Grown Alchemist Antioxidant+ Facial Oil: Borago, Rosehip & Buckthorn Berry Review


For the last year or so I have really been obsessed with facial oils. I remember a few years ago when oils were starting to be recommended to me by beauticians, I thought they were just trying to sell me something to meet their commission goals. Why would someone with oily skin want to add more oil to the mix? I’d be walking around looking like a frying pan. Needless to say not the look I was going for!

This may be considered more of a serum instead of an oil but I call it a facial oil since it comes with a dropper. I do that all the time for pretty much all my serum that come in this type of packaging. I know oils and serum have a different consistency but I just label them all under oils. Just a little FYI.

Grown Alchemist Antioxidant+ Facial Oil Review

About Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist is part of the organic skincare era that makes effective skincare without harmful chemicals.

Skincare products that are powerful enough to improve skin concerns including anti-aging, skin texture, appearance and damaged skin without artificial chemicals yet obtaining superior results.

They also carry body care, hair care and products suited for men. This is the first item I have ever tried from Grown Alchemist so it’s a new to me brand.

Grown Alchemist’s website can be found here. You can also purchase items directly from their website as they ship to many countries.

Grown Alchemist Antioxidant+ Facial Oil Review

The Packaging

It comes in a beautiful dark amber glass bottle to help protect the ingredients in the jar.

I store my bottles of oils under my sink to avoid direct sunlight as sunlight may deteriorate the oils due to them continually heating up and cooling down.

The dropper is made of a thick glass and actually can hold quite a bit of product. I will say that towards the end of my use of the bottle, the dropper couldn’t pick up the remaining product even when tilting the bottle sideways. I ended up having to pour the oil onto the palm of my hand to use each and every drop.

Grown Alchemist Facial Oil Review

Benefits from the Product

Grown Alchemist’s antioxidant facial serum uses a blend of antioxidants that improve skin’s elasticity, protects against the signs of ageing, leaves skin looking firm and hydrated.

Star Ingredients that are in this product:

Rose Hip Oil – Antioxidants found in rosehip oil help combat free radicals that cause sun damage. The oil’s essential fatty acids may improve tone, texture and pigmentation.

Sea buckthorn oil – Known for healing and rejuvenating effects. It can also help different types of skin damage and slow down the signs of ageing by providing nutrients to skin’s tissue.

Borago – Contains essential fatty acid that hydrate, nourish damaged and irritated skin tissue. Due to the balance it provides, it’s sometimes used with stronger exfoliation acids.

Grown Alchemist Antioxidant+ Facial Oil Review

How I use

I apply this oil twice a day, once during my am routine and again in my pm routine.

Typically my two routines look a little something like this:

AM routine

  1. First Cleanse (usually an oil cleanser or micellar water)
  2. Second Cleanse (this varies from a clay, a gel or a foaming cleanser)
  3. First treatment essence
  4. Toner
  5. Grown Alchemist’s oil
  6. Sometimes another serum or oil depending on the day or needs of my skin
  7. Eye Cream/Serum
  8. Polatam Deep Moist Cream (this has recently been added to my usual routine because of the winter months)
  9. SPF moisturiser

PM routine

  1. First Cleanse (usually an oil cleanser or micellar water)
  2. Second Cleanse (this varies from a clay, a gel or a foaming cleanser)
  3. Wash Off mask (this isn’t every day and it changes all the time)
  4. First treatment essence
  5. Toner
  6. Sheet Mask (this may not be every day either and it always changes)
  7. Grown Alchemist’s oil
  8. Another serum or oil (varies from some of The Ordinary products, Vitamin C oil, Liquid Gold or something else I am trying at the time)
  9. Eye Cream/Serum
  10. Polatam Deep Moist Cream
  11. Overnight moisturiser
  12. Sleeping Mask

Grown Alchemist Antioxidant+ Facial Oil Review

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed using this oil, it absorbed into my skin very quickly and easily. Typically I used about 6 drops each use. There was no scent and didn’t give me that very stylish oily look. The other thing I appreciated from this product is when applied it didn’t prevent me from layering the rest of my skincare after applying this.

Sometimes with more liquidity products, I feel like any additional products just sit on my skin rather than absorbing. It almost creates a barrier to prevent anything else from absorbing my skin.

I definitely noticed my skin had that little extra healthy look going on when I used this.


I would repurchase but not for a while. I have so many other oils and serum in my backup stash that need some love before I add this back into my regular routine.

It is a bit on the pricey side, I paid $58 AUD for this from Beauty Bay. Now that may not seem as pricey for the results I’ve had but I think that I am getting spoilt by The Ordinary products that are so much more affordable than most products.

I will say at the time of writing this post the Grown Alchemist website has a sale and this oil is $42 AUD. If I didn’t have such a stockpile I probably would order this right now. That may change in future if I notice any difference in my skin now that I have run out of this product.


Have you had any experience with Grown Alchemist products? I’d love to hear your experience with these products.


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