June 2017 Skincare Empties

My timing this month with these monthly posts are a little delayed, I do apologise for that. I’m still trying to work out a routine for these types of posts.

I have a few empties this month that were on my May Project Pan list and some others that I realised only had about one or two uses left in the bottle. I can also see that I only did a few sheet masks this month as well.

June 2017 Skincare Empties

Skincare Products

  • Mychelle Cranberry Mud Mask – Click here to read review

I really enjoyed this mask, it’s very light and low maintenance to use, apply and wash off. I plan on purchasing more products from this brand. The mask itself is a rather small, which I do enjoy so that I don’t feel like it’s a burden to use up.

  • Dr Brandt Oxygen Mask – Click here to read review

This mask is incredible!! I didn’t realise I had so little left in the jar and sad to see it come to an end. It is a pricey product and won’t be in a hurry to re-purchase. I’ll have to wait until there is a sale on so I have time to wait around.

  • Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask – Click here to read review

This was one of my favourite masks, Antipodes is a brand I really enjoy using their products. However, I don’t see myself in a hurry to repurchase at this moment. It’s become a more easily accessible product to purchase for me since one of the drugstores near me now carries Antipodes products. The down side though is it’s a lot more expensive than purchasing it through BeautyBay.

  • Happy Skincare Over The Moon Moisturiser – Click here to read review

Great, great great product! Fantastic moisturiser that wasn’t heavy and my skin just absorbed it.

  • Innisfree The Minimum Toner – Click here to read review

At first, I didn’t think too much about this product but as I started to use it more and more often I really enjoyed it. It’s a very light toner and didn’t leave a sticky residue behind. I will be purchasing this again in future when I come across it and maybe two of them if I come across a sale for these products.

  • Scinic First Treatment Essence

I purchased this FTE so I could compare it to the Missha FTE since it’s cheaper but I didn’t really like it. My skin didn’t seem to really take to it, no negative reactions, but it just didn’t give my skin the same level of moisturisation that the Missha one does. I won’t be repurchasing it and am happy it’s now an empty.

  • Cosrx Rice Sleeping Mask – Click here to read review

Now this one is my absolute favourite sleeping mask I had ever used and it restored my faith into benefits for sleeping masks. Since it’s winter in Australia right now this product is perfect for my skin to keep it moisturised and looking healthy. I will definitely be repurchasing it in future. I do have the Honey version of this mask so I’m looking forward to trying it as well. Once summer comes around I am not sure if this mask will be appropriate for my skin.

  • Happy Skincare 3 Cheers Cleansing Oil – Click here to read review

This was also another winner for me. I enjoyed using this as my first cleanse. Happy Skincare has reformulated this product so it now turns into the milky texture once water it added.

  • Grown Alchemist Facial Oil – Click here to read review

I’ve had this oil for a little while and finally used it up. About a year and a half ago I really hated using facial oils, I mean why use oils on my oily skin. This is one oil that helped changed my mind over that time.


June 2017 Skincare Empties

Sheet Masks

  • Innisfree – Shea Butter

This sheet mask is one of my go to, it’s a good fit and I find it gives me nice hydration boost.

  • Mediheal – NMF Auaring

I found this to be nice feeling on my skin, it’s hydration. The fit is a tiny bit on the small side for my face but it’s a gel mask and I find it to be a nice treat for my skin.

  • Missha – Pure Source Rice

I purchased the set of these masks, I think it was about 10 – 12 masks, from eBay and I have really enjoyed these masks. It was a great fit, material that is very stretchy and drenched in essence.

  • Berrisom – Black Rice Horror Mask

Originally I purchased a multipack of these masks and I won’t be looking to repurchase this set again. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything negative to say about it. What I don’t like, and something I have been noticing with a variety of design masks, is that they have an odd scent that just smells like ink or dye. I do have a few masks by different brands that have designs on the outside, I’ll use those up but won’t be repurchasing them again.

  • JayJun – Gold Snow Black Mask Click here to read review

The first time I used this mask it was sent to me in exchange for a review and I had seen the Jayjun sheet masks going around Instagram so I was excited to try. I enjoyed using it so much that I repurchased.

  • Polatam – Optimal Repairing

Fantastic mask! I really love the masks and how great they feel on my skin. They are a bit more expensive compared to say the Innisfree ones so I won’t be exclusively purchasing these to use on a daily basis.

  • Polatam – Brightening

Same as the above, Optimal Repairing mini review. Lovely mask.

  • Thank You Farmer – True Water

I also really like this mask, it feels amazing on my skin and such a lovely soft material.

  • Mask Diary Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask Click here to read review

After trying the mask in exchange for an honest review I went on to purchase this one along with the other 2 masks from this line.

  • Faith in Face – AHA Peel So Good Mask

HATE this mask! I purchased a multi pack of these so I need to get rid of them but I dread using them. They are not user friendly, are hard to apply. I like the peeling cream from this brand but this mask is awful.

  • Make P: rem- Wrapping Me Whitening Sauna Foil Mask

I don’t really think this mask provided me with a whole lot of benefits, it’s a cool looking mask with it being a foil mask but it was meh. I do have the three pack set of these masks and will retry this one again along with the other two mask.

  • DR. Althea – Aesthetic Modeling Mask Set (Pink). Click here to read review

This was my first modelling mask and found this to be more of a fun experience instead of a beneficial mask.


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