Mask of Magnaminty pic 1

This is by far my favourite item from Lush. If you REALLY want to clear out your pores, this is for you. Just a small warning, when you wash it off you may see a lot of yucky stuff coming out from your pores, so have a tissue at the ready.

If you forget this step, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Your skin will feel so nice after having all that gunk cleared from your pores.

Mask of Magnaminty pic 2

I bought the self preserving one. I believe they make it in the fresh mask version but I am not 100% sure.

I love Lush fresh masks, my skin loves them. My problem is I have to order my products online because the Lush store that’s nearest to me is a 30 minute drive, in the middle of a shopping complex and I don’t do too well in crowded places.

I can never make up my mind which fresh masks I want, especially when you have to use the fresh mask within the 3 week mark. When I read the descriptions online for each one I feel like I can benefit from all of them. Such clever marketing that Lush group!

Mask of Magnaminty pic 3

The instructions are really pretty standard, just make sure you tie your hair back, because it’s a b!tch to take it out! I sometimes chuck it on about 15 or so minutes before I take a shower and then wash it off in there. The only downside for me when I do it this, I feel robbed from seeing what’s coming out of my face. Yes I know I am freak like that.

When you wash it off your skin feels so fresh and clean. Thank you peppermint oil! Sometimes I do a little bit of cleaning my bathroom or something else more productive, like watch Netflix, after washing it off to take in the feeling before proceeding to the next part of my skin care.


Mask of Magnaminty pic 4

The size I have is the bigger size. I think my obsession with this product came after I received a free sample from a previous order, again that marketing team. I tried it, fell in love and then placed an order straight away.

Another thing to note, if you suffer from acne on your back, shoulders or somewhere else you can use it on there as well.

Mask of Magnaminty pic 5

This is what the mask looks like, it’s pretty easy to spread around your face and you don’t have to add a ton of product. A little goes a long way.

Final thoughts

As you can tell I love this product and highly recommend it. I don’t know about it for sensitive skin though. My skin is super oily and pretty tough so anything that can penetrate down to my pores is a keeper in my book!

It smells nice, if you like peppermint. Not too hard to wash it off, it does contain some gentle exfoliation beads/bit of something, so you can do both at the same time. I have to admit sometimes I leave it on for longer, perhaps a full episode of Private Practice type of longer….I know, not following instructions but hey I’m a rebel. Left on for too long it hardens a bit and takes a little more work removing it.

It may also become addictive, so beware, you’ll want to use it everyday. I use mine once to twice a week. I really have to stop myself from anything further than that.

I will repurchase for the rest of my life because it’s that great to me. The price for the biggest, self preserving mask, size is $36 in Australia. It’s kind of affordable if you save up some coin from buying that blueberry muffin on your way to work. This will last you a long time, so far I’m less than half way and I purchased this earlier this year, about 6 months ago. They also sell a 125g bottle for $17, so you can try before you commit into something more long term


Have you tried this product? I’d love to hear your experience.