Natio Aromatherapy Rosewater and Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner Review

I was at my local chemist getting my medications filled and had a little peek around while waiting – that’s always dangerous! I saw the display of Natio products and instantly added a few items to my shopping basket.

A skincare addict can just about always find something to buy anywhere and now I have a new hot spot to buy skincare. Forget the beauty speciality zones, just hit the local chemist/pharmacy!

I have been using this for awhile but because I love it so much I’ve been trying to savour the last drops of it. Which makes absolutely no sense since this is easy for me to buy a new one. I never claimed to be very sensible!

Natio Rosewater and Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner

About Natio

Natio is one of Australia’s leading beauty brands in Australian pharmacies, making it easily accessible.

One of Natio’s focus is to deliver plant based beauty treatments that is affordable, gentle and fit into your life. They don’t do expensive promotions or packaging which contribute to the two points above: making it affordable and easily accessible.

Affordable and accessible in my book plus how well the products work on my skin make the brand an ace in my book.

They also make cosmetics, products designed for men, essential oils, deodorant, sun protection/self tanning products and body care that contains antioxidants.

More I research the brand the more I’m ready to add one of every product into my daily skincare routine.

Natio (click here for link) was recognized, voted and won the 2016 Prix De Marie Claire Beauty as Best Australian Beauty Brand.

Natio Rosewater and Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner

When I use

I use this toner twice a day, once during my am skincare routine and again in my pm skincare routine.

After I was done both of my cleanses I dry my face and apply it with a cotton pad. Sometimes I apply it twice at night, if I use a wash off mask I put it on before I apply the mask and again after I have washed off the mask.

It is a perfect companion as part of my cleansing routine leaving my skin soft and prepared for the rest of my routine.

Natio Rosewater and Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner


This toner is very gentle and it’s alcohol-free, making it suitable for every skin type.

It contains rosewater and chamomile which soothes and firm the skin. It also contains Natio’s natural essentials oils to purify and tighten pores.

The toner is so very mild and absorbs into my skin very easily. It doesn’t feel heavy nor leaves behind a film that I’ve felt with other toners.

Natio Rosewater and Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner

One of the main things I love about the toner is the beautiful scent, my skin feels very refreshed. I’ve used other gentle toners in the past that gives me a stinging sensation but this toner doesn’t do that.

I would also like to carry this around in a spray bottle to spritz throughout the day. Either during winter when my skin needs some extra hydration or during summer to refresh my face.

My Final thoughts

I purchased a few other Natio products and love each one of them. I love this brand, they make several products for different types of skin concerns. There is an Ageless, Sensitive Skin, Young (geared towards combination skin), Aromatherapy, Renew and the list goes on. I think you may be able to find something in their line that is suitable for a specific skincare concern.

There is also a Spa line contains handwash, body wash, body lotion and body scrubs.


Yes! I have already purchased other items from the line as I’m curious about so many of their items.

I paid around $15 for this bottle.

I have a couple of other products to review from this brand in the near future, including one from the Aromatherapy.

Let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to do a full head to toe Natio review.



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