Hi there and welcome back to another skin care product review. Today we’ll be discussing Neogen’s Black Volume Cream.

I have been wanting to do this review for so long but I was trying to use and learn Photoshop so I can provide better quality photos. I thought learning Photoshop would be a breeze, oh how wrong was I! I don’t know what I was thinking, I can’t even work out how to use iTunes! I had no business taking on Photoshop. Anyway lets jump in to the review of this fun product.

I purchased this “cream” during a late night splurge of a Neogen sale. In other words, I bought one of everything. I promise you I am not sponsored, so you will see quite a few reviews on those products in the coming months, probably year. Yes the collection I have is that vast but in my defense it’s not everyday use type of products more like 2 to 3 times a week.

I put quotations around the word cream because this is like no cream I’ve ever encountered or could’ve imagined. It’s more like a jelly, it feels like you rubbing jello all over your face.  You only need a really tiny bit because if you put too much on you have to get creative as to where else on your body you can apply this. It doesn’t absorb into the skin straight away so it’s not something you can just leave on the skin and look like a ghost for a short time until it absorbs into your skin.




When I opened the box, the packaging wasn’t what I expected. It comes with a little stand and silicone spatula. It makes everything look so nice, neat and organised on your countertop.


This is the stand and you can see where it has the slot for the spatula. I can easily see myself repurposing the stand and spatula for other skin care stuff for the purpose of looking so neat.



The spatula is really strong, definitely not a short time usage kind of situation. I would seriously grade this to the equivalent to one of my non-heat kitchen spatula. It slots in perfectly into the stand. It doesn’t get stuck or you have to jam it in to lock it in place.


How awesome does this look once it’s assembled?! Makes my bathroom counter look like I have my organisation skills on lockdown, as long as you don’t look under the bathroom counter…. we won’t talk about that.



You may be able to see it’s a bit like jello. As you apply it the colour goes on clear.



This is probably the amount you need to do your whole face.


I’ have 2 points I’d like to mention relating to this picture.

First point – once you start to rub it into the skin you can see it spreads easily but it kind of sits on top of the skin. I found that it just absorbs slowly into the skin. You’d want to put this on at least 30 minutes before you sleep or at least lie one side of your face on to your pillow. I accidently didn’t let it soak in properly a couple of times and I woke up with having to peel my pillowcase off my skin. Which leads me to the second point.

The photo also shows what happens when you put too much product on, those clumps of product just sit on your face or stay on your fingers; therefore, literally washing half the product down the drain. Maybe putting too much on in conjunction with lying too soon to the pillow lead me to sticking to the pillowcase.


This is the only section on the box I could find that is in English.

You may be wondering what is a volume cream and why do I need it? I know that was my thought while I unpacked my parcel. Basically its meant to plump up your skin so you have a more youthful look.

I have been using this for a just over a month and I have about half of the bottle left. I went through the bottle so quickly and most of the reason for that is because there was so much trail and error of the appropriate amount to use. I only use this only at night because during the day I basically just wash my face and put moisturiser on, if I’m going out I’ll apply a SPF moisturiser. I try to do a whole set am routine but basically my sleep schedule is all over the place due to health reasons. So I’ve had to have simplify my am routine as much as possible.

Sidenote: I put this on after I have done my whole pm skin routine, including after moisturiser.

Final thoughts

I really enjoy this product but I don’t really think it’s a you need to have this in your life now product. I don’t know how much it’s helped me and I can’t help but feel like maybe the design is a little on the gimmicky side.  I may not have seen results because my skin is already youthful…..no? It cost roughly $35 which I would say save your coin and use it towards another product.

Repurchase? No



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