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Derma Needling


You may have seen some or heard of people swearing by derma needling procedures all over social media, dermatologists, YouTubers, skin specialist or from friends. Dermaneedling can be beneficial for a number of skin concerns, to list a few, indented acne scars, anti-ageing, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and hair loss.

For about the last year I had been thinking about purchasing a dermaroller but I couldn’t find enough information to choose one. I found too many options and conflicting opinions. Prices of the rollers vary dramatically from a couple of bucks to a couple of hundred dollars. Titanium or surgical steel? How many needles is best to start with, 500 needles or 50 needles? Do I need a roller for each length?

As you can see I had no idea what was best and I wasn’t keen on the commitment yet to something that, knowing my luck, I would do incorrectly.

So I decided to try this device since it covered some of those questions I had originally, I can adjust the needle depth and change the amount of needles in a moment’s notice.

Derminator Review

About the Derminator

There is one option in regards to the kit, but you can purchase additional items as well, and they don’t cost a zillion dollars.

The Derminator kit contains:

  • Derminator device
  • 2 x 9 needle cartridges
  • 1 x 1 needle cartridge
  • 1 set of ear plus
  • 4 rubber feet

The electrical outlet can be purchased according to your country, this is the Australian version but they also have the European version, UK version and US version.

Derminator Review

About the Device

The device itself is is fully digital and you can customise your procedure here by either doing one setting for your whole face or change your setting according to the different areas on your face. For example, you may want a deeper depth for your cheek area and a lighter depth for around your eye area.

I will say it took me about half an hour to work out how to turn on the machine and get it working for longer than 2 seconds.

The depth can go from 0.25 to 2.25 mm in increments of 0.25 mm. For my first use, I thought I’d try the 1mm setting. The first few areas, around my jawline were pretty much painless, as I started to go towards the center of my face and closer to my lip & nose area then it started to really sting. I had to take a few breathers in between!

Going around my eye area, my temples, my forehead I may have shed a few tears.

Derminator Review

About the Cord and Hand Unit

The device comes with a super long cord since this has to be plugged in while it’s on.

The hand unit is sturdy and fits relatively easy in your hand and made me feel in control. After further research, I realise how important this is since the hand unit is where the cartridges are located and stamp your skin rapidity. The motor is powerful and you don’t want something that can slip easily out of your hand.

Once you have clicked the cartridge on the hand unit it stays pretty well in place. I will admit I did place the cartridge upside down when I first put it on, whoops! Luckily I hadn’t turn it on.

Derminator Review

As mentioned, the cord from the device to the handheld unit is super long, according to their website it’s 3 feet long. The cord from your power socket to the device is a good length as well and I love how it has the switch to turn on and off, I find it to be an extra safety precaution.

Derminator Review

About the needle cartridges

The kit comes with 2 x 9 needle cartridges and 1 x 1 cartridge. You can purchase additional cartridges for a very affordable price. The 9 needle cartridge costs $5.40 AUD and the 1 needle cartridge is $4 AUD. Needles are made from surgical steel and do not contain nickel.

The single-needle cartridge may be preferred for treating narrow scars and certain stretch marks. If you need to treat a small area, a single needle may be more useful.

The life of the cartridges depends on the frequency of use and the thickness of your skin. I would imagine for me it may last around 3 treatment cycles, but I may be wrong. According to the Derminator website, they advise the time to change the cartridge is when the treatment begins to be more painful or when it starts to struggle to reach the depths set. As I mentioned I haven’t used the cartridge enough to be able to tell you exactly.

You can reuse the cartridges by sterilising the needles with Ethanol. Cartridges should only be used by the same person, so if you have someone you’d like to share the device with you will need to each have your own cartridge.

Derminator Review

There is a set of ear plugs that come with the kit, which you may need because the machine is pretty loud. I don’t know if it gets louder with the speed level but my husband could hear it downstairs.

You also get a set of 4 rubber legs that stick to the bottom of the device which helps to keep it in place when it’s on.

Final Thoughts

I am so happy I got over my initial concerns and purchased the device. I have found that I could actually see results of the device 2 weeks later. In fact, I noticed results sooner than that and that’s saying a lot coming from me who struggles to really see any positive results.

I am hooked on this device, I plan to use it every six weeks and in between that time, I will be using a rotation of AHA/BHA peel, my PMD device and the Dermastamp.


Absolutely, in a heartbeat. I can say whole heartily this device has changed my skin in such a fantastic way I only wish I would’ve purchased sooner. Now, this isn’t a one use miracle worker that will make you look years younger just off one use, it is something I have to work on and will take time and patience.

The cartridges are very reasonably priced and at this point, I only feel like I only need to purchase a half a dozen to last me for the year. Whether this machine will last me long I can only confirm once it’s time to cross that bridge.

I also purchased OwnDoc’s 1.5 Large Dermastamp and used that on a prior occasion to using this device. I will do a separate blog post review on it once I use it a bit more.

I will be posting my progress pictures on my blog. As part of this blog post, I will share my first progress photos of my before and immediately after photos including the aftercare skincare. You can see my first set of progress photos by clicking here. I’m releasing both these blog posts at the same time so you may want to put some popcorn on and sheet mask to read it all.


The device cost me $230 AUD plus shipping and I purchased from or you can go to their Derminator website to read their handbook.


I’d love to hear your thoughts or any suggestions you may have from derma needling. I am a newbie to this arena and I’m happy to hear anything you may offer.


  1. chila

    I just purchased this device too, and would love to see you continue your updates!

    • Soph

      Ohh awesome!!! Please keep me updated on how you go with it.

      Have you ever done derma needling before?

    • Soph

      Hello! Just wondering if you’ve received your device yet and have used it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it ?

  2. jane

    I’m really curious about your progress with the terminator device. You have such an honest approach which is a breath of fresh air compared to other reviews on the internet. Could you provide an update?

    • Soph

      Hello there 🙂 Thank you so much for checking out my post. Of course, I’ll do a progress picture! I am overdue for an update so I’m happy you prompted me. I will begin a post with pictures and what steps I have been doing in between the last update. I will have it out by the end of the week. Thank you and have a great day.

  3. TW

    I cant get thru the website 🙁

    • Jen

      Apparently own dochave had to block some countries from accessing their site.


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