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Dr Althea Modeling Mask Review


One trend that I have really become over obsessed with is modelling mask/rubber mask, but I had yet to use one until now. I’ve seen these masks all over social media, YouTube and other bloggers. My obsession started late last year while watching a YouTuber and immediately I wanted to try.

So I did what any rational skincare addict would do, I went on a quest to buy this sometimes creepy,plaster-like, mask. I didn’t have much luck finding a shop that shipped to Australia, which made me want it more. Eventually, I got on to another obsession but always had this stuck to the back of my mind.

When I saw, YesStyle.com, one of my first ever K-Beauty shops selling this I ordered straight away. On a side note, it took about 3 or so weeks before YesStyle had this in stock but they did send this to me very quickly once they had it in stock. 


Dr Althea Modeling Mask Review

About Dr Althea brand

I had trouble finding English information about this company as well as translated information of the exact ingredients. However, the best information I was able to locate in English was on Korea Depart.

I don’t like to copy and paste information directly from other articles online but I have included a snapshot below directly from Korea Depart.

(Korea Depart is not affiliated with me or MySkincareReality.com in any way and vice versa, this is just a source of information.)




This is a 9 piece kit that includes 4 mask uses and includes a very thick and sturdy spatula. I plan to keep the spatula after I have gone through the masks because of it’s quality, I can get loads of future use out of it.

What comes in the pack:

  • Angel Power x 4 single use
  • Rose Essence x 4 single use
  • Mask Pack Spatula x 1
  • Pack Size – 9 pcs

What it promises to do:

Brightening, tightening, moisturising and soothing.


Dr Althea Modeling Mask Review

How to use

The first step is the Angel Powder, which is the already pre-measured amount satchel of powder.

This gets pretty messy when poured out into a bowl but it didn’t kick up a dust cloud in my face. It did spill on my surface but it’s pretty easy to wipe down without getting clumpy.


Dr Althea Modeling Mask Review


Dr Althea Modeling Mask Review


The second step is the Rose Essence, which is the already pre-measured amount satchel of essence.

This was easy to pour into my bowl without getting everywhere. The essence is very thick, it’s more of a serum like consistency.

Dr Althea Modeling Mask Review


Dr Althea Modeling Mask Review


Here is my little setup of what I needed before I get start mixin. I always try to re-use and find other purposes of empty containers, so I was happy to finally find use of my empty container of Neogen’s gauze pads! This size of bowl/container is perfect for this little mixture. It’s wide and deep enough to mix both parts without it overflowing.

After I did my double cleanse, I sprayed some of my Happy Skincare toner on my face and then slathered this mask on. It had a strong cooling feeling, which I found quite nice even on the cold day we tried this.

It didn’t have a scent or if it did I wasn’t able to detect much to really notice.

Once the mask was on I didn’t get the running feeling, I was able to go about my afternoon doing a little housework without worrying it would leak down my face. There was no tightening feeling of any sort.

I left this mask on for 25 minutes and then peeled it off. It wasn’t overly difficult to remove and there was zero pain involved. Hubby’s was a little bit harder to remove but that was because of his beard regrowth.


Dr Althea Modeling Mask Review

Dr Althea Modeling Mask Review

Dr Althea Modeling Mask Review


When I initially combined both satchels the consistency was a little clumpy but after mixing for about 45 seconds it started to really thicken up. There were zero clumps and absolutely no gritty bits. Part of me wants to be a skincare snob and say I’ll only try premeasured masks in the future and avoid ones I have to apply water too. If left alone to my fend for myself I’ll end up making way too watery or too gluggy.


It’s pretty easy to mix together, the final consistency looked like frosting which lead me to want cupcakes.

If you may be worried about applying something this thick on your face and having a trapped feeling, I am slightly claustrophobic and didn’t get any trapped feeling. When I say I am slightly claustrophobic, I can handle going into those MRI machines as long as I go in my really deep mental happy place. I say that so you get an idea of my personal measurement of what makes me uncomfortable.

I found the whole process, from mixing to removal, to be messy. You will definitely want to stand over a sink or rubbish bin when removing. Also because of the time it took to mix, apply and wait you will want to do this on a day when you’ve got plenty of time.


I enjoyed using this mask, it was a new and different experience from my usual go to products. New experiences sometimes help inspire me to go outside of my comfort zone. At the rate of my adventurous feeling after this mask, I dare say I may try a DIY face mask!

Anything other than my usual wash off mask followed by a sheet mask routine and then capped off by my 50 million layers of other products is really stepping out of the box for me.

Luckily I was able to get my husband to try it with me as well, couples who mask together look younger together. No? Surely someone of great importance may have said that before! I may have or not used that line to lure my hubby to give it a whirl with me. In this case, I didn’t feel like this mask really did anything earth shattering for our skin.

It was a great skintertainment!

Side Story

P.S. if in the video you notice me laughing it was because when I was applying the mask on my husband he said I hope a courier doesn’t come. Fifteen minutes later, while I was applying my mask and he was downstairs watching tv, the door bell rang! Sure enough, it was a courier, so he had to get creative and hid behind the door and just told the guy to leave it on the floor, luckily it wasn’t a package that needed a signature!

I couldn’t stop laughing!


I’m a little on both sides of yes AND no with this one.

The part of me that says yes likes the fact that this is pretty much a one stop shop kit. You get the already pre-measured size satchels, so very fuss and error free.

The part of me that says no, is I didn’t really find that it didn’t too much for me and I didn’t get that WOW factor. Perhaps it’s something that may happen slowly and over time on regular use but as a one off I’m not convinced I need this all the time.


I purchased this through YesStyle (affiliate link)




I have ordered about half a dozen other modelling/rubber masks so stay tuned for future reviews on those masks!


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