NEOGEN Ocean Feeding Skincare Collection

Neogen Ocean Feeding


Hello and thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out this review of NEOGEN’s Ocean Feeding collection.

Kick back, relax, get your mask on and lets get into the review.

Neogen Dermalogy is a Korean skincare and cosmetic company that is based on Core Principles of Advanced Bio Technology for Ultimate Skin Benefits. I have never tried their cosmetic line, that’s because I don’t ear any makeup.

I’ve tried a few NEOGEN products before and enjoyed them so I thought I’d give a few more a try.

I wasn’t able to locate a cleanser as part of this collection so I’ve used this in conjunction with SU:M 37 rose facial stick

I bought this from YesStyle when they had I believe a 15% or 20% off NEOGEN products in late 2016. I ended up going crazy and pretty much bought one of everything from this brand. I know, skincare addict.


Neogen Ocean Feeding


Ocean Feeding Toner

The toner is similar to the usual suspects, it’s a watery consistency that is enriched with extracts of kelp, squalene and seaweed plus Bio Marine RX complex to help soothe, moisturise and repair skin.

After I have cleansed my skin I use the toner, which is very gentle and has a mild fresh scent. It’s not a chemical scent, seems more of a natural scent.

It’s very gentle and doesn’t sting in the slightest when applying. Sometimes when pouring it on to the cotton pad you do have to shake it around to get more product out. It has a stopper and the packaging is a really strong plastic so you can’t squeeze it to get more out. as of late I have been using this by pouring it in my hand instead of the cotton pad, which I think is the best way to apply it.

I even find it gentle enough to apply on my skin even after a more abrasive treatment, like an exfoliating session or an at home peel.


Neogen Ocean Feeding




Ocean Feeding Serum

The serum is mixed with 100% kelp extract water, seaweed extract, bio marine RX complex of 6 plants.

Benefit: It’s goal is to make your skin have a high moister level.

This serum also has a mild scent and comes out of the pump easily. I’ve had no trouble with the pump clogging or anything of that sort. The serum is a gel like consistency and has micro beads of marine STC capsule. The beads don’t stick on your skin, they melt upon contact.Neogen Ocean Feeding

I will give a word of caution. It takes a bit of experimentation to find the right amount to put on. It leaves a bit of a sticky residue and seems almost impossible to absorb into the skin or add any further products to your routine. So I use about 2 / 2 and a half pumps and really pat it into the skin, leave it for a few minutes while it soaks into my .

Ocean Feeding Cream

Provides the marine energy from the deep sea with a 3 layer formula of marine collagen, bio-marine RX-2 and squalene.


Neogen Ocean Feeding

Neogen Ocean Feeding


The ‘cream’ is a gel like consistency and not like a normal moisturiser. The cream is very slippery, be careful when trying to get the product out of the jar. It’s literally like using hair gel but on your face. It glides on very easily but like the serum it does leave a sticky residue. It takes a little trail and error to find the amount to use or your face will stick to the pillow. Yes I know that from experience! All in the name of beauty! You will need to tap this one into the skin a bit before moving on to your next step.



Neogen Ocean Feeding


Neogen Ocean Feeding


Oceanism Essential Feeding Mask

The Feeding Mask, I am not sure if it’s exactly part of the line. It’s  the same colour as the others and has a similar description of the benefits so thought I’d try it all together.

Unfortunately this is my least favourite of the collection. I don’t really notice a benefit from this. It’s extremely sticky and like the others it’s a thick gel consistency in a squishy tube.      The scent is also mild fresh organic scent like the others. I struggle trying to work out the correct amount for me to apply because it takes what seems like an eternity to absorb if ever. Sometimes I wake up with it stick tacky and my hair stuck to my face.

Neogen Ocean Feeding

Neogen Ocean Feeding

Overall Thoughts

I don’t recommend this product line. I hate to slam the products and the lack of enjoying this routine could be due to user error (me!). It could be useful to people with dry skin, since this line is targeted to create moisture. I have oily, acne prone skin and don’t feel like it did anything for me. I will say though that it didn’t cause me any breakouts, so that’s a positive. Glass half full right 🙂


No, in fact I’m really thinking about throwing out the remaining product because I dread using it so much. I’m trying to take something positive from this but it’s really difficult. I hate to just throw money away, but all these YouTube videos of the KonMari method keep popping up on my news feed get me thinking otherwise. Let it go and be thankful I was fortunate enough to have it in the first place and it served its purpose.


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