My Newest Discovery: Fat Mascara Podcast


During a recent browse through Instagram I saw a few people discussing a beauty based podcast and it caught my attention. So I went on to my iPhone and began searching through the Podcast app. Next minute, it was a couple of hours later and I had listened to a few podcast channels. When I get interested in something I totally immerse myself to the subject. Hence the reason when I decide I like something I need the whole shabang!


One of my golden finds was Fat Mascara! Jess and Jen cover so many different subjects and I am obsessed. Some of the subjects that usually aren’t my interests I love listening to what they say, it really opens my eyes to something new.  Listening to Podcasts is something I now do when I am doing my skincare routines or cleaning the house. I’m a bit late to the podcast party, I know so many people mention they listen to different podcasts but it’s never been something that I really got into.

The podcast that really got me thinking was Episode 67 (links listed below). They did an interview with Dr Murad and discussed a range of topics on how we can better look after our skin but from the inside.

The biggest thing that stood out for me was the types of foods we can eat to help with SPF, of course not replacing actual SPF but just stuff that can add to it. I didn’t even know such a thing existed!  I know that it’s important to eat right and what is on the inside shows on the outside. Being totally honest I don’t really look after my diet, I eat so many things that aren’t the best for me but this podcast really got me thinking and opened my eyes to more reasons to eat better foods.


I wanted to share this discovery with you because I really think you may find it helpful.


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