Hello and welcome to my newest facial masks obsession.

In the pack you receive 5 x 50ml of Peter Thomas Roth’s popular masks.

I paid $60, which I think is a fantastic value for money for a couple of reasons.

First, you get to sample a lot of masks to work out which you like and if it’s something you’d spend your hard earned money on buying the full size version.

Second, if you are like me and addicted to trying great quality masks you just need this in your life. Personally I feel like I am better off buying a couple, if that, of these deluxe sample kits each year instead of the full size versions so I get the time to try other masks.

I have used each mask a couple of times and a little does go a long way, I would say I’d get an easy 6 uses from each bottle.



The set contains Pumpkin Enzyme, Irish Moor Mud, Cucumber Gel, Rose Stem Cell and 24k Gold. The full size versions of each of these are about $35 – $40-ish except for the 24k one, that is about$65.00. Of course that depends where you buy them, if you get a club discount or are on sale. These prices are in Australian dollars so a lot less if you use USD.

This is the cheapest I’ve been able to find. I’ve seen Australian retailers sell the full size Irish Moor Mud for $125. The full size versions are 150 ml, so 3 times the size of these babies.

I purchase most of my skin care from Beauty Bay, a company based in London. It’s worth looking around for the best deals, especially since skin care isn’t cheap. I find drug store skin care is becoming more expensive.



This is what the look like inside, I love seeing all the colours together, it instantly makes me smile. The downfall I can never decide which one to pick!





24k Gold Mask

I love applying this mask because it makes my face look like I’m a bronzed bombshell. By the time it comes to washing it off, it’s like you have this amazing tan that’s very sparkly. It’s easy to apply and I find going through a couple of layers to ensure you have covered every part of your face. I find I need to use more of this one than the others to get a good amount of coverage.

When the time comes to wash it off it does take a bit to get it all off. The best method I’d suggest is using a face towel/muslin cloth so you aren’t sitting there for ages getting it all out.




Cucumber Gel Mask

This mask doesn’t show any colour when you apply it. It’s a jelly like consistency and it has a very slight cucumber smell to it. When you apply it try to make sure not to put too much on otherwise it will sit on the skin and it’ll run down your face. Looks like your face is melting lol! Try to apply it one layer at a time to make sure you have covered everywhere equally.

When you apply water to your face it makes it slick and a little hard to wash it off. I’d suggest using a muslin cloth or face towel to help make sure you get it all.



Rose Stem Cell

This mask feels very similar to the cucumber as far as the jelly like consistency. It’s colourless when you actually have it on your face. It has a light rose scent, which I find relaxing. I’ve heard of people who leave it on overnight. I haven’t tried that because I use other sleeping masks. Similar to the cucumber one you don’t want to put too much on, otherwise it’ll sit on your skin rather than going into your skin.

I’d suggest using a cloth or towel to rinse it off.




Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

This mask smells like Thanksgiving, it’s so nice. Really easy to apply, the consistency is like a puree. I personally craved pumpkin pie with cool whip when I have this on. Really easy to apply and spread. The smell on this one is strong, the strongest from the whole set.

The texture is a bit gritty so you can use it as an exfoliator by gentle rubbing in circles. I was able to wash it off like normal with just my hands and water, no need for a cloth. I use this one maybe once every two weeks since it has AHA and I use AHA speciality products 4 out of 7 days of the week.



Irish Moor Mud

This one is personally my favourite. It’s so soothing and feels amazing on my skin. It’s just like a typical mud mask, chunky and a little gritty. It’s easy to apply and spread over your face.

I love how my skin looks so clear after I wash it off.

It’s not as easy to wash it off as the pumpkin one so you’ll need a cloth to help wash it off. I wasn’t able to detect a smell.




These masks are all lovely, I couldn’t just pinpoint one and say I’d buy the full size version to any specific one. If you haven’t tried any of the Peter Thomas Ross masks this would be a great way to introduce you to a variety of the popular ones from this brand without committing to a larger size.

This could also serve as a great gift, the packaging comes in a beautiful box.



Have you tried any of these? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments section your experience on any of these mask.

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