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KORA by Miranda Kerr – Luxurious Rosehip Oil Review

Boy oh boy I was so happy to finally finish this product. I purchased this product thinking ‘if it’s created by Miranda then it’s bound to make me into the next Victoria Secret angel’. Instead I just looked like I dipped my head into the fry vat at McDonalds and decided to leave it on as facial oil.

This product has zero scent, not even a little, and has a really hard time actually absorbing into my skin. At times I’d use it after exfoliating, or using a mask to unclog my pores but resulted in the same issue. I tried the tapping thing that’s meant wake up the skin to help absorb, and also applying it by using the warm hand method. Those things helped a tiny bit but when I’d used it, hours my face was so slick with oil. That’s even using one pump full instead of a few as directed.

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Here is the back of the bottle, it’s organic and cruelty free plus a few other icons I am not familiar with. I love those 2 facts about it myself. I really try to use cruelty free products but sometimes because of my skin and acne scaring I have to use some heavier duty products that aren’t cruelty free.

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This is the way the product looks, very clear and oily.


Final Thoughts

I wouldn’t repurchase this product. I had read some unfavourable reviews before purchasing but I thought I’d give it a try anyway. Plus one of my favourite online stores had this huge sale on, where if you spent x amount of dollars on a large number of different brands you’d get a free product. So I did what every sane woman does…….I went and bought stuff from each product range so I could get all the free product!  In this case buying a product from Kora over a certain amount resulting in receiving a free rose mist toner, which I haven’t used yet. Once I do though I’ll definitely write up a review for you!

Have you tried any of the Kora products? If so I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or via social media. Maybe someone had their Victoria Secret Angel wings sprout using this product! If so, I’ll bulk order and maybe fill a bathtub full of it, then soak for days in there! I need as much help as possible!


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