Hi there and welcome to a new skin care review.

In this post I’ll be sharing my experience with Faith In Face – Peel So Good, it’s a peeling exfoliator gel.

I am head over heels in love with this (sorry hubby), I wish I could use it daily.

You apply it on to dry skin clean skin and gently rub it on your skin and as you do it you end up with little clumps of dead skin forming. After I rinsed it off my skin felt incredible, it felt like it cleansed my skin all the way down to my soul! Every time I use it I have to just sit down for a few minutes to soak it all up before continuing to the rest of my nightly routine.



The packaging is pretty basic, it comes in a tube, which makes it fairly hygienic, in my opinion.  This brand also carries a variety of sheet masks, I believe they all may be the hydrogel type. The brand has been awarded various awards for their hydrogel sheet mask. I’d guess that may be the same thing for this particular product judging from the giant red sticker on the top and I can’t read what it says. It has a gold medallion logo on the left side, so that must make it super special, right?



I was so happy to see that the company I purchased it through added a sticker in English over the top of the instructions. It may be possible it’s something the actual brand does for popular products because I purchased some sheet masks recently and those instructions weren’t in English, leaving me no clue on how to use it. That is a post that will come later

. It’s always a good thing when you know what the instructions are. I have trouble following instructions in English, let alone trying to Google translate.


In this photo I know it doesn’t look very attractive but trust me, its amazing. The consistency is like a thick watery texture.You only need a small amount, if you apply too much it doesn’t seem to work properly. It has an itty bitty amount of grittiness to it, you barely feel it.



Once you apply and gently rub it in you’ll see the clumps of dead skin gathering. I applied it to the back of my hand to demonstrate what it looks like after you’ve rubbed it around. This is nothing compared to when I applied it to my face for the first time. The amount of dead skin that came off the first time I used it was insane, I had to use a tissue to wipe it off before rinsing so I didn’t clog up my sink!!


Final Thoughts

I love this product in a way of, if you were deserted on an island and you had to pick 5 things to have with you. This would be on my list for certain. I only tend to use it about twice a week since I’m doing other treatments during the week as well. I try to leave it on my skin for as long as I can to soak up that super cleansed peppermint feeling.

I was close to purchasing a similar product by one of the higher end expensive brands and but thought it seemed gimmicky. I thought that maybe the clumps that gather was the product and not actual skin. So I thought I’d give this a try, for $17, it costs way less than the other one I was looking at. I purchased it as the beginning of my introduction into Korean skin care discovery. I am so glad I made that decision. I know that the dead skin does actually get removed because as soon as I apply my next product I can feel how much deeper my toner goes vs the previous day.

Another thing, it may seem gross to some, is you could use on other parts of your body. The main part that comes to mind is using it on my feet. If you really want you could buy 2 bottles and use one for feet and the other for your face. Just because you purchase something marketed for one thing doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get creative and have a multi use for that product.

Repurchase? YES!

Here is the website in case you want to check out more items from Faith In Face http://www.faithinface.com.hk/



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  1. Lilly

    Wow! Thank you so much for telling me about this product 😮😮 it’s literally the best thing ever! My skin felt so refreshed and clean!!! This product has changed my skin


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