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Moana & Rose Toner Mists Review


Moana & Rose Facial Mist


You may run into me occasionally on Instagram and you may know how much I RAVE about Coast Sydney Botanicals skincare products! They are so incredibly amazing and I just love almost everything I have used thus far.

I have not sponsored in any way and I would only suggest you spend your hard working money on something that I feel everyone in the world needs!

Both these toner mists are fantastic to use all year round.

I found while using them during winter in Australia, Moana would give me instant summer vibes. Now that it’s summer in Austalia they both are even better because it’s so refreshing when we are having those 40 degree days! I just sit there and spritz either all over my face. That is until my dogs decide to lick it off my face and won’t until I’m having a laughing fit!

About Coast Sydney Botanicals

Coast Sydney Botanicals was founded by Wei Tham in 2016 and is an Artisan Perfumer and Botanical Skincare Creator. I’m going to add magical, miracle skincare maker as part of Wei’s description.

All products are hand crafted in her Sydney, Australia studio made from ingredients that are herbal plant extracts, essential oils, cruelty free and vegan. Products are synthetic free and responsibly sourced.

Basically, it’s awesome products made with amazing ingredients! Shipping within Australia is a flat $10 fee AND ships overseas for a flat $17 fee (excluding candles).

Check out Wei’s store by clicking here.


Moana Facial Mist

MOANA: Pineapple Extract & Coconut Water Toner Mist

The first one I used and just fell in love with was the Moana one. Luckily I prepared myself for writing this review today so I kept it close with me.

Key Ingredients:

Pineapple Extract – contains a fruit enzyme called bromelain and it helps to exfoliant dead cells on skin’s surface.

Coconut Water – an effective skin brightener

Moana is alcohol-free and is not drying on the skin. Perfect for my oily, acne prone skin. It’d be fair to also consider this a multi-use product in the sense that you could carry it with you for an instant hydration hit throughout the day as well.

It absorbs into the skin fairly easily, unless you are like me and have a heavy hand end up spritzing like 30 times, then I have pat it in for a bit.


Moana Facial Mist

How I use it

I use this after I have added my First Treatment Essence and before I add a sheet mask. Sometimes I may spritz a few more extra times after removing the sheet mask as well. I use it both day & night.

I’ve had an on and off reaction around my neck area due to medication for the last year and a half. This helps to keep my skin moisturised when the reaction starts to get really dry. I’m not allergic to anything specifically it’s more of an anxiety rash but I think depending on my dose of medications and levels of anxiety the rash can get pretty bad. After a couple of weeks or so it starts to dry and I make sure I hydrate that area with very gentle, minimal moisturising products.

It’s available online from Coast Sydney Botanicals e-store, you can click here.

Would I repurchase?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, the lovely Wei had a Christmas sale on and I was able to repurchase all of my favourite products….which was all of them.


Rose Facial Mist

ROSE: Organic Rose Water + Witch Hazel Toner Mist

When it came to using the Rose one, I put it off. As many skincare enthusiasts may understand, when I try new brands I have to get the full set or as close to it as possible. It’s the only way I can experience everything from the brand. My collection isn’t complete unless I have all of them, so I purchased this one solely for my obsession reasons.

My reason for not being keen was because I have not always had the best of luck with Rose type of skincare products. Somehow they don’t work for me, makes my skin feel worse instead of improving and I can’t stand the really strong scent. You may know the scent I am referring to, it almost smells like wine and just a whiff of any type of alcoholic beverage instantly turns my stomach.

I am very glad to say I was wrong about this toner, the scent issue I usually have is actually pleasant and it’s a lovely product to use. If you may have a similar experience with Rose ingredient in skincare but want to use it for the beneficial properties this may help you.

Key Ingredients:

Rose Otto – is steam distilled rose essential oil. it helps stimulate cell growth

Witch Hazel – removes excess oil from skin

Rose is an organic face toner and gentle on the skin. Great toner to keep skin hydrated and reduces inflammation. It’s advised for dry to combination skin but I love it on my oily, acne prone skin.

Rose Facial Mist

How I use it

I sprit a few sprays on my skin after a First Treatment Essence and apply a sheet mask. Occasionally I will need a few more sprays after removing my sheet mask, depending on the mask and what my skin needs.

Another way I liked to use this is on the backs of my hands. I tend to get really dry, cracked knuckles during winter and I’ll spritz one spray on each hand and then put on a hand cream on top of it.

If you are interested in purchasing you can find it here, along with some more additional information.

Would I repurchase?

Without a doubt! I already have a spare in my stash to continue using throughout summer! Worked wonderfully on my oily, acne prone skin in the winter. Helped to really keep my skin hydrated!


Final Thoughts

If you twisted my arm, threatened me with the end of pizza as we know it to only pick one, I would go with the Moana. Only because pineapples are one of my absolute favourite things in the universe.

Whenever my father wants to send me a little ‘thinking of you’ message, he’ll send me a random photo of a pineapple because he knows they instantly make me smile.

I know I am weird but pineapples are just too fun! Once you know more about me you’ll know it doesn’t take alot to make my day! Hubby knows if I’m not having the best day a Hawaiian pizza usually fixes it, or a pizza with pineapple something for dessert.

Another thing I forgot to mention for any non-coconut lovers out there, yes we exist. Coconut is something I detest, I’d say hate but I’m not talking about a never to be named on my blog NBA basketball team that fits that description. Sometimes I can handle drinking coconut water if it’s deeply masked with lots of other fruits. With that said I kind of expected to have a slight fighting of 2 evils for Moana, but again I was wrong, nothing coconut about it!


Wei, with all these great products you’ve created and have proved me wrong, my husband may end up wanting to know your secret on how to do such a thing!

Other information you may find helpful

I have reviewed the 3 serum oils from Coast Sydney Botanicals that are some of the best products that have ever touched my face. Yes, that includes cuddles from my 2 labradors when they were puppies, just don’t tell them. They like to think they are my one and only. My review of the serum oils can be found here.

If you’d like to see what items I purchased the first time from Coast Sydney Botanicals during my June 2017 skincare haul click here.

As mentioned a bit earlier in this post I purchased some products from Coast Sydney Botanicals during a Christmas sale and will be adding that up on my ‘Haul Video’ posts in the next few weeks. That will also include new products Wei created from her Nephelium line. I haven’t used any of them as yet but I have heard great things. Plus if Wei made them that’s all I need to know and my money is as good as hers.

Nephelium 4 serums targeting specific needs: 

Renew (#1),Strengthen (#2), Resurface (#3) Hydrate (#4)


Tell me about your favourite products

Have you tried any of these products? If so I’d love to know your favourites or not so much.

If you decide you’d like to give Coast Sydney Botanicals a whirl I highly recommend signing up for the newsletter as Wei tends to offer discounts for first time purchases.

Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Wei

    Thank you so much for your support!! And so glad that you like them !

    • Soph

      I absolutely LOVE your products but you obviously know that with all my purchases! ?


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