This is the first product I’ve tried from Natio, it’s an Australian brand. Here is my initial thoughts when I tried the Hydrating Mask for the first time.


Natio Ageless Hydrating Mask

I’m starting a little bit of a new portion to my blog, titled Fresh Out the Box. The title is my own twist (actually my hubby came up with the name) on first impression, but it’s about giving you my informal initial thoughts when I try a new product for the first time. I’ll will follow up with a review later down the track in the Product Reviews section.


natio hydrating mask


I was waiting at my chemist, getting my prescriptions filled and wandered over to the skin care section (not a safe zone for my wallet). I found a few things I wanted to purchase but felt like I already have an abundance of those items waiting for me to try. Unless it’s masks, that I will never have too much of!

I’d been seeing this brand around for ages and finally thought I’ll give it a go. They carry a variety of products for different types of skin types, i.e. mature skin, acne prone and I believe another type. I’m currently having some type of skin reaction as of late, sections of my face are really red, like a sunburn but I haven’t been outside. I thought this may be soothing on my skin since its so sensitive at the moment.

The consistency comes out like a white cream but it goes on very clear. It’s pretty easy to wash off as long as you don’t put too much on. Because it goes on so clear it’s easy to apply way too much. I did put too much on some areas so I found it took some extra work in those sections to remove the mask.

While you have it on it doesn’t harden or anything like that, its just a shiny layer.

As my first time trying this brand and product, I fell in love. It was so gentle and my skin felt really nice after I washed it off. The scent is very pleasant and not overpowering, like a perfume or anything of the sort.

I purchased a couple of other products as well and will give you my thoughts once I test them.

One last thing, it’s made in Australia so I’m very happy to support the company as long as they keep pumping out great products.

Let me know if you’re tried any Natio products before and what your experience was.

Are you interested in me doing this kind of informal review for future products?


natio hydrating mask



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