Kora Balancing Rose Mist Review


I will start off by warning you this is not going to be a glowing review nor very positive. Just want to let you know ahead of time, I know I am giving you the ending and completely giving you a spoiler.

I purchased a Kora facial oil last year and part of my purchase was getting this product for free. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my money. I haven’t been able to finish using this product and I really try to use up every ounce of stuff I buy even if I don’t like it; I feel like it’s a waste of money otherwise.


It promotes a few benefits to using this but the only one I will say that I feel is worth your time in knowing is that it is organic and cruelty-free.

The other thing that I like is that it’s Australian owned, which I personally am a sucker for supporting local businesses.

There are so many cons that I found from my experience using this product and they are not listed in my hate to dislike order.

To start I will say I dislike the smell so much I feel nauseous every time I sprayed this. It smells like disgusting wine that had rose added to make it more appealing for me to shell out extra cash on something ‘exclusive’.

When I use

I tried to use this after my double cleanse. I say try because after my third attempt the pump stopped working. I resorted to using a cotton pad to spread on my skin, which I am disappointed since I really wanted a spray toner to refresh my skin throughout the day. I tested the pump with a water bottle and it didn’t work but couldn’t see that it was clogged.

High hopes dashed yet again by this product.

I didn’t find my skin benefited or improved using this product. It just made me dread attempting to use this every time and I use my skincare routine as my way to relax and unwind.

My Final Thoughts

I was a fan of Miranda Kerr when I purchased this, she’s a total babe and if I could even imagine using something she uses I’d be winning at life. I could sleep at night dreaming that one day people would pay to see me in my wings and walk the runway!

Unfortunately, it did not go anywhere near as planned and my expectations were shattered by the lack of delivery of the product, the smell and the lack of seeing any benefits for my skin. The whole testing process was such a waste of time I only wish I had wings so I can turn back time and not add this to my shopping cart.

Would I repurchase?

No way! I wouldn’t even send this for free to my arch nemesis to try.

I do see Kora is releasing some new products and at first glance, my knee jerk reaction was click ‘add to cart’. I had to slap my hand away and remember how let down I was over the 2 products I’ve tried. I will not be using this brand again unless I find something that is meant to be life changing but it’ll take me awhile to get over my disappointment.

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  1. Cait

    I had an allergic reaction and to this product I do not recommend to people with sensitive skin it burned my skin.

    • Soph

      Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear. I really wanted to like this brand, especially with all the new facial oils that have come out recently but I was so disappointed with using this product that it’s put me off the brand completely.

  2. Nalini

    This brand claims its for sensitive skin…the noni face oil glow and the rose mist both burned my skin on separate occasions…

    • Soph

      oh no, that’s horrible’! I am so shocked to hear that so many people have troubles with this brand. Most importantly the fact that it’s meant to target sensitive skin. Have you tried anything else that suits your skin?

  3. amalie

    it was on sale when i bought it along with some other things from other brands at one of the local beauty shops here in norway. my skin gets red sometimes and i hoped this would help it calm down a bit since the one from lush does. when i tried it on however i started to feel this burning sensation on my skin and it looked like i was extremely sunburnt. maybe it wasn’t intended for my skin type but i think it’s a bit weird non the less, also the smell was really bad


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