Make P:rem Clean Me Radiance Cleansing Pack


Sometimes I wonder how companies come up with the name of their products. For instance, the part of this being a ‘Cleansing Pack’, it’s a single product. At first, when I saw this product I thought it came as part of a kit but I couldn’t see an accompanying product.

But I think I solved the puzzle for this. I believe it’s called a pack because you use it as a cleanser but if you leave it on for a few minutes it can be a mini mask. Maybe I missed my calling, I should’ve become a detective, Sherlock Holmes has nothing on me!


Make Prem Clean Me Radiance Cleansing Pack Review



Make P:rem is a Korean brand and makes some unique type of skincare products. I have a small number of products from them and the concepts are unlike any products that I have seen from another brand.

The name comes from:




I wasn’t able to find much information about the actual brand in English but was able to use my translation app to get a little information.

A practical Nordic lifestyle can be found in Make P:rem. Based on pragmatic care of the Nordic countries, which makes use of the best materials and easy-to-use, effective products and creating a beautiful design. They reduce the use stage and increase the effect, only use the necessary products to achieve the best effect, eliminate excessive packaging and concentrate on the product. Easy time is reduced and unnecessary steps are not over-wrapped, the effect of the container is reduced and it is easy to write honestly


Free of:

Parabens, Sodium Lauryl & Laureth Sulfates, Synthetic dyes

I will be reviewing a few more Make P:rem products soon in case you are interested.

You can check out Make P:rem’s website by clicking here.


Make Prem Clean Me Radiance Cleansing Pack Review

What does the product look like

Every time I smell this cleanser it reminds me of cotton candy, it’s very fluffy but also very thick.

The consistency of this product is not a gel or a foam, it’s similar to a clay mask and it spreads very easily. There are no granules or beads of any type, no exfoliating type of properties, it doesn’t claim to be but it gives you an idea of this only being a cleanser.

I have used this three different methods, with my Foreo, my Clarisonic and using my hands. Because it is a clay cleanser the Foreo seems to just pick up the cleanser and clog up the silicone brush. With the Clarisonic it seems to fair a bit easier but washing off the cleanser from the brush takes a little bit more effort, not much but a bit more than when using a foam or gel cleanser.


Make Prem Clean Me Radiance Cleansing Pack Review

How I Use

It’s not a cleanser I use every day or even twice a day, but I have gone through stages of using it that way before. My skin really takes well to using this whenever and however I use it. The only reason I don’t use it often is that I have a rotation of cleansers.

Most of the time I use this by massaging it into my wet skin for a minute or two. Really working it into my skin and then wash it off. If I’m feeling up to it I sometimes leave it on my skin for an extra couple of minute so it’s a mini mask session.

One thing I would say is this cleanser does take some extra effort to wash off. I’d say because it’s so thick the problem is it goes well into my hairline above my forehead.


Make Prem Clean Me Radiance Cleansing Pack Review

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy using this cleanser and look forward to it each time when I’m doing my routine. It smells so good, it is a sweet scent but I don’t detect it to be overly fragranced; or at least not enough to put me off of using it since I am usually not keen heavily scented products.

The other thing I really love about this is the container it comes in, it’s a thick plastic tube and it’s very easy to squeeze the product out. The design of it also avoids it from getting clogged. Which for me it’s a huge plus because I really hate having to dig around using my fingers to get product out.

For me personally, it’s a great second cleanser, I like that little extra uniqueness by the consistency, the dual use of a cleanser and mini mask. It gives me a good cleanse but at the same time, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling squeaky clean.


Make Prem Clean Me Radiance Cleansing Pack Review


Absolutely! It’s a good cleanser and I love the experience when I use this. It smells nice, it’s a comfortable consistency and I like how it feels on my skin. It brings a little bit of a fun to my routine, which also motivates me to do my routine when all I want to do is watching tv or stay under the blanket and read a book.

It falls under the mid price point for cleansers, I purchased it for $30 from Nudie Glow.



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