I was in desperate need for a good eye cream since my previous one didn’t work out. I ordered a couple of Korean brand eye creams to put to the test.

The jar looks pretty nice and it comes with a little plastic spatula! Which is great so you don’t have to worry about sticking your fingers into the bottle each time. When I finish this eye cream I am keeping this spatula to help me get to the bottom of my Aesop moisturiser.


It’s not a big jar, its 25ml. It lasted me about a month and a half or so, but it may be because I went a bit heavy with it. As much as I tried to use a small amount, I always ended up layering it on as if I was icing a cupcake!


It doesn’t have any scent and the consistency is what you’d expect from eye creams. It isn’t sticky nor leaves any type of residue behind. I’ve tried some eye creams previously and they would pretty much glue my eyelids shut!

I only use this as part of my nighttime routine just because my daytime routine is very minimal.


It rubs in pretty easy, once you tap it around your eye area. You can also put it on your upper eyelid, which is awesome. Goodbye droopy/hooded eyelids!  Some eye creams you can only use for the lower eye area.


Final Thoughts

I liked this cream, it was very gentle and if, ok I admit it – WHEN, it gets into my eye it didn’t sting or burn in anyway. I really enjoyed using this along with my Foreo IRIS. It absorbed into my skin easily and didn’t feel like I was pulling the sensitive skin around the eye when using the Foreo, it just glided along. I haven’t made my mind up as to repurchase yet. It cost $42.00 but I think I might try some others  before I decide to try this again.

Wait until you see the next eye cream I’m going to use once this one runs out. The packaging alone is outstanding!

I mentioned in a previous post there is an eye serum from Alpha H that I think is THE ONE. I’m just not sure how a serum would go on the IRIS. So there may be some further research on my side.


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