This is my weekly recap of sheet masks I used during the week of 10th – 16th of September 2016. I have included a mini review for each mask.



Leaders Amino Lifting Mask

I previously reviewed this one on another weekly recap. I’ve copied my previous review below. I like this one a lot more after using it a bit more and it’s now on par with the Firming Leaders mask I have.


Leaders Amino

Amino Lifting Mask

My impression

I really liked this mask. Easy to peel off but not a lot of left over essence in the packaging to use. When I took the sheet off though there was a great amount of essence left on my skin from the sheet. I patted my face to help it absorb before heading to my next step.

Since purchasing the 2 Leaders masks packs from (it was a pack of 10) the place I buy my Korean Beauty items, they have now started carrying a truckload more Leaders masks. I will buy some in my next order but the downside for me is they aren’t in a pack form, they sold as individual masks. It sucks because they are like $7 each and I can never chose which to buy so I end up with like 12 of them in my cart. I’m thinking I’ll add 2 new ones every time I do an order to try them out.

I’m going off topic but does anyone else add everything they want in their online shopping cart and then you see it’s like $700 and you start to cull it down so it’s $70 instead? I do that all the time, I add everything and leave it for a few days and then come back and work out what I actually need and that I don’t need 15 different types of moisturisers.

Repurchase? Maybe – I prefer the purple packed one Clearing (see a little further down)




Missha Pure Source – Lemon

My experience

I recently purchased the variety pack of the Cell Sheet Mask line by Missha and fell in love with them. I still love the masks, the exception being this one. I hated the smell and whole experience with this one. As expected, it smelled very strong of lemon, it made me feel like I put a drenched sheet of cotton that was soaked in floor cleaner.

Repurchase? Not this scent/flavour




I previously posted a review of this mask on another weekly sheet mask recap. I still feel the same about this mask and have copied that review below.


My Beauty Diary– Roe (caviar)

My experience

The My Beauty Diary masks I consider my ‘fancy’ masks since it has a white cover that you have to peel off before applying. I have a few different masks that are from this brand and I am currently waiting on another shipment of them in different flavours. I enjoy this mask but I don’t really feel like I get that instant ‘OMG my skin looks great’ after using it. It may be one of those things that the benefits creep up on you.  The caviar is meant to be rich in amino acids and loads of other beneficial ingredients. One thing that I don’t like is the size of these masks, they are a bit small for me, but that’s only because I have a large face/head. It won’t stop me from purchasing more masks from this brand or even this flavour.

Repurchase? Yes, but I wouldn’t buy this flavour for some time because I have so many others to use first.




MediHeal– N.M.F Aquaring

My experience

This is the first time I have used any product from this brand and I don’t know how I feel about it yet. The sheet was very thin and I tore a small section while trying to unfold it. The pouch and sheet contain loads of serum, so I will give it points on that part. My results after was like I had dunked my head in a vat of this serum. I purchased a pack of 10 so I have lots of time to further experiment with this and give you my feedback.

Repurchase? Unsure at this stage




Innisfree– Shea Butter

My experience

This mask was super creamy and drenched in essence. It felt incredible on my skin, it felt like it moisturised deep into my skin, even reaching my bones! There was next to nothing left in the pouch as the sheet seemed to have soaked it up. I wanted to keep it on forever, I left it on well after the recommended time and it was easy to remove.

Repurchase? YES!! I have already repurchased another Innisfree variety pack.




I previously reviewed this mask, since I purchased this in pack of 5. I still feel the same way and copied the previous review below.


My Juicy Bottle – Firming

My impression

I really love this mask. Does it firm my skin? I don’t know but it feels so nice to put on. I find left over essence in the packaging to use. When I take the sheet off there still is a great amount of essence left behind on my skin. It soaks quickly into my skin and doesn’t linger forever to totally absorb.

Another benefit is the sheet is pretty big, which I love because I have a huge head and a big face ?

They have 3 other types as well, which I’m planning to purchase . It comes in a 5 pack and is super affordable.

Repurchase? Yes!




Tony Moly – I’m Real

Pomegranate (Elasticity)

My experience

I mentioned in a previous post that I am in love with this line of Tony Moly mask and I still am. It smells divine and fits nicely on my skin. It’s hard to really gauge if it helps with elasticity, but it felt great on my skin and that’s what is important to me.

The sheet is drenched in serum and it’s very easy to unfold when taking out of the pouch.

Repurchase? Yes!


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