Polatam Oak Tree Sap Deep Moist Cream Review


I’m going to start off with a spoiler and tell you this product has become one of my G.O.A.T. ( GOAT = Greatest Of All Time) for me!

I started to use this as an extra form of moisturising after I did my Derminator treatment. Originally I thought I’d only use this cream before and after my derminator sessions. Then I’d put it away to use again in 6 weeks, but oh no this cream had other plans in store for me!

I tried to go 3 days without it but my skin was not about that life, I need to use this everyday.

Polatam Oak Tree Sap Review

About Polatam

Polatam was created by Korean actress, Tam Hee, along with global cosmetic beauty expert Pola creating POLTAM.

Pola has over 12 years in the global cosmetic brand market, including building their own product development and marketing.

Polatam focuses on high quality, low irritant formulas that contain natural ingredients.

I also like their minimal packaging, it’s pretty but not super fancy.

Free of Parabens, Sulphates and Synthetic Dyes


Contains 14 natural plant ingredients


Star Ingredients

Oak Tree Sap – tree sap molecules are smaller than water molecules they absorb easier and deeper into the skin. It’s chock full of antioxidants and nutrients to hydrate skin.

Shea Butter – is well known for it’s nourishing and moisturising benefits. It also helps to protect skin’s natural oils.

Coconut Oil – coconut oil provides so many great benefits for so many different parts of our body as well as our general health. As far as skincare goes it’s great for deeply moisturising pores.

Polatam Oak Tree Sap Review

How I use

I have been using this incredible cream twice a day, everyday.  I usually apply before I put on my moisturiser and if I am using it during my pm routine I add my sleeping mask over my moisturiser.

Now you may think that is a heck a lot of moisturiser for oily skin. Part of my ‘get to know my skin’ journey I have found that my skin needs a lot of moisture but with the right products. Using this method has prevented my skin from drying out during the winter months but it’s not left me oily either. I find my skin overall looks alot healthier with a touch of glow.

Polatam Oak Tree Sap Review

My Experience

This is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

I only need a small amount to apply on my face. I did find that the cream doesn’t absorb as quickly into my skin but it eventually does. This happens when I apply too much at once.  I just keep massaging it into my skin, it stays sticky with a bit of white overcast but after a minute or so it absorbs. It doesn’t leave a feeling of a barrier and allows the rest of my skincare to be applied and absorbed easily.

It doesn’t leave a feeling of a barrier and allows the rest of my skincare to be applied and absorbed easily. You only need a small amount to get the benefits from this cream. I will say when I was first learning how to use this cream I accidentally put too much and it left me a little oily. When I say too much, I’m talking about I applied the size of an avocado pit.

Polatam Oak Tree Sap Review

Final Thoughts

If you couldn’t tell, I LOVVVEEEE this cream. I now have to depend on this product to use on the daily, if I dont use it my skin starts to feel a bit tight and occasionally starts to flake up a bit.


Yes!! In fact, I have two spares sitting in my wardrobe so I know I have a stockpile in case I have trouble finding it in future. That is something I’ve only done a few times. I’ve also purchased their line of sheet masks and feel as equally in love with it.

Some people may think it’s a little on the pricier side for a K-Beauty moisturiser but it’s definitely worth the start up amount. You get a 100ml tube for $40 but you can also purchase it with a discount if you sign up for newsletter, etc.



I purchased it from Nudie Glow in Australia, you can find the link by clicking here. Nudie Glow also carries a 7ml size for $3 if you want to try before buying the full sized version.


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