Neogen Real Flower Cleansing Water Calendula


Is it strange that I find it so satisfying to see a dirty cotton round after I have used it on my skin?  Seeing all the dirt and oil that has come off helps to set up to get a good routine prepared to clear out my pores as much as I can. Well I got plenty of that using the Neogen Calendula cleansing

When possible I try to avoid using cotton rounds and use a washable muslin cloth. I like to consider it as my tiny speck of good for the environment, so I tend to turn to cleansing balms in place of waters occasionally.


I don’t wear makeup so most the gunk I get off my face is just my oily skin from the day or night before.

Neogen Calendula Cleansing Water


I have mentioned in previous posts that I had a big Neogen haul last year when it was on sale, I purchased this cleansing water as well as the Rose counterpart. I have reviewed the Rose one and you can find the review here, it’s actually one of my first blog posts. Once in a while, I like to look back at those posts to see how much I have learned throughout my blogging hobby. Even if it’s a bit cringe-worthy.


Neogen Calendula Cleansing Water

How I use

Personally, I use this sometimes twice a day or once during my am routine and again in my pm routine. I don’t always use this daily or twice a day, it just depends on the day. The first thing I do is take a cotton pad and load it up with a good amount of product on to the cotton round and wipe it gently all around my face.

Inside of the bottle, you will see Calendula flower petals. As yet, none of the petals have escaped the bottle.

My face is a little damp but not enough to go in with a cleanser straight off the bat.

The next step, I wet my face and go in with my original cleanser, sometimes I’ll use my Clarisonic, my Forero or the good old fashion hand method.

Majority of the time I only need one cotton round and I’m good to go. If my skin is extremely dirty I may go in with a second round but that is pretty rare. In a real pinch, I may need to go in with a cleansing balm after this and then on to my main cleanser.


Neogen Calendula Cleansing Water


My Experience

This has worked out well for me but it did take awhile to get to that point. It’s very gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

When I first started to use it I instantly started to compare it with the Rose version and much prefer that version. This one didn’t seem as effective as the Rose version and the scent was also less appealing. So at the beginning, I was ready to get rid of it asap.

Fast forward to using it a couple of months and the scent no longer bothers me. The best way I can describe it is a very very mild almost alcohol scent. I don’t want to scare you off with the comparison of an alcohol scent. It is just the best way I can describe it. I am not familiar with the smell of calendula flowers so I could be completely off the mark here.


Neogen Calendula Cleansing Water


Final Thoughts

I didn’t find this to be stripping or any negative type of reaction when using. The bottle is huge and has lasted me some time, so I feel like it’s good value for money. As I said I don’t wear makeup so I can’t really attest to how it’d work as makeup removal. But I can say if you’re looking for something that will help for a quick routine this may be a nice go to.

If I’m feeling super lazy and can’t be bothered to do a whole lot and just need to wash off my SPF from the day then I do a quick swipe of this baby, follow it up with a scrub type of cleanser and chuck on some moisturiser.

It’s not an ideal routine but it’s a lot better than doing nothing.


At this stage, I would say no to this one but yes to the Rose version. My opinion may change once I start using some of my other micellar waters. I have found that sometimes I don’t realise how much I actually enjoy and miss a product until it’s gone from my stash.


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