Neogen Cleansing Water Rose Review

neogen rose cleansing water

Neogen Rose Cleansing Water

I have been using Neogen Real Rose Cleansing Water and love that it contains real rose petals. The rose concentrate cleans pores, dirt, sunscreen, light makeup, impurities and cleanses without stripping the skin whilst leaving your skin feeling hydrated.


neogen rose cleansing water

Here you can see the rose petals in the bottle, when you lightly shake it you’ll see the petals floating around. The petals don’t clog up the nozzle when you squeeze the product out either. It has a magical mesh like nozzle to stop that from happening.

neogen rose cleansing water

My skin is oily/acne prone and I didn’t find the stripped feeling I sometimes get when using cleansing/micellar water. I found it to be gentle and really effective to remove dirt and the tons of layers of other overnight skin products I use.


How I use

I use it twice a day. Once at night when I start my marathon skincare routine (I’ll post more on that later); and again in the morning to remove all the layers of overnight lotions and potions.

One cotton pad is usually enough to do the trick, I am not having to repeat the process.

I will say though, the nights I use a Camu Camu (review here) sleeping mask I sometimes have to repeat the process a couple of times to ensure I get all the product off. The Camu Camu cream is very orange and I need to make sure I get all of it off.

Final Thoughts

I LOVE this product! I am pretty liberal in pouring (AKA using half the bottle in one hit) the product onto the cotton pad. That’s just me with pretty much everything in life! More can’t hurt, right?

As a makeup remover, I can’t vouch how effective it’d be to remove makeup. Its gentle enough to lightly swipe around my eyes to clean off any oil.

Have you used this cleansing water? Or another version that you may recommend.


I will re-purchase this one after I finish up some of the other cleansing waters I have. It’s easily available to purchase, they also carry a Calendula version that I have and will have a review in future.


Where can it be purchased?


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