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Green Coffee Seed Oil

Today I’ll be sharing my experience using the Green Coffee Seed Oil from Kin Skin. Something you may not know about me is I don’t like coffee, just the smell alone starts to make me jittery. I am very sensitive to caffeine, even if I drink a cacao drink or meal and it contains too much cacao I get really jittery. Needless to say, I stay well away from coffee shops and some of the highly raved coffee body scrubs.

When I heard about this facial oil I was VERY hesitate to try it. My first question to Ashling, the owner of Kin Skin, was “what does it smell like?” In my mind, I built it up to smell like a freshly roasted triple roasted something or other coffee bean and was not keen. Luckily that was not the situation at all.

Spoiler alert: it smells nothing like coffee, it’s a very natural, earthly type of smell. It doesn’t linger or is overly strong. Two thumbs up from me because of that.

Majority of the time when it comes to reviewing products from a brand I always make sure I read about the company first. My reasoning behind that is for 2 reasons.

Firstly, I want to know what I will be applying to my skin. For those who don’t know, I already have damaged skin, ice pick like acne scarring and combined with very oily, acne and blemish prone skin. So I have no business adding something that may make things worse for myself!

Secondly, I want to make sure I feel like it’s something that I believe you may be interested in actually reading about and may be interested in trying.

About Kin Skin

When I started to read the Kin Skin story I realised how much thought and consideration actually went into creating the company and the quality of ingredient used to create the Green Coffee Seed Oil. At the time they only had the one product and since have released a new product, the Coffee and Yarrow Serum Cleanser.

Kin Skin business practices are constantly exploring options to operate in a more ethical way. Here are a few examples of how they accomplish this:

  • Use locally grown coffee seed (Jaques Coffee Plantation) to press our seed oil
  • use recyclable and minimum packaging, yet ensuring to keep items safe during transport
  • formulations are biodegradable to help avoid build up in Australian waterways

This next point is very interesting to me, perhaps it’s because I know very little about coffee. Kin Skin are the first and only producer of Australian Green Coffea Arabica seed oil and one of the few producers of GCO outside of South America!

Thier Green Coffee Oil (GCO for short) is pressed from locally grown seeds, then travel a short distance to be pressed, filtered and bottled. This means Kin Skin’s GCO gets to us still fresh and nutrient dense.

I HIGHLY recommend checking out their story and founder. It’s pretty incredible how much love and care goes into producing this beauty product that we apply to our face.

How I use

After I have done my cleansing routine, added my toner and after I’ve applied a sheet mask (during my pm routine) I will follow with this oil to either am and pm routine. Following the application of this oil, I may add a serum or go straight to finishing it off with my moisturiser and a sleeping mask.

Key ingredientGreen Coffea Arabica (coffee) Seed Oil

  • Arabica Seeds are high in fatty acids which help to leave skin soft, radiance and moisturised
  • Benefits of caffeine help to repair, nourish and plump skin
  • Arabica seed also helps to balance skin’s tone, improve elasticity and help with aging skin

I apply about 6 or more drops on to my fingertips and pat it into my skin, then massage it on to my skin. Sometimes I may add another layer of about 3 more drops, depending on how my skin is feeling. Adding more drops is something I’ve only done at night because I am very excessive about overapplying and also because my skin is left very oily looking.

Please don’t think that this oil leaves you oily because it doesn’t. It’s only when I really need some extra moisture that I’ll top it off by adding a bit more.

Even though it’s summer in Australia, we had a small chunk of time where we had really hot days then followed by very cold days (I may have or haven’t turned on the heater…). My skin really needed extra nourishment during that time. Going from very hot weather to very cold weather within a week it really confused my skin, it couldn’t work out what to do.

Additional Resource

This was some additional information Ashling provided me with that I think you may find interesting.

 Green coffee oil is high in the EFA, Linoleic Acid. It’s thought that low Linoleic Scid levels are one of the things that can contribute towards acne ~ Study:

Another study on the treatment of acne with Linoleic Acid ~;jsessionid=5C2DAE14FD4D6506900D4157DA4C9B07.f03t02

It will also help your skin to retain moisture which is really important, even for oily + acneic skin. 

What does it look like

The texture is very silky, the best way to describe it is a silicone type feeling, it absorbs into the skin rather quickly and is very nourishing. Personally, I don’t wear makeup but I would imagine that this may feel similar to a primer so it may be nice to wear under makeup.

Sometimes in the am if I am not leaving the house I will skip my moisturiser and just leave my routine ending with this facial oil. It’s not done purposely but I just forget that I need moisturiser since my skin feels so soft.

It’s a yellow colour and once applied it doesn’t leave any type of colouring behind, on the skin nor hands. I struggle with lots of dryness on my knuckle area of my hands and before bed, I’ll apply a little of this and rub it onto the back of my hands followed up with hand cream.

Final Thoughts

I LOVE using this facial oil, it has drastically changed the expectations I have from a facial oil. How can I now expect to go back to using a facial oil that does so many great things for my skin and only has one ingredient…. that I can actually pronounce?!

There are a couple of things I will say I am a bit unsure about.

According to the instructions, it says you can use a roller ball tool to get the oil around your eye area. Personally, I dislike using any type of oils around my eye area because it always ends on irritating my eyes, so I skipped that part. Whether it’s great for those spots or not I can not say, strictly from the point that I never did that part.

Another thing is this oil can be used in hair, talk about a multitasker product!

My hair care isn’t a huge concern for me and that’s simply because it’s thick, curly and has a mind of its own. Also, I just let it air dry and then put it up in a messy bun, so I rarely apply heat to it and thank goodness I haven’t had to start dying my hair. Way back in the day I used to dye it but I worked out how much of my weekend it took up having to get it redone every 5-6 weeks. Finally, I decided it is easier for me just to leave my natural colour until I start to get greys before I need to start dying it again.


I’ll start off and say thank you so much to Ashling for sending me a free sample of this magic in a bottle, this is not sponsored and this is my personal thoughts and review.

Yes! Without a doubt, I will repurchase, as a matter of fact, I already have. I recently purchased (with my own money) a new bottle as well as the new Yarrow Serum Cleanser and cleansing cloth. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of love I will be showing the cleansing cloth, I’m going to order a bunch of them, it’s the softest cloth I have ever touched.

It is a fantastic oil that I think everyone will like, perhaps more so with dry skinned beauties. As a complete oily skinned person that has so many skin concerns, I depend on this oil so much, especially during with my 5,000 step skincare routine.

In all seriousness, I believe I may end up reducing the number of skincare steps dramatically just because of this oil alone. Some of you may not go so far into doing so many steps and you definitely don’t need to. I’m just a skincare obsessed lover that drowns my face in products that my skin enjoys.

Once winter hits this oil will definitely be my secret weapon to keep my skin in the best shape I can.


Check out Kin Skin on their website or on Instagram

Currently, you can buy:

Green Coffee Seed Oil 10ml bottle or 30 ml bottle.

Coffee and Yarrow Serum Cleanser

Double Effect Cleansing Cloth

Be on the lookout because I can only imagine what else Ashling may have coming our way!


Have you used something similar? Or are you keen on giving this a go? Please let me know in the comments section, I’d really love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Tania Booker

    I’ve been using the seed oil for four days applying the oil twice a day. What an amazing result. Ninety percent of my rosacea has disappeared, the dark spots on my face are now a light pink colour and the skin around my eyes is so much smoother. The overall appearance of my skin has improved. I normally use Lancôme and Estée Lauder on my face, I have never noticed a huge change in my skins elasticity and overall appearance using this products as I have with the Kin Skin coffee seed oil. I highly recommend this product, I am extremely confident you too will notice a change with immediate results as I have.


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