I am very excited to share with you this skincare haul from a brand new skincare company, RAWKANVAS.

RAWKANVAS is an Australian made, vegan and cruelty-free skincare line that has just launched this month. I preordered their entire line and my package arrived today. After unboxing it I was so blown away by how gorgeous the products look and knew I had to share that with you ASAP.

Let’s spread #goodvibes and visit RAWKANVAS on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rawkanvas/ and congratulate Simona & Shannon on the launch of their new skincare range!

This video is not sponsored nor do I receive anything in return if you purchase the products linked to the RAWKANVAS website. I paid for all these products myself, I love supporting small businesses and have an extra soft spot for Australian businesses.

I ordered the Ultimate Package and then added the rest of the products to my order to complete the entire set. – The Ultimate Package (Dry, Oily, Normal & Combo Skin): http://bit.ly/2pznmen

Order of products as I unboxed them:

Miracle: Jade Facial Roller: http://bit.ly/2uhutxe

Sol: Hydrating Day Moisturiser: http://bit.ly/2jfepqb

Canvas: Resurfacing AHA & BHA Treatment: http://bit.ly/2godqrt

The Foundation: Flawless Retinol & Vitamin C Lotion: http://bit.ly/2h6zdys

The Limelight: Brightening Probiotic Lotion: http://bit.ly/2up7col

Harmony: Radiance Boosting Toner: http://bit.ly/2udyex4

Yester Youth: Regenerating Facial Oil: http://bit.ly/2gmcmqd

Purified: Purifying Cleanser: http://bit.ly/2gpbbe0

Polished: Refining Exfoliant: http://bit.ly/2glvh7p

Luminosity: Brightening Glow Mask: http://bit.ly/2q0qvix

Luna Vitality: Restoring Night Cream: http://bit.ly/2h9oxq8

Refined: Clarifying Detox Mask: http://bit.ly/2ipd0ft

Mask brush was part of the kit I purchased



Have you checked out RAWKANVAS skincare yet? I am so excited to try these products and will start using as soon as I finish testing some other beautiful products (future review to come).

RAWKANVAS has a range of absolutely gorgeous skincare products that do not require a filter and will add some beautiful decor to your bathroom vanity. The colours are vibrant and come packaged in a thick glass jar.


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