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This week I share the sheet masks I used during the week along with some mini reviews of each masks to let you know what I thought.

So sit back, put your feet up, apply a sheet mask and lets get into it.

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This week you may see the trend I went through using lots of moisturising types of masks. I believe I’m having a skin reaction of some sort. I wonder if my skin is dehydrated. Every time I put something moisturising on it burns my skin for a few seconds and then it feels extra soothing.






Nature Republic


My impression

I think this brand of sheet mask are fantastic value for money. The sheet itself is on the thin side and can be easily torn when unfolding if you are a novice sheet masker. Once you unfold it though, it’s drenched with serum and I can keep this on for about 45 minutes or so, I measure it in terms of watching an episode of Mob Wives.

When I removed this mask it was partially damp in some places but for the most part it was dry. I should’ve taken it off before it got to that point, but I was hooked on the episode when they’re in Vegas, season 4 and I’m not crazy to press pause!  There was still plenty of serum left in the pouch to put on.

This is a great introduction to sheet masks, you can purchase a variety 10 pack for around $20.00.

Repurchase? YES! I already have purchased another variety pack. This is an easy go to pack, I like the size of the sheets and I like the quality.



I reviewed this mask last week and was really unsure of this one. After further use, I recommend it. It’s very moisturising and has loads of serum on the sheet and also left over in the pouch. The fit is nice, and really easy to remove.

Repurchase? Yes

Below is the review I gave it last week.

MediHeal– N.M.F Aquaring

My experience

This is the first time I have used any product from this brand and I don’t know how I feel about it yet. The sheet was very thin and I tore a small section while trying to unfold it. The pouch and sheet contain loads of serum, so I will give it points on that part. My results after was like I had dunked my head in a vat of this serum. I purchased a pack of 10 so I have lots of time to further experiment with this and give you my feedback.

Repurchase? Unsure at this stage




























Etude House

Korean Ginseng

My impression

I really love Etude House masks, they are a great size, easy to unfold, drenched in serum and always serum left in the pouch for after.

The mask didn’t have that earthy scent like the Skin Food ginseng version I’ve reviewed before. It felt pretty nice on my skin and stood the test of time of an episode of Mob Wives.

Repurchase? YES!




Manuka Honey

My impression

The scent on this mask was so beautiful, the honey scent without the honey stickiness. I loved this mask, it was a great size, easy to unfold, drenched in serum and had a little bit of serum left over in the pouch for after.

My skin felt really good after applying this mask. I really felt like it hydrated my skin. I’ve always been hesitant to trying honey masks because I think it’ll be very sticky and messy, but I think I need to jump on the honey mask train. I always imagined honey sheet mask would be like adding a sheet with straight plain honey on. I’m glad I was wrong!

Repurchase? YES!






My impression

I really loved this mask, it’s a great size, easy to unfold, drenched in serum. There was serum left in the pouch to apply after I removed the sheet.

The mask had a refreshing scent, just like freshly squeezed lime. I think this was a lot more pleasant of a scent than lemon masks. I find the lemon scent/flavour make me feel like I have floor cleaner on my face. That wasn’t the case with this one.

It was easy to unfold and getting ready to put it on. I did find a little of excess serum at the end of the  package and also once I took the sheet off. The excess I usually use a little on my face and the rest on my neck area as well.

Repurchase? YES!



I have reviewed this one a few times before as I have a 10 pack of them.

This time around I really found this mask helpful because of the skin reaction I’m having. So even if you have oily skin I’d say you want to keep a few of them on hand in case you feel your skin needs a little moisturising oomph.

Below is a copy of previous review.

Innisfree -it’s real squeeze mask- Green Tea

My impression

I enjoy this product. I can’t really detect much of a scent with it. Easy to take off and leaves some essence on my skin to tap in. Its a moisturizing mask, which I don’t have dry skin so I don’t feel like it does a whole lot for me. Maybe people with dry skin might find it more beneficial? I will say given it’s winter time here my skin hasn’t experienced any dryness at all.

Repurchase? Maybe

























Missha – Lotus Flower 

My impression

This is part of the Missha line of sheet mask that I love and can’t get enough of. There is a soft floral scent, I don’t know what a lotus flower smells like but this was a gentle soothing scent. My skin feels hydrating and relaxing while I had this mask on. I highly recommend this, the sheet material feels great on the skin as well. The material is gauze like so its very breathable on the skin.

There is a little serum left in the pouch, the majority of it is in the sheet itself. The mask is very easy to unfold and is a great size.

Repurchase? Yes!


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