Whamisa Eye Essence Review

Thank you for stopping in for another skincare review. Today’s post is Whamisa eye essence and let me tell you it has changed my eye care routine forever! And I am not being overly dramatic…..for once.

Whamisa Eye Essence

I started to use this eye essence in my daily skincare routine and it has helped my skin more than I ever thought possible. This has dramatically helped with the dehydration and skin decolouration I am beginning to have. Argh, the closer I get to the mid 30’s mark the more discolouration I and fine lines I am getting.

If you are asking yourself what is an eye essence and why do I need it in my life. Well, I hope after you read this review you’ll want to give it a try for yourself.

Coming across Whamisa skincare brand was a brand I instantly wanted one of everything! The products in the Whamisa line look so beautiful, one of their toner mists has an olive oil leaf in it and instantly catches my attention.


About Whamisa

This is a Korean skincare brand that is against testing on animals and is organic.

Key ingredients:

Licorice extract: lightens, brightens, helps with dark under eye circles, discolouration and age spots (made exactly for me!).

Whamisa eye essence’s formulation is water free and in place uses botanical extracts like aloe maculata leaf extract and rice ferment filtrates to smooth out wrinkles.

Aloe Maculata Leaf Extract: helps with anti-aging and healing

Rice Ferment: rich in antioxidants, vitamins to help minimise lines and hydrate


Whamisa Eye Essence

The way I use it

Through my am and pm skincare routine after I have added my First Treatment Essence I add a small portion on to my ring fingertip and gently pat the essence around my eye area.

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Then I follow by applying my sheet mask, after removing the sheet mask I continue on to the rest of my skincare routine.

The next step tends to usually be serums, facial oils etc. Whilst all the oils, serums are sinking into my skin I apply my main eye cream/serum. After I apply the eye cream/serum I finish it off by using my Foreo Iris.

Doing this helps to absorb my eye care into that delicate area so gently and relaxing.

If I am I using eye patches or an eye mask I’ll apply this beforehand. Personally, I love applying layers and layers of skincare so if you only want to use this eye essence on it’s own it’ll work fantastic on its own.


Whamisa Eye Essence


What does it look like

The essence is runny compared to a regular eye cream or eye serum. So you only need a small amount to pat into the skin so it’s lasted me forever. You’ll notice that once you pat it into the skin (pictured above) it’ll be a little bit dewy but it’ll absorb into the skin rather quickly.

In terms of scent, this is very low to none, I actually don’t notice any scent at all. Although I heard from others that they notice a light floral and earthy scent.

Final thoughts

Using an eye essence is something I will forever have in my trillion step skincare routine. I see this as a first treatment essence that’s specially made for the eye area. Think of it as using it for the same benefits that we use First Treatment Essence. Personally, I feel like I need to have this as a ‘prep’ before adding my actually heavy hitting eye cream. I find it to be so incredibly hydrating around my eye area, as I’ve recently noticed the skin around my eye is very dehydrated and discoloured.

Makes a huge, noticeable difference for me when I use this vs not using it. Using the eye essence REALLY helps to keep my eye area hydrated.


Most definitely!! I bought the full size version of this already in my stash, which is a bigger version of the tube (30ml). If I’m in a hurry and am pressed to add only one eye care product then I’d without a doubt use the essence only. It’s a staple for me now.


With only needing a small amount the tube will last ages and the jar I bought will last me probably for another 15 years. Price wise it’s totally worth it, I have purchased the tube as my second Whamisa product (first was a sheet mask). Recently I repurchased the bigger bottle (40ml) from Beaut East Sphere for £25.84.


Other places you can purchase this from:

Whamisa Australia

Glow Recipe

Franki and Seoul

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