions) by this brand. Hopefully they’ll start to make them slightly bigger like Etude House or Innisfree size. Better yet just make a ton more 3D masks.

Repurchase? Undecided at this point, I’ll use it again this current week and let you know how I feel about it.


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