Sukin Revitalising Facial Scrub Review


I first came across this brand about a year ago. I purchased about 5 different products and to this point, some are stored unopened and the rest just flat out sucked for me.

I really wanted to love this line, it’s Australian, cruelty-free, vegan, affordable and easily available to repurchase.

This brand was one of the first ones I tried when I started to really get serious about my skincare. At that point, I knew nothing about K-Beauty, nothing about acids and would never have even thought about purchasing a facial oil.

If you would’ve told me then that within a year I would be totally skincare obsessed and addicted to using facial oils on the daily, I would’ve fallen on the floor laughing asking ‘will I also be a millionaire’? Granted the latter hasn’t come true but you can see how unbelievable I would’ve thought about this idea.

Sukin Facial Scrub Review

About Sukin

Sukin started as a Melbourne based family business creating natural skin and hair care.

They carry a large range of skincare products including concentrated lines for specific skin types. To name a few, products geared towards slowing ageing, sensitive skin, baby skin and hair care.

You can check out Sukin’s website here.

Sukin’s tagline is: “Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth”

Sukin Facial Scrub Review

Benefits of Sukin’s facial scrub

This facial scrub/cleanser uses micro particles of bamboo extract & walnut shells to remove impurities. There is a combination of aloe vera and chamomile help to soothe the skin. It also contains jojoba, sesame and rosehip oil to hydrate skin.

Sukin Facial Scrub Review

Sukin’s products don’t contain some of the harsher ingredients. Making it a skincare line that many people may like. Whether you use green beauty only or just like to mix some of column A and some of column B to your routines.

Personally, I am a lot of column A and a lot of column B, my skin seems to react well to some natural, organic skincare but I also require some of the heavier hitting products.

In case this is your first visit to my blog, firstly let me say welcome I hope this may be a helpful place for you. I have crazy oily and acne prone skin. I am in my early thirties (mid-thirties in a few months but I’m riding the early part for as long as I can!).

Sukin Facial Scrub Review


Sukin Facial Scrub Review

How I use

I tried using this 3 times a week, not on consecutive days and in the morning while in the shower. It has a pleasant scent and you only need a small amount.

The consistency is more creamy than gritty, making it very gentle to use after I cleansed my face. At the time I used whatever cleanser was on sale at the time of my grocery shopping.

Keep in mind this was way back in the day before I knew anything about a second cleanse and would occasionally put moisturiser on since I thought moisturiser was only used by people with dry skin. I shudder just thinking about it. Somehow though after a scrub I always managed to apply some moisturiser on, just not SPF.

Sukin Facial Scrub Review

My Experience

As much as I love everything this company is built on and their goal of making beneficial Australian skincare, I hated my experience with their products. I found it extremely drying on my skin to the point of making my skin flaky and painfully dry. This is naive me who knew nothing about how to care for my skin properly.

In case you may be wondering, I did try it again when I started to learn more about skincare and I had the same result.

When I purchased this scrub I also picked up a few other things from their line and had the same disappointing results. That purchased included 2 moisturisers, one is unopened in my stash cabinet and the other I used as a hand cream in my kitchen. I didn’t fare much better using it as a hand cream but I really didn’t want it to go to waste.

Final Thoughts

I wish this would’ve worked out better for me but sometimes these things happen. There are people who love this brand and I am happy to hear that. Sukin, you and I are not compatible. It’s not you, it’s me.

I ended up using this as a body exfoliator around my shoulders and upper arm area. Which surprisingly didn’t have the same effect as it did on my face.


Nope, not even a little. I see some of their facial oils and hair care that makes me want to take the plunge but I feel like it’d be a waste of money. It took 3 or 4 products to make my life long decision not to go try again.


I can’t remember how much I purchased this for, but it was at my local chemist. Looking at the website now it’s showing up as $10 so it must have been around that price point.


  1. Botox Leeds

    Sukin anti aging cosmetics products are really a great choice for better skincare.

    • Soph

      Oh really? I’ve used a few of their products and really disliked them. I wanted so badly to love them because of everything they stand for but I just couldn’t and felt my skin was not benefiting from consistent use.

      I’m so glad you passed that recommendation on, maybe I’ll convince myself to try it again.


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