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Hello and thank you for stopping by to read another post of Fresh Out the Box! Today’s post I’ll share with you my initial thoughts about Antipodes Divine Face Oil. They have a number of serums but I believe they only carry one facial oil, Avocado Oil & Rosehip.




Straight out of the gate I can see and feel the fantastic quality of this product. This is the best facial oil I’ve tried. This goes on so nicely, I use about half an applicator full and it did sit on my face for awhile before absorbing into my skin. It smells so fresh and clean, like it was literally just made.

The applicator is one of those lid droppers and the oil is a very dark green colour.

I love using it every night and I usually don’t like facial oils.

I can see why so many people rave about this brand. I want to try the masks as well, which seems to be the most talked about products from this brand. I purchased this through one of my favourite Australian online retailers during a fantastic sale they  had, I paid $29 for it.

Antipodes is a New Zealand brand and being Australia’s neighbour, I’m very happy to support a local company or brand as long as the products are top notch.

Stay tuned for my future full review after I used it for awhile.

Until next time, I wish you great skin health.


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