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2 Step At Home System


Sometime last year one of my go-to Korean skincare dealers online stores had a sale on Neogen products, naturally I went ham and bought a stack load of Neogen products. I picked up a couple of the 2 step peels during the sale. The first one I’ve tried is the Rice & Sake peel.

From what I have seen on YouTube and read on some of the blogs this peel is pretty intense. Luckily I have super thick skin, I consider myself part crocodile and part werewolf, which I will touch more on in some upcoming reviews about hair removal.

Okay get back on track Soph, no one wants to know about your hairy arms.

Neogen Rice & Sake Facial Peel Step 1 - Rice Peel

About Step One

This peel is a two step process, the first step is the Rice Peel. This is very gritty, and I’ve had to be very careful not to over exfoliate or go in too hard because this sucker feels like it will rip up my face!

It comes in a jar and contains fine rice powder, it does have a bit of that wet rice smell. It’s not an overpowering scent or anything of that sort but you can tell it isn’t my grandmother’s exfoliator.

About the product

It’s a gritty, mushy paste consistency that goes on pretty easy. You most likely will experience a burning sensation, that part came as a shock to me. In my case that rarely happens since I don’t have sensitive skin and when my skin reacts to products I break out, rarely ever does my skin go red or raw looking.

I didn’t break out using this product so I’d say my skin was okay with this product.

I write off the burning sensation to this being an at home peel and not just an exfoliator, so I could say it’s as expected from a peel.

Neogen Rice & Sake Facial Peel Step 1 - Rice Peel

From the above picture you can see a little bit of liquid on the side, I’d say it’s the water in the ingredients so it isn’t powdery. I just take the little spatula and stir it around. Then all good to go! Kind of like yogurt.

How I use

I apply this to my face after I have done both cleanses and dried my skin. It is recommended to massage a teaspoon onto your skin (definitely avoid your beautiful delicate eye area) but I use about twice the recommended amount. I found by doing double it is a lot less harsh to work with using more product.

When I used it for the first time with the recommend amount I felt like I was really tugging on my skin to get the product applied evenly.

That may be a deal breaker for some because it may feel like you aren’t getting the value for your buck. I see it as a way to use up my product since I have many more waiting for me in my stash.

Neogen Rice & Sake Facial Peel Step 2 - Sake Activator

Sake – Welcome to your tape

Now we come to Step Two – The Activator (wouldn’t that be a cute superhero name?)!! Bring on the Sake!!

This is when things get serious, you are at the half way mark during the peel process.

I have the rice peel on my face and now it’s time to massage the sake on to my skin so the peel can work it’s magic. After the two products are combined it will start to bubble and may feel a slight warming sensation. I massage this in a circular motion and it forms a thin bubble layer, the more I massage, the bubbles start to disappear.

Neogen Rice & Sake Facial Peel Step 2 - Sake Activator

About the product

The Sake is a thick, runny consistency that comes out of a bottle. The bottle has a plug to keep it from spilling when the bottle is stored. I really like that extra thoughtfulness from the packaging team.

The sake has a strong scent, I can’t really put my finger on what it smells like, I have never had sake so it’s possible it smells like sake. It’s not over powering or makes it unbearable to wear.

It’s very easy to wash off and doesn’t leave any kind of residue behind. It leaves my skin feeling clean but not squeaky clean also without that tight feeling. I hope that makes sense and you get what I am attempting to describe.

Neogen Rice & Sake Peel Review


Neogen Rice & Sake Peel Review


Neogen Rice & Sake Peel Review


How to use Combining the Two

First, gently massage the Rice Peel on your skin for about a minute. Next, apply the Sake and gently massage into your skin, you will see the mixture start to bubble. Once the bubbling starts you massage it for another few minutes. Personally, I usually let it sit on my skin for about 3 or so minutes after this step in the hopes it does some extra duty work.

I try to use this once a week but to be honest I use it about once a month, if I’m lucky there are times I use it twice a month. My main reason for using it less often is because I alternate using my PMD (review here) in my routine. I really avoid over exfoliating because I’m trying to take care of my skin not ruin it more.

Final Thoughts

I do like the way my skin feels after I use this, my skin is left very soft and clearer looking. I didn’t find it as messy after I got the hang of both consistencies.

The smell is on the stronger side once you combine using the two steps. When combined it’s a really strong bi-carb scent and I use a lot of bi-carb & vinegar to clean my house. I do facial treatments to relax not to feel like I’m in the middle of my daily cleaning routine. Therefore it loses points in my book for that reason. I have the Neogen Milk Peel & Balsamic Vinegar Peeling Kit to use next so I hope I don’t come across the same scent situation. I’m thinking maybe it’ll smell more of salad dressing kind of situation, on the bright side maybe it’ll lead me to eat more salads which I can definitely do more with.

Would I repurchase?

No, I wouldn’t repurchase, but I would say it’s worth a try if you think your skin can handle it. If you have sensitive skin or think you may have a reaction to something a little stronger than you normally use then stay wide away from this.

I think I got caught up on the sale and ordered quite a bit of Neogen products that have left me very underwhelmed.

There are a few at home peels that I have learnt about and left users with severely negative reactions, so compared to those this would be my personal preference for an at home treatment. Probably wouldn’t give me the same results but I would feel a lot safer using this.


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