Hello and thank you for stopping by. In today’s post I share the daily sheet masks I’ve used during the week of 3rd – 9th September. Plus I have included a review of each mask.

I hope you enjoy and let me know if you are a mask addict like myself. If so let me know if you have any recommendations.

Wishing you the best skin health.



Sheet Mask used week of 3rd to 9th Sept 2016

Hello and thank you for stopping in for the mini reviews of the weekly sheet masks used the week of 3rd to 9th of September 2016.

I’d encourage you to leave me some of your sheet masks experiences as of late in the comments section below. It’s so good to hear other people’s experience. I know I can’t be the only sheet masks addict!


Nature Republic– Rose Mask

My experience

I really loved the smell of this mask, it fits perfectly. The Nature Republic sheets really make me feel like they were made for just me and my huge face. When I took the mask out it was super thick and drenched in essence. It was super easy to take off and left some liquid over in the pack. I left it on for about 40-ish minutes and it was still damp.

Repurchase? YES!! I’m working my way through the variety pack and have already repurchased another pack .



Faith in Face – Peel So Good Sheet Mask











I’ve copied my previous review of this sheet mask below. After trying it again I still can’t work it out! Its a sandwich mask and I peeled the 2 outer sides of the mask leaving only the middle part. But the issue is that it seems like all the essence is still in the pack. So I’m not sure if I’m meant to peel one side off, dunk it in the pouch and then put it on and peel the other sheet layer off. I wish there was a 1-800 sheet mask help line.

I have a 10 pack so I’ll keep going until hopefully I work it out.


Faith in Face -Peel so Good

My impression

This is the most confusing mask I have ever tried to use. I remove the mask from the packing and it has a thicker layer on. It wasn’t as thick as some masks, where it’s like a piece of plastic paper. I removed that and tried to work out which part should I wear, so I go with the one that seems like it sticks to my skin easier, threw the other part away. I put the mask on, go to watch TV but I’m still having to hold the mask in place because it’s not sitting right. So time to take it off and it just kinda slides off, like nothing. I then notice there is another layer that I probably should’ve put on instead. Of course none of the instructions are in English so I have no clue how to use this. I need one of those apps that translates the wording for this one.

After that whole story I realised I ordered the incorrect mask, I have another mask/exfoliator by this brand that I love and I think this mask does the same thing but in a much easier to use method. I will share it with you soon, it’s one of those rub this on your skin and then all your dead skin rubs off.

Repurchase? Heck No!



My Beauty Diary

Black Pearl Mask – Optimal Whitening, Brightening and Moisturising

I’ve reviewed this one before, so I just copied that review below. Nothing has changed from that review

My Beauty Diary

Black Pearl Mask – Optimal Whitening, Brightening and Moisturising

My impression

I really love My Beauty Diary masks, this is one of a few I’ve tried. It’s feels fantastic on and when I take it off my skin does look clearer and my pores a lot smaller. I don’t find left over essence in the packaging to use further, if so it’s only a few small drops. When I take the sheet off there is a small amount of essence left behind on my skin. It absorbs so quickly in my skin, that I think it’s something my skin really craves.

My Beauty Diary have a good amount of other types as well, which I’m planning to purchase. Biggest benefit is that they sell them in packs of 10 and fairly affordable. I won’t however buy the snail pack, I hate snails so much, it’s a phobia. Snail stuff is the biggest trend of the KBeauty world at the moment but I refuse to buy into it. I don’t care if using snail products for 30 days will make you look 10 years younger and fix every scar on my face, I still wouldn’t do it!

Repurchase? Yes!



Kracie Tightening-moisturizing facial mask











Kracie Tightening- Moisturizing facial mask

My impression

I don’t know about this one yet, the jury is still out. There wasn’t anything really spectacular about it after trying again. I bought a pack of 4 so when I try it again hopefully I’ll get a better read off it.

Repurchase? Probably not based on the initial impression.



Tony Moly – I’m Real Radiance










Tony Moly – I’m Real Radiance

My impression

I continue to love this line of Tony Moly masks.

When I took the sheet off there was still some essence left on my skin that I needed to tap into my skin. There was a small amount of essence left behind in the pouch, which I tapped into my skin after I remove the sheet. It soaked quickly into my skin .

Another benefit is the sheet is pretty big, which I love because I have a huge head and a big face ?

Repurchase? Yes!



Missha Mango Sheet mask

My impression

I purchased a 10 pack variety of these masks and they are AMAZING! The scent is pretty strong, but it’s fresh and feels super relaxing. I highly recommend these, the sheet material feels great on your skin as well.

I’m trying to stretch out the variety pack for as long as I can so I can keep falling in love with each one. I purchased the variety pack from eBay for about $20 inc shipping.

Repurchase? Yes! Only if I can find them again when I need to top my collection up.


Tony Moly – Hyaluronic Acid Mask

My impression

I tried an Etude House hyaluronic acid mask and it’s one of my top 3 favourite sheet masks, but I can only find them sold individually and I like purchasing in bulk packs. The only type of hyaluronic acid masks I’ve been able to purchase a bulk pack are these Tony Moly ones and I have to say this doesn’t come close to the Etude House. It’s okay but if I had tried this one before the Etude version then maybe I’d feel different.  I still have around 9 out of 10 masks left so you’ll see these come up a few more times. Maybe my opinion may change as I work my way through them.

Repurchase? No, I think I’ll just buy a few of the Etude House masks next time.


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