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Today’s post will be all about Missha’s Time Revolution Essence & Ampoule combination. Make sure to read this to the end to find out where you can purchase this for less than other retailers. Of course you can just scroll to the bottom, but I’d be much happier if you read this instead.

I thought about reviewing theses 2 products separately, but I bought them as a set, used them as a set so why stop there, I might as well review them as a set.

I kept hearing over and over again about how incredible these two are, either separately but better together. The big thing about these products are that they are created from fermented ingredients, which creates loads of benefits for your skin. Benefits range from protecting your skin to walking the dog. Okay, the second one may not be the case but I wish it was.


Missha Gift Set: Essence 150ml + 30ml + Ampoule 50ml + 10ml




I hunted high and low to purchase these two products because I desperately wanted to give them a go. There are limited options to obtaining this products in Australia. Finally, after patiently being impatient I spotted the best deal I could get. I was lucky enough to purchase them as a gift set that included mini bottles of each for less than buying the 2 full sized products alone. In the gift set there is a 150ml of the Essence plus a 30ml bottle AND 50ml of the Ampoule plus a 10ml bottle. The minis are perfect to use when traveling, give to a friend as a gift, keep in your bathroom vanity if you’re limited in space and top up from the full sized bottles that you store elsewhere or use in case you forget to purchase more of the full sized versions before you run out. Either way they are very handy to have as backups for any emergency situation.



The First Treatment Essence is very watery, so much so that I splash a few dabs into the palm of my hand to apply rather than using a cotton round. It is mainly made from fermented yeast concentrate as well as other ingredients that have LOADS of great benefits. It helps to protect your skin, improves aging skin, hydrates, provide lots of vitamins for your skin and the list goes on, making this an all skin types products. I guess if you were in your late forties, have zero wrinkles, flawless skin and look 20 then maybe not so much. And for the record looking at a photo of yourself being 20 with that perfect skin in your late forties, doesn’t count! Yes mom, I’m talking to you.

I use this after I apply my witch hazel toner (I apply that with a cotton round), wait for it to dry slightly and then slap on my sheet mask. If I’m double masking, using a wash off mask before a sheet mask, I apply this after that step so I don’t wash anything off.




The Ampoule, you’d use the same as a serum. This product this is made from fermented ingredients that help to repair and restore elasticity and wrinkles, as well as a chunk more benefits.

This is a bit thick and runny at the same time. In my opinion it’s a little runnier than other serums I’ve used. It has a liquid dropper applicator and the product is an orangey pink colour. I usually use one full dropper’s worth and that seem like too much, so you could really go the distance with it if you use less. There is no scent that I’ve been able to detect with it, I find it does take a bit to soak in my skin. Of course that is 99% my fault, since I use too much. 

Because I am in love with sheet masks, okay I’ll admit it just masks in general, I follow this step by putting on my nightly sheet mask.


My Final Thoughts

As talked up as these products are, I have to be totally honest and say I haven’t really noticed a huge different. Or at least not as much as I expected from the hype surrounding them. I may use the photos from my previous post as my before and then take another once I am done with both products to see if I notice any change. Since I’ started working on my blog I’ve really come to understand how important it is to take those before and after shots. It’s hard to really tell since you look at yourself in the mirror everyday.

Another thing I should mention, I only use both of these at night but you can use them both AM and PM. It may be the reason for my personal opinion of not noticing results.


Repurchase? I have already to further study


So as I’ve mentioned, I wanted to purchase this set at an affordable price. Just recently I accidently came across both of these items as individual pieces (no mini sizes) on iherb.com and they are way more affordable. I ended up buying both of these for $35 AUD each. Other places I’ve always seen it for around the $50 mark AUD and also USD. So I urge you to hit up iherb.com if you’ve been curious to try these.

This is not sponsored in any way and I get no benefit out of it. There are codes I could give you that would benefit me but I’d rather you get on there ASAP before they sell out.





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