Maracuja Love & Plum Love

Hello there, welcome back to my blog. If you are new here, welcome! I hope you enjoy this post and consider checking out some of my other skincare reviews.

In this post, I will be reviewing two facial oils that I have really been enjoying.

My skin type is oily, acne scarred and even in my mid 30s I still get breakouts, thank you PCOS.

Both of these oils are from Coast Sydney Botanicals, a skincare line that I absolutely love. You may have seen the raving of my love I have for this brand on some of my social media posts and I have also reviewed a few of their products.

Coastal Sydney Botanicals is an Australian made, vegan and cruelty-free skincare line, Wei, the amazing creator of these beautiful products also carries candles and perfumes.


Maracuja Love

Maracuja Love is made from 100% Organic Passionfruit Seed Oil and comes with an applicator that to this point it has not clogged or any problems getting the product out.

Benefits of this beauty oil? It helps to soften and sooth the skin, making it a great moisturiser on its own or to use alongside with your other skincare products.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love


Never heard of Maracuja? Don’t worry I had never heard about it until I tried this oil and only learnt how to actually pronounce it a couple of weeks ago. Well, at least I hope that is the way it’s pronounced. There were so many different pronunciations I found online so I went with the one that felt most natural for me to say.

Okay getting back to the what Maracuja is. It’s a word that comes from the Amazon and it refers to passionfruit as it’s usually extracted from either the seeds of the fruit or from passion flowers.

Key Ingredient: 

Organic Passionfruit Seed Oil – an excellent moisturiser, helps to reduce inflammation (perfect for my blemish prone skin) and an antioxidant.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

How I use

This oil can be used twice a day but I only use it once, during my nighttime routine.

With both of these oils, Maracuja Love & Plum Love, it took me a little bit of trial and error to work out the best way I could use this.

Initially, I tried to add both beauty oils as the next step after removing my sheet mask but it didn’t absorb into my skin to continue with the rest of my skincare routine. No matter how much patting I did on my skin I couldn’t get it to absorb into my face.

It felt like it created a barrier between applying this and the rest of the products I’d use after this step and nothing else applied would absorb.

In saying that, I want to state I am very heavy handed when it comes to applying products. Sometimes I don’t realise how much I apply until I go through a new jar of moisturiser in a week. As much as I try to not apply as much somehow 5+ pumps always end up being applied.

So I changed the way I use this and apply this as the last step of my routine, after my sleeping mask. I still use plenty of facial oils after my sheet mask step but for this oil, in particular, I found it works best when I apply it after I have completed my routine.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love


It’s a clear coloured oil and it’s very lightweight, a little on the runny side when it’s applied and doesn’t have that sticky feeling, it just stays put.

The scent is a very light earthy smell, almost nonexistent. After using it for some time though I don’t notice any scent.

I’ve read and looked into other reviews about Maracuja Oil by other brands and they have stated the same thing about the colour.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

Final Thoughts

I love this facial oil! When I wake up the following morning my skin is glowing and looks so healthy.

When testing products I try to find multi uses for products to see how they perform trying other methods.

As soon as winter starts I begin to get extremely dry hands, on the back and around my knuckle area. During extreme circumstances, my skin cracks and becomes an ashy mess. I’ve tried using this oil and it really helps to moisturise my skin, I then top it off with some hand cream.

Given the different ways I’ve used this, it’s possible that this oil works best for me on drier parts of my skin, which it states in the description. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t great for oily skin, which is exactly what I have. I just find that on the back of hands where it’s really dry it absorbs a lot easier vs when I apply it to my face it takes awhile to work its way in.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love



Plum Love

Plum Love is made with 100% French Plum Seed Oil and comes with the same applicator as the Maracuja Oil but I have noticed that it’s getting towards the end it doesn’t come out as smoothly. When I press the applicator it spits out the product and I have to press the pump a few times to get a decent amount out. I’ve only started to have that problem now since I started to get towards the end of the bottle. Never had a problem prior throughout the time I’ve used it.

Another great product to use alongside your other skincare products or as a moisturiser on its own is Plum Love.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

Key Ingredient:

French plum seed oil – a natural vitamin E packed with rich fatty acids for deep moisturising, improvement of skin elasticity, loaded with anti-aging benefits.

Again, going back to the multiuse of products, you can also use this to help condition hair and dry scalp. Also, another good one could be to use as lip care to help with cracked lips. Making this oil can be used as a facial oil or other parts of your body.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

How I use

A lot of what I have covered above for Maracuja Oil will be similar between the two except a couple of differences.

As with Maracuja Oil, I use Plum Love as the last step of my skincare routine after I have applied my sleeping mask. Compared to the Maracuja Oil this seems to soak into my skin quicker between the two.

Recently I started to go a step further and began to apply some to my neck/chest area/décolletage, massage it into my skin to help soften the lines that are starting to form. Whether it’s helping with the deepening lines around my neck I don’t know yet but my skin is softer and more even toned.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

What does it look like

Plum Love is a dark golden colour but it applies to the skin clear.

The scent is amazing! At first, I found it a little strong but I look forward to using it every night. Let’s see if I can describe this properly, it’s a sweet almond scent. There is no added perfume to make it smell good, it’s just a naturally nice smelling oil.

Once applied my skin has a silky feeling. No sticky feeling left after applying so you don’t have to worry about waking up stuck to the pillowcase. Yes, that has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit.


Maracuja Love & Plum Love

Final Thoughts

Love, Love, Love!! Definitely would recommend this to try this. It’s a beautiful way to end my skincare routine at night.

My skin looks so nourished and plump the morning after Plum Love has worked it’s magic overnight.

In addition to the uses I’ve mentioned, I also like to add this to my knees and elbows where my skin is really rough.

Maracuja Love & Plum Love



Yes! In a heartbeat, as a matter of fact, I have already repurchased both of these oils and will always keep the pair in my stash for future.

Both products come in a thick glass bottle and look great on your vanity.

As I said before I LOVE Coast Syndey Botanicals products, they are fantastic!

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I would love to hear from you

Have you tried any of these oils? What has been your experience using these or any other facial oils? Please leave me a comment sharing your experience or any recommendations you may have.

As I might’ve mentioned before in some of my previous posts, I wasn’t too keen on using facial oils when I first started getting into skincare due to my oily skin but oils have really been a game changer.

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