Scinic First Treatment Essence Review



There was some buzz going around about this product, the main factor being it was a great dupe for Missha’s First Treatment Essence. The standout of this product is the price point.

Scinic: $18.69 (Amazon price) vs Missha $49 (Soko Price). At the time of writing this review, Amazon has the Missha FTE on sale for $24 (51% off).


Scinic First Treatment Essence Review


My Experience

Trying to use this product through the whole bottle I struggled, I mean REALLY struggled. I didn’t like this FTE at all but I also didn’t just want to chuck it in the bin wasting money. When it became empty I would’ve busted a cool dance move but firstly, I can’t dance and secondly, my back would really have been unhappy with me.

The consistency is what you’d expect from an essence, watery and clear. Whenever I applied it to my face it just kind of sat there and not absorbed. I had to tap for what felt like a whole 2 minutes before I could move on to my next step. I can only think to describe this as it leaving mini puddles on my face instead of absorbing into my skin. Kind of like when you’re in the shower and the water hits the glass door it just leaves droplets and streaks downward. Hope that makes sense.

I found it didn’t make my skin feel moisturised or any of the good feelings FTE usually bring. The point of using a first treatment essence is to get your skin prepped for the product party your face is about to get. I didn’t get the ‘my skin feels so good’ feeling as I do with Missha FTE.


Final Thoughts

This may be a good introduction essence for beginners adding this type of product in their routine. Or for those who want to start using the K-Beauty skincare method. It’s a good place to start, it’s affordable and you can test with your skin type before investing into some of the more pricier items. And you know some people really like this so it might be your long term essence.


Also because this product is so affordable you can try doing the #7SkinMethod with it. For those not familiar with the method you basically add 7 layers of essence one layer at a time and tap, tap, tap it in your skin. It’s meant to provide moisture and glowing skin. I tried this method and only got to about 3 layers, after that I didn’t see a benefit for my skin. But as always I will keep testing as time goes!



No, I wouldn’t but I also wouldn’t go as far as saying I’ll never buy it. If I came across it and it was on sale, or if I was in a pinch I’d reach for this.

I am currently using Simplistic Wonder Essence and I really love that but I think I’m going to go for that Amazon deal and buy a few of the Missha bottles.

ETA: The Amazon deal mentioned seems to have a lot of reviews of people saying it’s not the genuine formula. I’m not saying that is the case but after reading the reviews I am not going to purchase.


I’d love to hear your thoughts whether you’ve used this or have any recommendations.



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