July 2017 Project Pan Skin Care

I started this series last month and really enjoyed it. I found myself really focusing on using up products and it was such a cleansing experience to start decluttering.

To continue on with the series I am doing it again for July 2017!

In fact, it encouraged me to do a No Buy July #nobuyjuly so that I can really start to make a dent in my existing stash. There were a few orders I placed in June and have been arriving over the last couple of weeks. Now that I am seeing how much stuff I’ve built up I am extending the No Buy Challenge throughout August.


This month I am choosing 8 products to use up by the end of July 2017. I have weighed all the jars with my kitchen scale since some products you can’t actually see how much is product is left. The weight of these was taken as of 7th July 2017.


July 2017 Project Pan Skin Care   July 2017 Project Pan Skin Care

Antipodes – Grapeseed Butter Cleanser 

I purchased this late last year during a love affair with Antipodes. Unfortunately, my love for the brand didn’t extend to this product and I stopped using it. My plan is to try to use it up and do a review after using it again for an extended period. Who knows maybe I’ll end up liking it again?!

Weight: 106g

Goal: Empty

I’ll start using this as my first cleanser twice a day or at least try too.

July Project Pan Antipodes balm 2   July 2017 Project Pan Skin Care

COSRX Galactomyces Alcohol Free Toner

I received this product as part of the Style Story tester club and I love it. However, I do want to use it up so I can move on to trying another couple of products I purchased from this brand. I also have a jar of Manyo Galactomyces that I want to use and compare the two.

Weight: 99g

Goal: Empty

This one might give me a little bit of a challenge because you get so much product and only need a small amount to really saturate my face. Even if I don’t finish this up I won’t be bummed.

July 2017 Project Pan   July 2017 Project Pan Skin Care

Secret Key – Gold Premium First Eye Patch 60pcs

These were the first eye patches I ever tried and they are okay. Since I have started looking after my eye care much more as of late I want to use these on a regular basis. A couple of months ago I purchased another jar of eye patches that I want to use but before I open that pack up I want to finish this first.

Weight: 82g

Goal: Empty

This comes in a pack of 60 patches, use 2 patches a day/everyday should last a month. I don’t use them often but I want to make a real effort. I am not sure exactly how many I have left but it feels like a never ending jar!

July 2017 Project Pan   July 2017 Project Pan Skin Care

Code 9 Gold Black Caviar Essence & Gold Tox Tightening Pack Kit

You may have noticed a few Neogen product reviews on my blog and that is due to a sale YesStyle had last year and I purchased quite a few Neogen products. I want to get them out of my stash since I have so many to use up and in order to do so, I need to find a regular use for these.

Weight: 234g

Goal: Empty

I have about 12 pads left but there is SO MUCH essence. After the pads have run out I’ll keep the jar and apply the essence into my routine.

July 2017 Project Pan   July 2017 Project Pan Skin Care

Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Intensive

This was my first ever First Treatment Essence I tried and loved it, this bottle is a repurchase. I have a plan to try a few FTE and in doing so I need to finish the existing bottle so I can move on to something else without risking this product going off.

Weight: 261g

Goal: Empty

I don’t think this will give me much issue, I’ll combine my own version of the 7 skin method by doing a 3 skin method to help me go through this bottle. One thing I don’t have too much of in my stash are FTE. I have the Simplistic Wonder Essence on the go right now and have the Secret Key FTE version waiting for me. Depending how I go over the next couple of months I may break my #nobuyjuly to purchase another essence but we’ll see how I go.

July 2017 Project Pan     July 2017 Project Pan Skin Care

Natio Ageless Hydrating Mask

Natio is a brand I love and am keen on trying just about one of each of their products.

This mask is one I love using but because of my mask stash size, I need to clear space by using some of my existing masks before I open up another jar/tube/bottle. This product is one I need to write up a review for as well, so keep your eye out for that if you are interested in this brand.

Weight: 35g

Goal: Empty

There are only a couple of uses left in this bottle and I really need to get rid of it. I have been saving it so I can take photos for a blog review.

July 2017 Project Pan   July 2017 Project Pan Skin Care

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Gel Mask

I purchased a 5 pack of the Peter Thomas Roth mask jars in a deluxe sample size and most of them only have a few more uses left. I love them and actually prefer to repurchase the 5 pack deluxe sized tubes instead of the full size. Due to my ultra high obsession with masks, this pack works best for me.

Weight: 49g

Goal: Empty

I actually had added the 24k Gold mask to my goal but I ended up using the last bit of it before I took these pictures, so it’s an empty for me now. You may see the remaining 3 jars I have from this set in future Project Pans.

July 2017 Project Pan   July 2017 Project Pan Skin Care

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

I am not sure how I feel about this product. I really enjoy using some of The Ordinary products but this one not so much. I will write up a review of this. It won’t be a full blown in depth review since there are so many fantastic reviews that are 50 million times better than what I could add but I will share my experience of it.

Weight: 32g

Goal: Empty

I only need a small amount of this cream and there seems to be quite a bit left so I’m hoping I can get through it.




Are you doing a similar type of challenge, if so I’d love to hear your goals? I always love hearing about other people’s projects or challenges, everyone always has some great ideas.