Elbow Grease pic 1

If anyone has used this product before I’m going to assume you may mirror my frustration with this product. Mainly – how to get it out of the jar?!

If you have the secret to getting this product out and being able to use it, please let me know!

I purchased this for some cracking on my heels. I thought it would be my answer during sandal season and ditch the good ol’ pumice stone.

Previous to this I tried different types of creams & balms specialising in healing cracked of heels. The latest thing I tried was rubbing coconut oil every night on the soles of my feet and then chucking on a pair of socks. I wasn’t able to achieve the results I was hoping, any really.

Elbow Grease pic 2

I bought this balm thinking it’d be the end of my struggles.

I couldn’t even get the product out of the jar! It was so solidified I wasn’t able to scoop any of it out to try to warm it up so I could even apply it.

Elbow Grease pic 3

This was the most I was able to get out and it covered next to nothing on my knuckles.


My Final Thoughts

I wouldn’t repurchase and I think I’ll wait until summer to see if it melts a bit and then try to use it up. It wasn’t expensive at $13, but I’d rather have those $13 in my pocket to buy something else.